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Liu Er did not feel strange about it, as the three were senior disciples of the Humanity, Enlightenment and Severity Tribes respectively. It would be strange if they did not have Magic Weapons for protection. For example, though the Guang Chengz's Smashing Seal was only a Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure, its force was no less than that of a Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Given that it could be refined with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, it would equal a high ranking Primordial Spiritual Treasure exactly.

Moreover, Liu Er had not retaliated with all his strength. Otherwise, Xuandu may not have been able to resist the power from his punch even with cultivation at Taiyi Golden Immortality and the Floating Flame Flag. Like Minghe, Liu er paid great attention to refining his body, his strength was the strongest it could be.

Turning back the Smashing Seal, Xuandu said, "Fellow Taoist Liu Er, please calm down. Junior fellow Guang Chengzi doesn't have any hostility against you, he was only acting on impulse." Though he had withstood the light punch from Liu Er, he had a clear estimation of himself and certainly did not want to counter against Liu Er.

Zhenyuanzi said, "Martial nephew Liu Er, please do not flare up. It was not intentional for Guang Chengzi to do that. For the sake of his Master, Honoured Lord of the Origin, there is no need for you to make a fuss about it." Recalling the scene where Minghe had defeated Kunpeng heavily in one stroke, Zhenyuanzi was overwhelmed by a great emotion. Minghe had really accepted an excellent disciple. Just as the proverb said, "As is the teacher, so is the pupil."

Since Zhenyuanzi was trying to dissuade him, Liu Er naturally changed his countenance into a broad smile in order to show due respect for Zhenyuanzi. He said, "Now that the great immortal has said good words of Guang Chengzi, I will let it pass. Here are three yellow plums for you. Please accept them." Then he delivered the pallet in his hands to Zhenyuanzi.

Looking at the three yellow plums, Zhenyuanzi said, "Please extend my sincere gratitude to your Master." These three fruits were equal to three Da Luo Golden Immortals. The present was so precious that other guests stared at them with envy. Da Luo Golden Immortal, how attractive it was!

Looking at Guang Chengzi who still glared at Liu Er, Liu Er said calmly, "Guang Chengzi, I have just spared you for the sake of the Immortal Zhenyuan. You'd best remember that who is respectable in Untainted Land depends on his strength and that not everyone would be so kind to you. Hence, be careful in the future, one slight mistake may bring you to death. The disciple of a Sage doesn't represent the Sage after all, and could only intimidate a coward."

"Oh, really? Let me see who dares to kill my disciple?" A cold voice suddenly emerged in the palace, with a great might. It pressed down all the guests to kneel on the ground except for Zhenyuanzi, Liu Er and Xuandu who was spared from the might.

A figure walked out from the Void. Guang Chengzi could not help calling, "Master!" It was the Honoured Lord of the Origin. He had been talking about Tao with Laozi and Tongtian. He had not expected that his disciple could be beaten by others, and he was extremely irritated.

When the Honoured Lord of the Origin stared at Liu Er coldly, the enormous force of the Sage, like a huge mountain, weighed on Liu Er, as if to have Liu Er kneel down. For all that, Liu Er would not yield so easily, pulling out all his strength to hold up his body tightly.

Seeing this, the Honoured Lord of the Origin felt an increasing irritation. How could he not be annoyed when a Sage-to-be did not surrender under his might? He said coldly, "You are Liu Er, the disciple of Minghe? Are you the one that wants to kill my disciple?" In spite of the calm remarks, all the guests felt a tremble in their hearts. It was obvious that the Honoured Lord of the Origin had the intent to kill.

Liu Er was familiar with the killing intent as he had followed with Minghe for cultivation for a long time, thus it did not frighten him at all. Minghe had once told him that one should rather die on one's feet than live on one's knees. Hence, he said with all his might, "Yes, so what?"

So what? Everybody freaked out. Faced with a Sage, Liu Er dared to say such words. He was obviously causing trouble for himself. Zhenyuanzi was startled to see this as well. If Liu Er died here, who knew what Minghe would do. When Minghe had killed Individual Cultivators and Sages-to-be, he did not show them the slightest mercy. Supposing the Honoured Lord of the Origin killed Liu Er, Ming He could absolutely ruin the entire Tribe of Enlightenment. Then, an intense war concerning the Origin rank would be unavoidable.

Hearing Liu Er's words, the Honoured Lord of the Origin's killing intent reached a climax. He said coldly, "Do you think that I don't dare to kill you because you're Minghe's disciple?" Despite bland words, Liu Er seemed to feel a sense of death near at hand.

"But the question is, can you kill him successfully?" Suddenly a figure appeared in front of Liu Er. Liu Er felt his anxiety melt instantly. He said with delight, "Master, you've come!" The figure was Minghe.

Earlier, when the Honoured Lord of the Origin emerged, Minghe had known about it. While Minghe had not appeared in time, he'd wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to test the extent of Liu Er's determination in Tao Seeking. Liu Er did not let him down. He had not surrendered to the Sage. This was exactly the kind of demeanor Minghe's disciples should possess.

At the sight of Minghe, the Honoured Lord of the Origin snorted coldly and said, "Humph! Minghe, your disciple hurt my disciple. You, as his Master, would not give me any account?" The Honoured Lord of the Origin thought himself to be able to overpower Minghe, so his tone was overbearing.

Minghe replied to him calmly, "Any account? Oh, well, Liu Er, you should remember that if you are confronted with such a person or such a thing again, you should kill them directly without considering too much. Understand?" As everyone heard this, they broke out in a cold sweat. What Ancestor Minghe was doing was confronting the Honoured Lord of the Origin directly! Do not hurt innocent people!

The Honoured Lord of the Origin howled, "Minghe, what do you mean?" He had been expecting for Minghe to reduce the trouble to a minimum. On the contrary, Minghe was reacting like this, completely showing contempt for him.

The smile on Minghe's face disappeared. The whole palace was filled with a cold and gruesome killing intent. As masses of shadows of bloody Red Lotuses appeared in the Heaven, killing intent pulled the Lotuses together. Minghe was really annoyed. The guests were nearly scared to death. They had never expected to be in such a situation when attending a feast. If a war broke out between Minghe and the Honoured Lord of the Origin, they would absolutely be the first to die.

Minghe said indifferently, "What do I mean? I have lived in Untainted Land freely for thousands of years. Now I'm being mocked by an ignorant young man, what do you think I should do? Yes, you are a Sage. But you just got it from the Great Divinity, Pangu. How great do you think you are? But for the identity of the Three Pure Ones and ten percent of Merit of Creation, you are even not qualified to lift my shoes."

Hearing that, the Honoured Lord of the Origin shouted furiously, "Minghe, how dare you humiliate me in such a way! I will teach you a lesson today and show you the gap between the strength of Sage Secondary Stage and that of a Da Luo Golden Immortal Early Stage!"

Minghe sneered at him and said, "So what? You've merely relied on merits and Hong Meng Immortal Qi to reach the Sage Secondary Stage. How many of them are acquired by your own enlightenment? I arrived at the Realm of Origin relying only on myself. With your strength, you actually want to teach me a lesson? Perhaps, you don't even have the ability."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin roared, "Well! Well! Well! Minghe, there is no need for us to haggle over this. We test it by a real fight. I just want to see how awesome you are, the first Da Luo Golden Immortal in Untainted Land, who dares to hold such language!"

Minghe also had abundant fighting spirit. Looking around, he said, "The Honoured Lord of the Origin, do you want to fight with me here? If we did, everything here would be ruined. How about having a fight in the Chaos?"

The Honoured Lord of the Origin nodded. Looking at the injured Guang Chengzi, his heart ached. Guang Chengzi was his favorite disciple, and he had been humiliated by Liu Er. What's more, he could not take revenge on Liu Er yet. This thought made him more annoyed. He could only get it back from Minghe.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said to his disciples, "Guang Chengzi, Xuandu and Abundant Treasures, come back!" Then he stepped out and disappeared from the palace, leaving only an echo. "Minghe, I'll wait for you in the Chaos."

Minghe apologized to Zhenyuanzi, "I am very sorry, Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, that I have messed up your opening feast. After the match with the Honoured Lord of the Origin, I will visit you again. Bye!" Then he went towards the Chaos with Liu Er.

A match at the rank of the Origin was rarely seen. Liu Er had reached Sage-to-be Secondary Stage. Provided that he could learn something from the match, it would be beneficial. If not, the match could also broaden Liu Er's horizons, giving him the opportunity to see the immensity of the Heaven.

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