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Chapter 151: Conflicts between the Human Tribe and Dragon Tribe

Thinking for a while, Minghe curled his lips slightly and muttered, "Well, I'll let you live a little longer. Unfortunately, your ending has already been doomed since you swallowed my Clones of Blood God. It's not a big deal for me, but it bears Karma after all. You'll have to pay it back with your life!"

According to the record in Investiture of the Gods, the Mosquito Taoist not only bit the immediate disciple of Tongtian, Sacred Lady Gui Ling to death, but also grabbed three of Jieyin's Magic Weapon Twelve Grade Golden Lotuses of Merit, which was really audacious. Since he offended two Sages, his fate might be imaginable. After becoming immortal, the Mosquito Taoist disappeared.

Minghe got in touch with Heaven and Earth Taoist in the Chaos and felt relieved knowing that everything had gone well. The Chaos was so dangerous that even Minghe had a lingering fear, not to mention Heaven and Earth Taoist, who had not become a Sage yet.

Minghe felt a little relieved realizing that he had comprehended 40% of the Law of Space, which was really powerful and helpful. After all, Minghe had only comprehended 30% of the Law of Space during his fight against the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Though he had only comprehended 10% more, the strength of the Divine Law could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Minghe was increasingly expecting that his Good Separation could actualize the Realm of Origin. When the World of Heaven and Earth expanded to its full extent, Heaven and Earth Taoist's Law of Space improved as well. Thus, the Law of Space would also develop when the World of Heaven and Earth converted to small chiliocosm. As to how much progress it would make, it would depend on Heaven and Earth Taoist's understanding and fate.

Once Heaven and Earth Taoist actualized the Realm of Origin, he might be the most robust in supernatural power among Minghe and his Three Separations.

He could supplement his supernatural power whenever necessary with the support of small chiliocosm. However, it would consume the power of the World of Heaven and Earth as well, and excessive consumption could damage the world, although the power was restorable.

But it was not easy to exhaust the supernatural power of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. It would take at least a hundred years even if fighting against a Sage. What's more, there wasn't much hatred or resentment worth fighting for so long.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was safe. Then, Minghe decided to check in on his Selfcentric Separation. He said he had almost comprehended Martial Arts of the Origin, so Minghe was wondering how he was getting on with his cultivation. The time limit of ten thousand years set by the Honorable Ancestor was more than half passed. During the past several thousand years, the Human Tribe had basically occupied the east and center of Untainted Land, and would soon become the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

The reason the Honorable Ancestor had asked them not to go to Zixiao Palace for ten thousand years might have been that the Three Royals and Five Emperors would be appointed at that time, and the Human Tribe would become the ruler of Heaven and Earth. So there was not much time left for Selfcentric Separation . Minghe looked and found that disturbances had taken place in the Human Tribe and the Dragon Tribe was to blame.

The Dragon Tribe had once again taken charge of the Four Seas with the support of Haotian after surrendering to Heavenly Court. Though they were under the control of Haotian at present, the Dragon Tribe's situation was much better than before. They collected many merits by making clouds and bringing rain to Untainted Land. Although the process was intangible, their Karma was decreasing rapidly.

It was a good sight for the Dragon Clan. Besides, since they once again became the Lords of the Four Seas in

in name and in fact, many of them were arrogant and puffed up with pride.

The Dragon Tribe was originally a proud race. When they came under the threat of being entirely destroyed, they had to make many compromises. Now the threat was gone, and they were the Lords of the Four Seas again. Besides, Heavenly Court supported them. It was to be expected that they would become arrogant and domineering as they had been in the past.

The Dragon Tribe was licentious in nature while the Human Tribe was rich in beauty. The Dragon Tribe often molested the beauties although they could not bring them back to the Four Seas. But Human Tribe would never be trampled upon at will, so they rose up against the Dragon Tribe. However, since the Dragon Tribe was primordially superior to the Human Tribe, even though the Human Tribe had developed for many generations. So they lost the fight and end up with being killed.

It was really a big problem. The Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were incredibly angry when the news came to the Holy Land of Human . Since the Human Tribe had defeated the Demon Tribe, no one had dared to bully them for many years. But now the Dragon Tribe was so audacious that they not only captured beautiful humans but also killed them.

However, the Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe hesitated when realizing the Dragon Tribe was in the charge of Heavenly Court and Haotian was behind them. Different from Emperor Jun, Haotian was the Lord of Heavenly Court appointed by Ancestor Hongjun. So if they took revenge on the Dragon Tribe, it would embarrass Haotian. Moreover, strictly speaking, the Human Tribe was also under the control of Heavenly Court, therefore it was no good for the Human Tribe to offend Heavenly Court.

The three could not make a decision so they went to discuss it with Musen who was in a Closed Door Meditation. However, after calling him for a long time, they did not receive any response. Then they remembered that Musen had said that he had made some comprehension and would have a Closed Door Meditation. Musen's cultivation was in the Late Stage of Fate Reading, which meant he would have entered the Fate Reading Peak Stage with the

with the new comprehension.

Just when they were about to leave, a powerful momentum came out from the hidden room. Despite being kept out by the forbidden formation, they still felt it. Musen must have made a breakthrough and entered the Fate Reading Peak Stage. Three Ancestors of Human Tribe were happy about it since the Fate Reading Peak Stage was unreachable for them. They had only entered the Fate Reading Intermediate Stage after being in Fate Reading Level for a fairly long time.

The door to the hidden room opened and Musen walked out. Seeing the Suiren-Shi , Musen asked, "Brother, what happened? Why are you so anxious to see me?" Musen was grateful for his breakthrough. He might have had to give up this opportunity to breakthrough by forcibly terminating his Closed Door Meditation. After all, Suiren-Shi knew he was in Closed Door Meditation, but they still bothered him, so it would not be a trivial thing.

Hearing his words, Suiren-Shi's joyful look immediately disappeared. He told him the matter about the Dragon Tribe. He said, "The Dragon Tribe were the Kings of the Four Seas before the two Cultivation Tribulations and now work for the Heavenly Court. We don't know what to do. We had to disturb you."

Upon hearing his words, Musen changed his face and scoffed, "Dragon Tribe, humph! How dare you! Do you think it's several thousand years ago when you dominated the Untainted Land?" Then he asked, "What are our tribesmen's reactions?"

Suiren-Shi answered, "They were all in a militant mood. Many tribesmen organized to fight against the evil dragons, but they didn't defeat them, so they came to our Holy Land for help. The Dragon Tribe is supported by Jade Emperor Haotian. Haotian is Lord of Heavenly Court appointed by the Honorable Ancestor. We don't know what to do."

Musen's face became slightly relieved after hearing this. Fortunately, the Human Tribe was not cold-blooded and had risen up against the Dragon Tribe. It was remembered in the mythology that the mythology that one of Three Sovereigns of the Human Tribe, God Farmer, his daughter had been drowned to death by the Dragon Tribe and turned into a Jingbae. But since the Human Tribe was so weak, the Dragon Tribe had not taken any penalties.

But it was different now. The Human Tribe was strong, and even could be called the strongest tribe in Untainted Land. How could the declined Dragon Tribe be a match? As for Suiren-Shi's concern, Musen understood it. If they asked the Dragon Tribe to give an account, it was bound to clash with Haotian, which would be really tricky.

But was Musen afraid? The Martial Arts advocated being tough and one should rather break than bend. Even if they collided with Haotian, Musen would not care. The Human Tribe was in the right and Musen was strong enough compared with Haotian. Moreover, Musen was in the Fate Reading Peak Stage and his Law of Martial Arts was almost complete, making him invincible among Sages-to-be. Hao Tian would not be his match even if he had made improvements at a rapid pace. Not to mention that the Human Tribe owned Veridical Martial Origin Formation, a superior Killing Formation.

Musen burst into a laugh and said, "Haha, brother, your cultivation is higher but you are increasingly cautious. We weren't afraid when faced with Emperor Jun and the Demon Tribe, so why do we fear Haotian? Though he has Ancestor Hong Jun behind him, we don't openly oppose the Heavenly Court. Ancestor Hongjun can say nothing even if he knows that."

Suiren-Shi immediately laughed at Musen's words. With the development of the Human Tribe, they had indeed become more cautious since they had to. With the Human Tribe's development, they had to face The Sage, so they should be more cautious.

With Musen's words, Suiren-Shi was full of high spirits and immediately said, "Well then, we'll send troops to the East Sea to seek an explanation from Ao Guang. We'll let all living beings of Untainted Land know that we, the Human Tribe aren't aggressive, but not vulnerable either."

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