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With a single order from Suiren-Shi, there were actions in the Holy Land of Human Tribe. It was as Musen had said. The Dragon Tribe was such a small tribe that they did not have to do such drastic preparations. Even so, they still gathered an army of millions of immortals and warriors and headed toward the East Sea.

Their actions shocked everyone in the Untainted Land. Compared to their numbers, the army was not large in size but their lineup was grand and terrifying. Headed by Four Ancestors of Humanity, the majority of the army were made up of Golden Immortals and Martial Artists. The generals were all at Primordial Unity Golden Immortal Level and the commanders in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Perhaps only the Human Tribe was capable of amassing such a large army on the Untainted Land. Furthermore, the army was only one part of the strength in the Holy Land of Human tribe. When Musen forced Emperor Jun to retreat, the Army of Martial Arts alone had hundreds of millions of soldiers. Even if the Human Tribe only moved their most elite force this time, it was enough to send shockwaves across the entire Untainted Land.

For a moment, everyone on the Untainted Land could not help sympathizing the Dragon Tribe. The tribe had just barely restored their strength after going through hard times. Why did they have to provoke the Human Tribe? The Human Tribe did not care whether they had joined the Heavenly Court. This time, they would likely meet a terrible fate. This was also a signal to the rest in the Untainted Land not to offend the Human Tribe.

When Human Tribe's army of millions of immortals and warriors made moves, , Haotian, who were in the Heavenly Court, naturally knew it at once but he could not think of any countermeasures. Though the Human Tribe were under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Court, their Holy Land was a restricted area. Not even the Sages could interfere, much less he who had just been Great Jade Emperor for a mere several millennials.

Haotian despised the Dragon Tribe for causing trouble after barely recovering their strength. Of all the things they could do, they had to offend the Human Tribe. Though the Human Tribe was small and ordinary, they had their Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. That was a place that made the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe nervous even in their heydays.

But now that it had happened, it was useless to scold the Dragon Tribe. What Haotian should do was to quash the affair. He naturally could not stay out of it with the Dragon Tribe under his jurisdiction. It would only dismay those who wanted to work for him and damage the prestige of the Heavenly Court.

The Human Tribe's army suspended mid-air above the East Sea. Suiren-Shi shouted, "Dragon King of the East Sea, come out quickly." Since they were here to get revenge, there was no need for courtesy.

Suiren-Shi's growl sent turbulence through the calm sea, with tens of thousands of dragons emerging from the ocean in their real bodies and assembling into a formation in the air. Though they were smaller in number, they appeared more powerful.

The Four-Headed Dragon leading the army transformed into their human forms. They were the Dragon King of the Four Seas. Ao Guang bowed and said, "Please forgive me for failing to welcome you, Your Excellencies. I wonder what brings you and all your men here?"

Suiren-Shi sneered, "You dare ask why? Your tribe plundered and killed my tribesmen. I'm naturally here to demand an explanation for my dead tribesmen." Ao Guang was obviously faking his ignorance, otherwise, he would not have laid down the formation.

Ao Guang replied, "I see. I have punished the tribesmen who committed the crimes. Such a thing will never happen again. Please forgive us." These were such lofty words. He would certainly not punish his tribesmen.

Suiren-Shi became outraged by his words, and said, "Don't make everything so nice and pleasant. We're not here to talk. Hand over those dragons or we'll have to sort it out over a fight." Instead of wasting time talking to Ao Guang, Suiren-Shi delivered an ultimatum.

Seeing Suiren-Shi not giving the Dragon Tribe any face at all, Ao Guang replied, "Please calm down. Since the Dragon Tribe now belongs to the Heavenly Court, any punishments we deserve to bear should be decided by them." His words implied that the Heavenly Court was their backer. Even if the Human Tribe did not care for the Dragon Tribe, they still ought to look at Heavenly Court in the face.

Suiren-Shi's eyebrows knitted when he heard Ao Guang bring up the Heavenly Court. He said coldly, "This is between the Human Tribe and the Dragon Tribe, which has nothing to do with Heavenly Court. Ao Guang, I don't want to talk nonsense with you. Give me a straight answer. Are you handing them over or not?"

Ao Guang was stunned. He did not expect the Human Tribe to disregard the Heavenly Court as well, leaving him no other options. Even for the Four Ancestors of Humanity, who were only Sages-to-be, no one in the Dragon Tribe could match up to them. Not to mention the army of immortals and warriors behind them.

Just then, chariots driven by dragons and phoenixes descended from the Heaven. Elated, Dragon Kings of the Four Seas immediately bowed and addressed the newcomer, "Your Royal Highness Jade Emperor." It was Haotian. No wonder Dragon Kings of the Four Seas was so happy. Now that the rescuer had arrived, things should be fine.

Haotian's arrival triggered no change in the Human Tribe. Only Suiren-Shi stepped forward and said, "So it's your arrival, the Jade Emperor. I wonder why are you here." Suiren-Shi was shocked that Haotian would come in person. His presence complicated matters.

Haotian was irritated to see the indifference of the Human Tribe, but could only suck it up after considering the purpose of his trip here. He said in a peaceful manner, "I came here for the dispute between the Dragon Tribe and the Human Tribe. Since the Dragon Tribe had committed an error, naturally it'll be Heavenly Court that will punish them. There's no need to trouble Human Tribe."

That much was true. Since the Heavenly Court was responsible for the Dragon Tribe, it was reasonable for the former to punish the latter when they make mistakes. Human Tribe's action this time would earn the suspicion of overstepping their authority , but Suiren-Shi knew if it was up to the Heavenly Court, the incident would be quashed. He could not accept it.

Suiren-Shi said, "The Dragon Tribe plundered and killed our tribesmen. Based on the laws of your Heavenly Court, how will you decide on their punishment?" Though he did not hold any hope for the Heavenly Court to mete proper punishment for the Dragon Tribe, what ought to be asked should still be asked. It was not the time for hostility.

Haotian was enraged and said, "Suiren-Shi, are you questioning me? It's not up to Human Tribe to question the laws of the Heavenly Court. I lead the Heavenly Court under the orders of Honourable Ancestor. Is there anything not going?"

Suiren-Shi did not know what to reply now that Haotian brought up Ancestor Hongjun. After all, Ancestor Hongjun was the one who lived the Way of Heaven. Not knowing what to say, he looked at Musen for help.

Musen stepped forward when he noticed Suiren-Shi's gaze. He said coldly, "Haotian, don't think highly of yourself. You're a mere Child Attendant for Honourable Ancestor. You should be content being Lord of the Heavenly Court. You don't deserve to speak for Honourable Ancestor. So your coming does not matter. If the Dragon Tribe don't hand over those evil dragons, we won't mind exterminating the Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas."

His words stunned all living beings of Untainted Land. Suiren-Shi's strength was enough to impress them, but even he was nothing compared with Musen. Musen was so overbearing that he directly showed contempt for Haotian and the Dragon Tribe, even threatening to destroy their tribe.

Hearing these words, Haotian flew into a rage. He could still take in Musen's disrespect toward the Dragon Tribe, but not toward himself. Musen even addressed him by name and called him a mere Child Attendant. For him, that was a terrible humiliation. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that in his many years of being the Heavenly Emperor.

Haotian shouted,"How dare you!" Countless Divine Lights emerged from the Haotian Mirror, shooting at Musen. The Haotian mirror was not only capable of monitoring the Untainted Land, but it was also a supreme offensive Magic Weapon. Equipped with both offensive and defensive measures, it could freeze the body and kill the spirit.

Facing the attack, Musen shouted,"The Way of Martial Arts, break the Heaven! Go!" The Way of Martial Arts gathered into the shape of a fist and charged straight at the Divine Lights, causing a great gust of Astral Wind. In the face of such strong pressure, Dragon King of the Four Seas could not help gasping in shock. At the peak level of Sage-to-be, Musen was truly formidable.

"Boom!" An explosion shattered the Divine Lights from Haotian Mirror, while Musen's punch remained as powerful as ever. It charged straight at Haotian's chariots, shocking him. He never thought that his mirror would be inferior to Musen's punch. Seeing the fist, he immediately protected his chariots. If his chariots were broken, he would be greatly ashamed.

Clang! The sound of Musen's punch hitting the chariots was akin to knocking on a bell. Other than the chariots retreating slightly, nothing else happened. Even so, Haotian's expression was dark. Musen's power was beyond his imagination. It seemed like it would be impossible for him to protect the Dragon Tribe. He suffered a great humiliation this time. The Human Tribe was stepping all over him to declare their strength to the Untainted Land.

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