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In the wonderland of the Jasper Lake, Haotian was surrounded by floating vital force. The Cloud of Blessings rolled above his head and the Three Flowers swayed around. He suddenly cried out in a low voice. "Cut!" A Taoist in a black robe jumped out from the Earthly Flower, one of the Three Flowers, and then immediately returned the Earthly Flower as soon as he made a bow to Haotian.

Haotian finished exercising and lit up with pleasure. Although he had entered and hosted the Heavenly Court for only a few thousand years, he had successfully made the leap from the Early Stage of Sage-to-be to the Late Stage and cut the Good Separation and Evil Separation. The Luck of the Heavenly Court was really extraordinary, and perhaps he could achieve the Sage-to-be Peak Level in the long run.

But it was extremely arduous to actualize the Realm of Origin. He had no Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and he could only actualize the Realm of Origin by the Divine Law. However, using the Divine Law to actualize the Realm of Origin was such a difficult way that only Minghe had succeeded in doing it.

At this time, Yaochi came in and found Haotian delighted. She asked, "Haotian, how are you getting along? Have you cut the Evil Separation?" Yaochi had accompanied Haotian since the day she was born. As a result, they were quite affectionate toward each other.

Haotian nodded and said, "Yes, I did cut the Evil Separation. It seemed that subduing the Dragon tribe was very effective and the Luck of the Heavenly Court increased almost 50 percent. Otherwise, it would take thousands of years more to cut the Evil Separation."

"A double blessing has descended upon the Heavenly Court." Yaochi said with excitement. "Not only have you cut the Evil Separation successfully but also Yaoji, your younger sister, is going to be born right away. The Heavenly Court will be lively soon."

Haotian was very happy to hear this. "Is Yaoji really going to be born? That's great!" In the very beginning, Haotian had originated from a primordial jade, one piece of which was peeled off and named Yaoji. As it was closely connected to Haotian, he regarded it as his younger sister. Now Yaoji was about to be born. Naturally he was happy.

In the Blood Sea, the Blood River Formation, which had been formed by innumerable Clones of the Blood Gods, worked daily and continuously guiding the Evil Blood Aura in Untainted Land to the Blood Sea. This caused the Blood Sea to become extremely dirty. However, the dirty Evil Blood Aura was nothing serious to the Clones of the Blood Gods and the Ashura Tribe.

Above the Blood Sea, besides the Blood River Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation also worked daily, constantly guiding the power of the countless cosmic stars to the Blood Sea in order to supply cultivation for the Blood God Doppelgangers, the Clones of the Blood Gods, and the Ashura Tribe. Even the Nether World nearby benefited from its association with the Blood Sea. After all, the Power of Stars did great good for the ghosts.

The Blood Sea was boundless however no Creatures had ever been born here except for the Ashura Tribe. Creatures could not survive easily in the Blood Sea. But on this day, one Creature was born in the Blood Sea.

A mosquito. The first mosquito in the whole Untainted Land was born in the Blood Sea. There was no Mysterious Sign when he was born. The Blood Sea didn't even make a wave. The mosquito was born with a cultivation of Heavenly Immortal and couldn't make a shapeshift because of his innately unordinary species. But he named himself Mosquito Taoist.

When Mosquito Taoist was born, he first fed on the blood of the Blood Sea and devoured the Spiritual Air in the blood in order to sharply increase his cultivation. In no more than a few hundred years, Mosquito Taoist had made a leap to the cultivation of the Black Immortal. It was indeed a tremendously high speed that had never been seen before.

As soon as he achieved the cultivation of the Black Immortal, he found that merely feeding on blood could no longer satisfy his cultivation. So he diverted his attention to the Ashura Tribe that lived in the Blood Sea. The Ashura Tribe's bodies were very strong and full of blood. If the Mosquito Taoist could successfully devour them, his cultivation would be greatly improved.

But the Mosquito Taoist clearly understood that he wasn't able to fight against the Ashura Tribe with only a cultivation of the Black Immortal, so he specially chose the ones that were left alone. He could suck the blood of the Ashura tribesmen and exhaust them in a twinkle.

It started well, but the Ashura tribe gradually discovered the strange death of their tribesmen and began to hunt down the murderer. The Mosquito Taoist couldn't help but hide everywhere, thus it was more and more difficult to drink from the tribesmen again. So he targeted the Ashura tribesmen who had a higher cultivation. Since he couldn't win by quantity anymore, he was placing his bets on quality.

In less than 3,000 years, several thousand Ashura tribesmen died. Although it was nothing serious when compared with the total population of tens of millions of people, there were many Golden Immortal Cultivators included.

The four great leaders of the Ashura Tribe burned with anger when they heard the news. They swore to cut the Mosquito Taoist into pieces and took action at once. It was known that the Demon King of the Sixth Sky and the other three all had a cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. The Mosquito Taoist had only a cultivation of Golden Immortal despite his speedy progress, which was completely incomparable with theirs.

The Mosquito Taoist consequently tried to leave the Blood Sea, but it wasn't easy because of the closed Blood River Formation. He had no choice but to break out through it. Luckily enough, the Killing Formation affiliated with the Blood River Formation was not launched, otherwise, the Mosquito Taoist would have been killed a thousand times. The Blood Sea returned to peace again as soon as he left.

The Mosquito Taoist left the Blood Sea and went straight to Untainted Land. He could increase his cultivation by devouring others' blood, but he had no scientific cultivating methods. What was more, he gathered too much flesh and blood essence and needed a long time to convert it. Once he was completely finished the conversion, he might obtain a cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal.

The Mosquito Taoist didn't fly far from the Blood Sea. He settled in the Ominous Beasts Trial Ground Minghe had built instead. The Ominous Beasts provided plenty of flesh and blood essence, a great delicacy and cultivation material for him. The Mosquito Taoist found a barren mountain and began the Closed Door Meditation. Sorting out his own system of transformation exercises in cultivation was the top priority now.

After devouring the blood of the Ashura Tribe, and even swallowing several Clones of the Blood Gods when breaking the formation in the Blood Sea, Mosquito Taoist naturally got two sets of transformation exercises, Shura Blood Books and Blood Sea Mystical Skill . It was a great harvest for him. By referring to the two sets of transformation exercises, he could sort out his particular set of transformation exercises combined with his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill.

In the hidden room of the Sacred Island, Minghe was busy with the Enlightenment of the Divine Law when suddenly the vital force began floating around him. A stream of abstruse power, The Power of Divine Law, spurted out from his body, just the same as the Law of Killing and the Law of Blood had when he achieved the Realm of Origin. But this time, it disappeared instantly without any mysterious sign.

Minghe opened his eyes and was delighted. After thousands of years of Closed Door Meditation, he had finally advanced the Law of Spiritual Beings to the seventh level and his cultivation of the supernatural power had increased by 20-30 percent. All his efforts during these years had been rewarded.

Looking at the Red Lotus Taoist who was enlightening The Divine Law, Minghe left the Magical Tao Mirror behind and went out alone. The sky was studded with twinkling stars, but Minghe suddenly frowned. He found that several of his Clones of the Blood Gods had disappeared. It was strange.

Now that Minghe's Law of Spiritual Beings was completely finished, it was easy for him to trace the truth. Each Clones of the Blood Gods was connected to Minghe's spiritual power, which would instantly attach to the murderer once the Clones of the Blood Gods was killed. Under such circumstances, Minghe could easily find out who the murderer was.

With careful investigation, Minghe found that all clues led to the Ominous Beasts Trial Ground nearby, a place he had originally built for the Ashura Tribe. To his surprise, the murderer dared to hide under his nose after killing his Clones of the Blood Gods. How bold this murderer was! Or perhaps, did he believe that the most dangerous place was sometimes the safest?

Minghe pointed to the sky and a Black Light Mirror appeared with the distinct image of a Taoist in a grey robe sitting in it. He was apparently cultivating while the blood aura floated around him. Minghe knew the Taoist's origin at once.

The Mosquito Taoist who had originated from the first mosquito in the world owned a drop of blood from the Chaotic Ominous Beast, the Bloody-Winged Black Mosquito. He had been born with the seed of the Law of Devouring 3,000 years ago. He had devoured tens of thousands of the Ashura Tribe and achieved Golden Immortal. All he had done was plain to see from where Minghe stood.

Minghe smiled slightly. The Mosquito Taoist was the second Creature to be spontaneously born in the Blood Sea. According to the original plan, he should have been born later, but Minghe had arranged the Cosmic Stars Formation and advanced his birth.

Unfortunately, the Mosquito Taoist had retained the cruel nature of the Ominous Beasts and the Bloody-Winged Black Mosquito, and kept killing all along. Although Minghe had a deep appreciation for him, he was neither a kind man nor easy to cope with. If Minghe let him be, he would eventually become a trouble.

Minghe was about to kill the Mosquito Taoist, yet he suddenly stopped. He felt the waving vital force of Mosquito Taoist and found that the seed of the Law of Devouring had grown bigger. It seemed that the Mosquito Taoist would harvest the Law of Devouring as soon as he achieved the Surname State. He deserved his innately unordinary species, which was really extraordinary.

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