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A large gash appeared in the Chaos, from which Minghe walked out of with Liu Er. His vital force helped him repel the airstreams. Liu Er could only depend on the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire under his feet to protect himself.

Just then, several figures appeared one after another in the Chaos. Laozi, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti had all arrived. Even Houtu's Evil Separation Pingxin was here. The one who came last happened to be the main character of the fight, the Honoured Lord of the Origin.

The Honoured Lord was on alert when he saw Minghe had already arrived with Liu Er. Minghe's Law of Space was incredibly troublesome, but fortunately, it did not seem like he had comprehended it to a high realm yet. Otherwise, he would truly be invincible.

Minghe's face was full of smiles, clearly mocking the Honoured Lord of the Origin's late arrival. Yet the Honoured Lord of the Origin was not angry. He had been flustered earlier due to his concern but had since calmed down on his way to the Chaos. He knew the most dangerous thing to do in a fight was to lose composure.

Minghe was unsurprised by the Honoured Lord of the Origin's calmness. Even if a Sage was angered, it was easy for him to calm himself again. The mind of a Sage was incomparable to any ordinary person. If he had come here wearing an angry look, that would have shocked Minghe instead.

Minghe looked at the Honoured Lord of the Origin and shouted, "Come on, the Honoured Lord. Show me how powerful a Sage on the Secondary Stage can be!" Since he actualized the Realm of Origin, Minghe had only experienced friendly fights with his Evil Separation, Taoist Green Lotus. Neither used their full strength against each other. Now that Minghe was fighting the Honoured Lord of the Origin, he could go all out and gauge his strength as well.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin scoffed. "Fine. Then let me show you the difference between us." He wielded the Three Treasure Jade in his hand, cut through the airstreams, and headed straight for Minghe. He did not have a grasp of Minghe's strength so this attack was him testing the waters.

Minghe could tell it was just his opponent testing his strength and threw a punch, sending the Three Treasure Jade back. "The Honoured Lord of the Origin, let's not do any of this testing nonsense. Show me what you can really do!"

Minghe's punch had seemed effortless but it was telling for the Honoured Lord of the Origin and the other Sages. Compared to when he snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Minghe's human body had greatly strengthened. Facing an attack imbued with a Sage's supernatural power, he had deflected it effortlessly. Perhaps his human body was now even stronger than that of Ancestor of sorcerer.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin put away his Three Treasure Jade and materialized a banner in his hands. It was Pangu Banner, a primordial supreme treasure gifted by Hongjun. Everyone realized the Honoured Lord of the Origin was now prepared to go all out. Minghe dropped his smile. A flicker of a dark light later, he was grasping the God-killing Spear in his hand.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin shook his Pangu Banner, where a Sword Aura of Chaos came shooting out. Wherever the Sword Aura touched, the space of Chaos was split. But even more Air of Chaos mended those gaps, returning the space to Chaos. As a Top Grade of Primordial Supreme Treasure made to be an offensive weapon, the banner was capable of creating a new universe.

Minghe dared not to be careless when facing the attack of Sword Aura of Chaos. He abruptly gave his God-killing Spear a thrust with countless killing intent gathering at the tip. Soaring like a dragon, the gun flew directly to the Sword Aura of Chaos. The Chaos rocked when the two collided, stirring the airstreams inside. The first round ended in a draw.

Holding the God-killing Spear in his hand, Minghe mused over the attack earlier. The Pangu Banner was truly Top Grade of Primordial Supreme Treasure made for offense. If he did not have the God-killing Spear, a treasure made for killing, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Seeing as Minghe was untouched by the attack, The Honoured Lord of the Origin once again gave his Pangu Banner a shake. Several currents of Sword Aura of Chaos shot out to simultaneously attack Minghe. He said, "Minghe, your God-killing Spear is not bad but still inferior to my Pangu Banner. Let's see how you take on so many Sword Aura of Chaos currents!"

Holding his spear, Minghe shouted in a deep voice, "Fly out like a dragon and kill the universe!" He gave his spear a second thrust with the countless killing intent merging into a black dragon and colliding with the Sword Aura of Chaos. The collision sent the nearby space of Chaos into turbulence. If there were ordinary Da Luo Golden Immortals in the audience, they would probably be reduced to dust and ashes.

A Sword Aura of Chaos current abruptly shot out from the collision, shocking Minghe. He did not realize the rest was just a camouflage and this was the Honoured Lord of the Origin's trump card. He narrowly dodged the Sword Aura, but it still slashed his clothes.

Minghe was not the sort of passive person who would not fight back. After avoiding the Sword Aura of Chaos, he flew close to the Honoured Lord of the Origin and fired his God-killing Spear. Though the Pangu Banner was best for offense, its defense strength was weak. Besides, the Wuji Apricot Flag which once belonged to the Honoured Lord of the Origin was now in his hands. He wanted to see what kind of Magic Weapon the Honoured Lord of the Origin kept for his protection.

A flag suddenly floated above the Honoured Lord of the Origin, spreading all over his body and completely warded off Minghe's spear. This was... Natural Cloud Realm Flag. Hang on. How did this flag fall into the Honoured Lord of the Origin's hands? No wonder Hongjun did not give Yaochi the flag when handing her Magic Weapons. It was under the Honured Lord of the Origin's possession.

After deflecting Minghe's attack with the flag, the Honured Lord of the Origin shook the Pangu Banner again. Several Sword Aura of Chaos currents immediately charged at Minghe. If he was hit at such close distance, he would definitely suffer serious injuries.Minghe was unlike other Sages who were immortal. If he was badly injured, there would be those who will be more than happy to leave him in the Chaos.

Minghe quickly retreated and disappeared without a trace just as the Sword Aura of Chaos was about to hit him. He had moved to the other side when he reappeared. It was all thanks to the Law of Space. Otherwise, he could only resist the attack with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin was frustrated to see Minghe use the Law of Space to dodge his attack. He was going to wait for Minghe to come close to him and hit him with the Sword Aura of Chaos. Who knew his attack would fail. He really had no idea how to deal with the Law of Space.

Though their fight only went on for a short time, their audience was well aware a clear victory would be difficult to come by. If they continued, it would just be a long and bitter fight without a certain outcome.

Laozi stepped forward when he saw this. "That's enough. Please stop. Second Brother and Fellow Taoist Minghe, you two know a victory is hard to determine at the moment. If you continue, who knows how long will this go on? The Human Tribe are now prosperous and we still need to preach to them. If we fight just because of such trivial matters, we will lose face."

With Laozi playing the peacemaker, the Honoured Lord of the Origin saw his opportunity and took it. "Then I will listen to you, Brother. Minghe, this is not over. I will come for you again in the future." He was, in fact, stressed over the Law of Space. If they continued, he did not have the confidence to win Minghe. If he could not win, then what was the point of engaging in a long fight? He would only lose his face.

The Three Pristine Ones were the first to leave, followed by Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, Zhunti, and Pingxin. Seeing this, Minghe put away his God-killing Spear and returned to the Blood Sea through the space channel with Liu Er. Though the fight had been rather anticlimactic, it was still rewarding for Minghe.

A Sage was not great for his supernatural power or realm superiority, but rather for the fact that they could use the power of the Way of Heaven. Though they did not know how long the power would last or its possible side effects, the power would greatly enhance the strength of a Sage. It worked the same for a Magic Weapon powered by it. That would really spell trouble for Minghe.

In his first few attacks, the Honured Lord of the Origin did not use the power of the Way of Heaven until Minghe attacked him. Otherwise, he could not defend against the attack of God-killing Spear with his Natural Cloud Realm Flag. He then initiated the Pangu Banner to shoot out even more powerful Sword Aura of Chaos, intending to deal Minghe severe wounds. Fortunately, Minghe split the attack with the Law of Space.

This way, the Sages might start figuring out how to deal with his Law of Space. It was actually not that complicated. All they had to do was to disrupt the surrounding space, but this was easier said than done. Without comprehending the Law of Space, even Sages could not disrupt or control the space. The exception was if they used a Magic Weapon.

With his current cultivation of the Law of Space, Minghe knew he was unlikely to maintain his invincible position in his future fights against the Sages. He decided to have his Good Separation comprehend it further. With further enlightenment, the Sages would not be able to suppress his stronger Law of Space even after coming up with solutions.

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