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The Heaven and Earth Taoist naturally understood why Minghe did what he did. He needed to give it a try despite the risk. "Rest assured,even though the World of Heaven and Earth did not rise in rank, I still made progress on The Law of Space. If anything happens, it would be no problem for me to go back to Untainted Land, or for you to come to my aid at any time."

On hearing that, Minghe waved his hands and put the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth in front of the Heaven and Earth Taoist. Then the Heaven and Earth Taoist entered the Chaos from the Blood Sea after he took it. Untainted World was a place where the sky was round with a square land, and the Blood Sea, on the edge of Untaited World, only had a Divided Realm from the Chaos.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist was so carefully once he enterd the Chaos. With the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth floating above his head, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth clutched his hands, and the Xuanyuan Water Control Flag hanged on his waist, he kept his eyes open and watched out for any danger. Still or fierce, the Air of Chaos was unsteady in the Chaos. But the worst was the Chaotic Storm, even a Sage-to-be would go down in it. Therefore, he could not be too careful of it.

Walking in the Chaos for a while, the Heaven and Earth Taoist clearly felt he was far from Untainted World. He therefore, found a relatively peaceful place to set some forbidden formations as sensors, so in case there was a Chaotic Storm he could detect those disasters in advance and avoid them.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist sat in the Chaos after packing up the Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Powered by his supernatural power, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth sucked the unmeasurable Air of Chaos. After it was refined by flame, it would be supplied into the World of Heaven and Earth as the purest Primordial Spiritual Air.

Supplied by the Primordial Spiritual Air, the World of Heaven and Earth seemed to recover a little bit. With the creatures' revival and cheering, there was a sign that there was a rise in rank in Heaven and Earth again. However, the Heaven and Earth Taoist knew well that it was not enough. Only when everything was perfectly ready would the advancement start again.

And also, he figured out the world needed time to balance everything. Like the Laws of Heaven and Earth, even though the world had already been improved, the Heaven and Earth would be unsteady untill everything was balanced out. Only then would it be more likely to go up to a new level.

But nothing would be accomplished overnight, the Heaven and Earth Taoist did not know how long it would take. Besides, refining the Primordial Spiritual Air needed time as well. He only knew a little about the Chaos, therefore, he did not dare let the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth absorb the Air of Chaos too rapidly, in case it triggered a Chaotic Storm.

Therefore, he was trying to find the equilibrium point, where it could maximumly absorb the Air of Chaos without stirring the airflow of Chaos nearby. After a while, he finally found his equilibrium point. The speed of refining the Primordial Spiritual Air quadrupled by the help of the equilibrium point, which saved him a lot of time.

Refining the Primordial Spiritual Air was long dull work, so he summoned a Clone of Blood god to guard the perimeter. As for himself, he was refining the Primordial Spiritual Air while pondering the Law of Space. It might affect the efficiency of the enlightenment on the Divine Law, but it would kill some time. Meanwhile, it would be better if he improved the Law of Space.

Right after the Heaven and Earth Taoist left for the Chaos, Minghe started his own cultivation as well. 70 percent of the enlightenment on the Law of Blood had been completed, which meant no huge progress would be made in the short run. But his Law of Spiritual Beings remained at 60 percent as before, so he likewise need to improve it to seventy percent.

Those two Divine Laws, were Laws he only had for now. He needed to guarantee the balance of the two laws to strengthen his body, or else the inbalance of them would leave a flaw in his transformation to Rakshasa body in the future.

Strengthening his body with the Law of Blood would grant Minghe a much stronger body with purer blood. As to the Law of Spiritual Beings, it would allow Minghe's body to integrate with the power of his soul, in that case, Minghe could come back to life with only one drop of blood left.

Although both of them were not the most powerful Divine Laws, they fitted Minghe. It is so hard to pursue the Dao of Divine Law, once you choose the wrong direction, you will not have a happy ending at all. The same rule applied, even for Minghe, who had such a powerful Magic Weapon, the Magical Tao Mirror.

Taking the Red Lotus Taoist for example, he took the Red Lotus of Fire as foundation, cultivating the Law of Killing. But those could not coordinate with each other, which led to his dilemma. Though he was the first one to actualize the Realm of Origin, he was weaker than Minghe, even the Heaven and Earth Taoist would be stronger than him once Heaven and Earth Taoist actualized the Realm of Orign.

Red Lotus of Fire was at level 24 now, which reached the Top Grade of Primordial Supreme Treasure. It had super Defense Strength, but what it controlled was the Fire, whose source was the Origin of Karma. Meanwhile he was cultivating the Law of Killing. That was the reason why he made little progress on the Law of Killing, even though he had devoted himself into the enlightenment of it after his actualization.

There would be no problem at all, if the Evil Separation was made by the Black Lotus of Destructions. Representing the killing, the Black Lotus of Destructions would be a perfect match for the Law of Killing. Unfortunately, much of its source had been consumed by Luo Hou back then, and that reduced its potential . Therefore, Minghe had no choice but to devour the Black Lotus of Destructions by the Red Lotus of Fire.

By devouring others, the Red Lotus of Fire had developed four origins: Karma, Killing, Fate, and World Purifying. To make sure that there was harmony among those origins, the Red Lotus Taoist used the origin of the Red Lotus of Fire to devour the sources of Fate and World Purifying. After doing so, the origin of Karma became much stronger, while the origin of Killing had remained as it was since it would not conflict with the origin of Karma.

Hoping that the origin of Killing in the Red Lotus of Fire to would become as powerful as the origin of Karma, the Red Lotus Taoist kept cultivating it with the Law of Killing. But it needed time, a lot of time. So far, the origin of Killing had only acquired three quarters of the power source that the Karma had. It would take thousands of years to even things out.

Even if the they were balanced, there came another question. The Red Lotus Taoist only had the Law of Killing, with progress, the origin of Killing in Red Lotus of Fire would be enhanced, but not the origin of Karma. To keep the balance, the Red Lotus Taoist had to focus on the Law of Karma.

Athough the more Laws he had, the stronger his foundation would be, that would slow down his progress. Like what Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist had done, they both cultivated two Laws at the same time. Though two extremely strong foundations at the same level would make one invincible, it was extremely difficult to strengthen them at the same pace. Besides, the time spent would be doubled or more.

In addition, with his cultivation furthered, the effect would grow bigger. But they had made their own choices, there was no turning back. Now the Red Lotus Taoist would follow them, what a coincidence it would be between Mu Sen and his Good Separation and Evil Separation.

The good news was that the Red Lotus of Fire had a strong origin of Karma, which saved the Red Lotus Taoist a lot of time. Now he could work on his own source directly. Nevertheless, it was not easy to enlighten the Law of Karma, whose power was no less than that of the Law of Killing or even more mysterious than the Law of Killing.

Working on those two powerful Laws at the same time, the Red Lotus Taoist suffered a lot. He had two options here: One was to cultivate those two Divine Laws simultaneously, which would take more time than usual. However, once he broke through, the progress would be tremendous due to the stronger foundations.

The other one was to let the origin of Karma devour the origin of Killing, and abandon the Law of Killing, so he could focus on the Law of Karma. By doing so, he would spend more time improving the Law of Karma to catch up with the Law of Killing. Needless to say, the upside was the acceleration of his cultivation in the future.

As to letting the origin of Killing devour the origin of Karma, he never thought about it, since it would disable the Red Lotus of Fire. He did not have the nerve to destroy a Primordial Supreme Treasure. It would be much better if he had used Black Lotus of Destructions to separate them.

The latter seemed easier to conduct, but the Red Lotus Taoist did not want to. Although he and Musen were actually one person, the Three Separations were different from the Avatars. They had their own independent minds, therefore, the Red Lotus Taoist had his own pride. He Actualized the Origin before Merit seperation, Selfcentric Seperation, and Minhe, so why would he be willing to be the weakest among them?

In fact, the road of Cultivation was to challenge the Heaven. If one became a coward to avoid trouble and gave up, he'd be better off being a Carefree Immortal. The Red Lotus Taoist inherited Minghe's fearlessness, he prefered the hard way than giving up.

Minghe absolutely agreed with the choice made by the Red Lotus Taoist. Because if the Red Lotus Taoist eventually succeeded, he would be much stronger, and Minghe would have another ace up his sleeve. Besides, he had the Magical Tao Mirror in his pocket, and he would not let it rust away without using it.

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