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Goddess Nvywa sighed for the decline of the Demon Tribe. She might have the intention to reverse defeat, but it would backfire as well. Besides, Fuxi had only mentioned the Human tribe, not the Sages. The reason the Three Pure Ones were preaching in the Human Tribe was their Luck. How could they allow the Demon Tribe to revive?

Fuxi felt guilty seeing Goddess Nvywa's struggle. However, there was nothing he could do. The Demon Tribe was doomed to decline. He consoled her and said, "Sister, it isn't that bad. At least, the Human Tribe didn't push our tribe any harder. Once the foundation exists, with your help, we still have a chance to rise again."

Goddess Nvywa felt better hearing that, though she understood it was just to comfort her. The Demon Tribe would survive as long as she stood. It might be their fate, but who could say for sure about the future? With such glorious days behind them, no one had thought that the Demon Tribe and the Sorcerer Tribe would decline. Nothing would stay forever; The Way of Heaven was unpredictable.

As for the Three Pure Ones, though they were surprised by Minghe's acquisition of the Cosmic Stars Formation, they did not worry much. Even if he completed the formation, it posed no threat to them at all. On the contrary, Jieyin and Zhunti were extremely jealous of the formation. If they had the formation in their hands, the west would become stronger. But that would only happen in their wildest dreams.

In the Blood Sea, Minghe paid no heed to what was happening outside, nor what the other Sages were thinking about. He had nothing to worry about. The Heaven and Earth Taoist was about to actualize the Realm of Origin, and he would triple his power of the Origin. Unless he was besieged by the Sages, he would be invincible, even against the strongest Sage, Laozi.

As for his Selfcentric Separation, Musen, he might have a little enlightenment of the Origin, but he still had a long way to go to truly step into the Realm of the Origin. He had been incarnated by his obsession which he had abandoned before. His incarnation made his enlightenment of the Origin much easier.

Musen was the Selfcentric Separation made from the obsession that could not let go of past life. And the Human Tribe was his past life and therefore obsession, so he spared no effort in advancing their power. The question was whether he could really let it go and stop intervening in the development of the Human Tribe.

Minghe sighed. He turned around, and said, "Finally, you made it. Is everything OK? Have you enlightened the Law of Reincarnation?" A man came forward from the shadow behind. It was the Heaven and Earth Taoist. He had been in Closed Door Meditation in the Nether World.

"Of course," The Heaven and Earth Taoist responded, smiling. "Though I haven't completed it all, I have acquired 30 percent of it, which was enough to build the Law of Reincarnation in the World of Heaven and Earth." 30 percent of it was enough to make a powerful master achieve the Early Stage of Sage-to-be.

Minghe nodded and said, "Well, I have just collected enough source of chaos of Cosmic Stars, with your Law of Reincarnation. It is the proper time for us to advance the world. Let's get started."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded, and they entered the World of Heaven and Earth instantly. The World of Heaven and Earth was currently covered with various Creatures, just as Untainted Land had been in the beginning. It would not take long for these Creatures to understand the ways of cultivation. Then, the cut-throat competition between the tribes would appear again.

Looking at the World of Heaven and Earth, Minghe said with composure. "Let's do it!" Then the source of chaos of Cosmic Stars he had collected appeared in his hands with the 365 Fruits of Stars. He put the Fruits into the Cosmic Stars with supernatural power. He then set the Cosmic Stars Formation with Cosmic Stars, making the World of Heaven and Earth nearly perfect.

Upon seeing this, the Heaven and Earth Taoist waved his hands and summoned a Blood God Doppelganger. This Blood God Doppelganger had reached the Early Stage of Sage-to-be, which was a perfect match for his 30 percent of the Law of Reincarnation. He shouted, "Cut!" Suddenly, his face went pale. Since the Separation of Tao was not an easy job, it damaged his Original Spirit to some extent.

After initiating the Law of Reincarnation, he put it right into the body of the Blood God Doppelganger. Naturally, the Blood God Doppelganger could receive his Law of Reincarnation as it had a hint of Minghe's Original Spirit. After a short period of integration, the Blood God Doppelganger roared. "Six Paths of Reincarnation, transform."

All of a sudden, six spinning round plates appeared. Meanwhile, the Blood God Doppelganger burst up and integrated with the six round plates. The Six Paths of Reincarnation was finished. Even though it was not as powerful as that of the Untainted Land, it was enough.

With a deafening sound that shook Heaven and Earth, the source of chaos of the world grew rapidly. The Heaven and Earth Taoist felt the expansion of the World of Heaven and Earth. Even his Law of Heaven and Earth, which had been held back for a long time, furthered slightly to the Origin, so did his Law of Space.

Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist hummed because they found that the expansion had stopped. The world had not evolved to a Small Chiliocosm yet, though the size of it had nearly doubled. It seemed that there was a bottleneck between the world and Small Chiliocosm.

Had they failed? It was inevitable that Minghe had such question in his mind. According to his speculation, the World of Heaven and Earth should be completed by now, which meant advancement to the Small Chiliocosm. But it hadn't. He could not figure out what he had missed.

And the Heaven and Earth Taoist was also a little reckless. The advancement had something to do with his Actualization of the Realm of Origin since the World of Heaven and Earth was a part of himself. Although he could actualize the Realm of Origin by the Enlightenment of the Law of Heaven and Earth, he never did so.

The World of Heaven and Earth was like the body of the Heaven and Earth Taoist, and his Law of Heaven and Earth must be kept under the limit of his body. Or else, the World of Heaven and Earth would fall apart for bearing too much of its power. Then, he would face Disintegration of the Soul.

The World of Heaven and Earth had expanded to its limit and was very close to advancing to the Small Chiliocosm. However, it somehow stopped. The Heaven and Earth Taoist worried about the consequence. He scanned the whole world in haste, trying to find the missing piece for the advancement of the World of Heaven and Earth.

The stars hung in the sky with the sun and the moon. The Six Paths of Reincarnation existed among mountains and waters, with creatures living under the Power of Divine Law. He could not find the missing piece. Was there something wrong with the evolution of the world? He could not help but begin to doubt his way of Actualization of the Realm of Origin.

As the Heaven and Earth Taoist pondered, Minghe scanned the expanded World of Heaven and Earth. Normally, the completed World of Heaven and Earth deserved the advancement of the World of Heaven and Earth to the Small Chiliocosm. How could it end when it was just few steps away? There must be something missing.

What was that on earth? Minghe overlooked everything to figure it out. Unexpectedly, he discovered some of the Spiritual Roots in this world were about to wither, with creatures walking sickly on the ground. And he had a sudden moment of discovery.

Right. It was the Spiritual Air. Though there was some Power of Stars in the expansion of the world, how much power could the newly born Cosmic Stars generate? In the time of the Map of Heaven and Earth the Spiritual Air had been rich. However, with the expansion of the world, the plantation of the Spiritual Roots and the birth of Creatures, the Spiritual Air had become thinner and thinner.

Now with the scale of the world doubled, the density of the Spiritual Air had decreased by half. Not every living creature could adopt to the change, let alone the evolution of the world. No wonder the advancement was postponed.

Thinking this through, Minghe said, "My friend, our calculation wasn't wrong. The thin Spiritual Air here could not supply the demands of the advancement. The only solution is to enrich the Spiritual Air of the World of Heaven and Earth. Thus, the world will advance for sure.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist suddenly understood, and asked, "But where can we find Spiritual Air?" Of course, pillaging the Spiritual Air from Untainted Land was an option, but it would draw the attention of The Way of Heaven, Hongjun, the Sages and everyone in Untainted Land. They would not allow him to continue.

Minghe answered, "It's not a problem at all. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth can return things to Genesis. You can bring it to the depth of the Chaos, and refine the Air of Chaos with it, avoiding the attention of The Way of Heaven and Hongjun. Don't forget to keep under the radar. But supplying the Spiritual Air to the World of Heaven and Earth in this way could be dangerous. After all, there are dangers hiding in The Chaos. Besides, covering the shortage of Spiritual Air in the World of Heaven and Earth requires time and energy."

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