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Kunpeng's Demon Palace had integrated with an incomplete Cosmic Stars Banner absorbing some of the Power of the Stars for his cultivation and intensifying the defense of the Demon Palace. Now the birth of a complete Cosmic Stars Formation naturally interfered with Kunpeng's incomplete one.

Looking at that complete Cosmic Stars Formation above the Blood Sea, Kunpeng ground his teeth indignantly. He, as the Demon Master, had spent nearly ten thousands years to gain the enlightenment of Cosmic Stars Formation, but only gained an incomplete Formation whose power could not even reach one percent of the complete one. "Why could Minghe get that mysterious Formation?" Kunpeng thought angrily.

"Damn it! If I had a complete Cosmic Stars Formation, the Demon Tribe would promptly recover its vitality. Wretched Emperor Jun, if you had not been wary of me, Demon Tribe's vitality would have already recovered from the last Cultivation Tribulation."Kunpeng cursed.

Even though Emperor Jun had died, Kunpeng still resented him very much. Had it not been for Emperor Jun, the Demon Tribe in the Northern Underworld would not be so weak, and if Emperor Jun had told him the complete Cosmic Stars Formation, he would have helped the Demon Tribe in the Northern Underworld to be powerful quickly relying on this Formation, and then the Demon Tribe would unite again. At that time, the Demon Tribe would definitely have risen up again. Unfortunately, all of these were just assumptions.

The Sages were also shocked at the reappearance of Cosmic Stars Formation in Untainted Land. This Formation was not a common tactical formation but one of Four Mysterious Formations. After the battle between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, both Cosmic Stars Formation and Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation disappeared, and only Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation and the Human Tribe's Veridical Martial Origin Formation were left.

However, what shocked the Sage was not this Formation. Although Cosmic Stars Formation was one of the Four Mysterious Formations, the Sages paid little attention to it. Besides, without a large number of tribesmen to support it, the Cosmic Stars Formation could not release the same power as that of a Sage. However, after the Cultivation Tribulation, both Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were badly damaged, so neither of them had enough cultivators to support this Formation, let alone master it.

What really shocked the Sages was that the Formation appeared above the Blood Sea where Minghe lived. They would not have paid any attention to such a thing if anyone else except for the Sages mastered this Formation. However, if Minghe, who had a loyal Ashura Tribe and 480 millions of Clone of Blood Gods Avatars mastered it, the Sages had to worry about it.

In the Royal Nvywa Temple of Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa sat on her seat, and the Mountain and River Map gifted by Ancestor Hongjun floated in front of her. Surprisingly, Goddess Nvywa was not soliloquizing but talking to this map.

Goddess Nvywa frowned and asked confusedly: "Brother, I remember you used to fully comprehend the Cosmic Stars Formation, and only you and Emperor Jun know how to arrange this Formation. But I see the Cosmic Stars Formation formed by Minghe is also a complete one even if it is smaller. So, where do you think he gets this Formation?"

Brother? Anyone would have been shocked to hear this, as all the living beings in Untainted Land knew, Goddess Nvywa's brother, Royal Fuxi of the Demon Tribe, detonated himself in the final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. Therefore, if anyone now heard Goddess Nvywa call the Mountain and River Map 'brother', they would be very surprised.

"There's nothing strange. You can see Minghe's great talent when he can actualize the Realm of Origin relying on the Tao of Divine Law. Since I can comprehend Cosmic Stars Formation from the revolution of cosmic stars, he can also do that." Fuxi's weak voice came out from the Mountain and the River Map.

Fuxi was in the Mountain and the River Map, but he was just a shattered soul as Hongyun was. Goddess Nvywa saved a shattered soul of Fuxi when he detonated himself and had treated him by the Tao of Fate for a thousand years. Now Fuxi could recover his Original Spirit by himself and talk as before.

Looking at the fragile Original Spirit of Fuxi in the Mountain and the River Map, Goddess Nvywa said, "Brother, the Cosmic Stars Formation is our Demon Tribe's traditional Formation, but now none of our tribesmen know how to arrange it. Why not teach them this Formation to quicken the recovery of our tribe's vitality?"

Goddess Nvywa naturally knew the advantage of the Cosmic Stars Formation. The power of the cosmic stars benefited the Demon Tribe's cultivation just as the Spiritual Air of the Heaven and Earth did. Most importantly, the Power of Stars could also help to refine the Demon Tribe's blood, which the Spiritual Air of the Heaven and Earth could not compare to.

Just as the humans, demons' pureblood became decreased from generation to generation, reducing the chance of the birth of powerful demons, let alone Sacred Demons. However, if the Demon Tribe had an abundant Power of Stars, this chance would be increased and the Demon Tribe could rise up again in the future.

Fuxi sighed after hearing what Goddess Nvywa said. He knew that Goddess Nvywa was planning for the Demon Tribe, but what she was thinking of was too simple. Fuxi had to say realistically, "Sister, if I really pass the complete Cosmic Stars Formation to the Demon Tribe, we the Demon Tribe may be destroyed completely."

Hearing that, Goddess Nvywa felt more confused. If the Demon Tribe living in Untainted Land could have the Cosmic Stars Formation, it would quicken the recovery of vitality and also deter other tribes. After all, this Formation had that kind of power to inspire the other tribes' awe.

Fuxi explained to Goddess Nvywa, " Sister, do you know why the Human Tribe doesn't seize the opportunity to occupy more territories or slaughter the Demon Tribe after the Sorcerer and the Demon Tribes both suffered great loss?" This question also confused many creatures in Untainted Land.

Goddess Nvywa nodded. Indeed, now the Demon Tribe was weak, and the Human Tribe should have immediately taken the chance to get revenge. However, the Human Tribe chose to enlarge their territory in Untainted Land step by step. They only killed some demons in small scale, giving them a time to recover.

Goddess Nvywa was puzzled and she said: "I really don't know the actual reason. I guess the reason for the slow development of the Human Tribe is that they don't have enough strength to occupy more territories or something else. Anyway, we should take this chance to let the Demon Tribe recover."

Both the Demon Tribe and the Human Tribe had a special meaning to Goddess Nvywa. Now the Demon Tribe was weak while the Human Tribe was more powerful. If it continued, the Demon Tribe might be destroyed completely. Thus, if the strength of both tribes could be kept in balance, they might live in peace.

Fuxi shook his head and said, "That's not the case. There're still many elites and genius in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance at the Coast of the East Sea. Only one billion of humans are left after the Human Tribe's Cultivation Tribulation, but most elites of the Human Tribe are still alive."

Except for the Four Ancestors of Humanity, Musen, the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, could be a par with any Primordial Mazinger. Thousands of years ago, Musen could tie with Taiyi who has a Bell of Chaos as a weapon. Now except for the Sages, there might be few cultivators that could be a match against him, and with the help of the Army of Martial Arts in the Holy Land of Human Tribe, Musen could be powerful enough to defeat any tribe in Untainted Land.

Goddess Nvywa kept silent after hearing Fuxi's explanation. She should have been glad to see the quick development of the Human Tribe, but when she thought of the vow that 'The Human and Demon Tribes could not coexist' made by the Human Tribe, she felt as if a stone was clogged in her heart.

Fuxi continued, "I'm afraid that the reason the Human Tribe is developing so slowly is that they want to cultivate and develop the Human Tribe outside the Holy Land. They choose the Demon Tribe as their sharpener and let them develop gradually instead of occupying Untainted Land by taking their Holy Land by force. Now as the disciples of the Sages go there to preach, the Human Tribe will immediately enhance their strength, and soon they will become the strongest tribe in Untainted Land.

If the Demon Tribe has the Cosmic Stars Formation, everything will change. The Human Tribe will be the first to prevent the Demon Tribe from having a chance to rise up again and will spare no effort to kill the Demon Tribe. When the time comes, even if the Human Tribe doesn't kill them completely because of your dignity, the Demon Tribe will lose their last vitality."

Hearing that, Goddess Nvywa changed color. What Fuxi had said was right. The Human Tribe might allow the Demon Tribe, without a threat, to have some vitality because of her, but once the Demon Tribe threatens the Human Tribe, the Demon Tribe won't have a good end according to the ancestor of martial arts Musen's decisive character.

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