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However, the Law of Space was not merely a method to move within a particular space, but it was also a supreme attack power. Minghe was unable to use that power until his Good Separation further comprehended the Law of Space.

Besides the Law of Space, he used only his human body and God-killing Spear to fight the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Not knowing how much strength his opponent was holding back, he kept his trump cards secret too. Those included the Law of Killing, the Law of Blood, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, and his Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist. Those were all strong enough to turn the tables.

Minghe wanted his Good Separation to comprehend the Law of Space, but the Good Separation had no time or energy at the moment. He was currently focused on deciphering the Law of Reincarnation in the Nether World. Since he had made some achievements and was in a crucial stage, Minghe would not disturb him now.

The World of Heaven and Earth was about to transform into a small chiliocosm, but Heaven and Earth Taoist needed two other things. One of them was the Six Paths of Reincarnation. It would not take him long before reaching his desired Enlightenment level in his current state. When that happened, he would separate the Law of Reincarnation and inject it into the Blood God Doppelganger. The latter would then transform into reincarnation in his world.

The other was the Origin of Stars. In the World of Heaven and Earth, only the sun and the moon had the source of the Origin while the other stars merely looked nice on the surface. Minghe had planned on snatching the Cosmic Stars Banner, but it had disappeared. He had no choice but go to the Primeval Starry Sky to collect the Origin of Stars.

As for the Karma, some had been offset by Merit. He could only repay the rest in the future. Now that he had reached the realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin, the Karma could hardly affect him. Perhaps his disciples, at most.

Minghe did not have to worry about Black Tortoise. His disciple earned Merit for mending the Sky. Liu Er, on the other hand, had become a Sage-to-be and had few rivals in Untainted Land. Unless a Sage stepped in, he could still protect himself from Zhenyuanzi with his cultivation and Magic Weapons. The only one left was Kong Xuan. It looked like he had to collect some Merit for both Kong Xuan and Liu Er in the future.

Minghe left Blood Sea and headed straight to Primeval Starry Sky, another place of great maleficence in Untainted Land. Though Heavenly Court was in charge of the cosmic stars, those were only ordinary ones. Except for the sun and the moon, the other 363 primary stars were in the area of Primeval Starry Sky that few creatures set foot in. The only reason the sun and the moon were under the control of Heavenly Court was their duties.

Minghe could not help gasping in shock when he arrived there. It was far more dangerous than his Blood Sea, with Astral Wind of Nine Heavens everywhere and countless wandering Giant Beasts of Starry Sky. The human bodies of these beasts were exceptionally strong. Even the weakest among them were in the realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal. The strongest might even be on the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. If they could survive here, surely that meant their human bodies were strong. Minghe sighed, thinking that this would not be a joyful, relaxed trip.

The Three Pure Ones gathered together on Mount Shouyang not to discuss the Way of Tao but about Minghe instead. The latter was the only one in Untainted Land who reached the realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin on his own. Though he was still in the Early Stage, his strength should not be underestimated. That much was clear from his fight against the Honoured Lord of the Origin despite neither using their full strength.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin was depressed on his way back to Mount Shouyang. He had planned on teaching Minghe a lesson and enhance the prestige of the Three Pure Ones, but Laozi made him end the fight in haste. When he saw the thoughtful expression on Laozi's face, the Honoured Lord of the Origin unwillingly asked, "Brother, why did you let Minghe off when I had the chance to beat him? Don't you believe in my strength?"

Laozi replied, "I do but Minghe is also strong and can't be underestimated. With him possessing the Law of Space and the God-killing Spear, it will only be a waste of time for you to continue the fight. A clear victory is difficult to determine, too."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "Though his Law of Space is powerful and hard to handle with, his comprehension of the law is shallow. Since my Pangu Banner can cut through space and disrupt the surrounding space as well, I'm afraid his Law of Space won't work so well."

Tongtian agreed with him. Though Minghe had actualized the Realm of Origin before them and was even stronger than Zhunti and Goddess Nvywa, it was possible to defeat him since a Sage could make use of the power of the Way of Heaven.

Seeing that the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian shared the same opinion, Laozi said, "My brothers, you have underestimated Minghe. You didn't use all your strength and neither did he. Don't forget the primordial supreme treasure, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, is also in his hands."

The expressions of the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian shifted. They had forgotten how Minghe had used the cauldron to suppress the Luck of Religion of Asura when establishing the sect. Later on, they saw it again when he mended the Sky. Though they had no idea how powerful its defense strength was, it would not be weak as it was a primordial supreme treasure.

Besides, Minghe had two primordial supreme treasures in his possession. That only illustrated the strength of his Luck. Only the Three Pure Ones and Houtu had one primordial supreme treasure each and those were given to them by Honourable Ancestor. With two treasures in his hands, Minghe would be invincible in attack and defense. The cumulative effect of two treasures was not as simple as one plus one.

Laozi continued, "Besides, Liu Er was close by during the fight. He was stepping on the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, which I suspect Minghe had cultivated with the twelve-grade Red Lotuses of Fire Origin. Its defensive quality was similar to that of the Green Lotus of Fate and the Golden Lotus of Merit belonging to Jieyin that we had seen before. But throughout the fight, Minghe had never once used it."

"Minghe also actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Killing, but he only used the Law of Space alone in the fight. If he controls the God-killing Spear with the law, his spear would be even more powerful. Evidently, he had kept hidden many of his trump cards. If you continue the fight, I'm afraid it will be difficult to decide a victor. That's why I told you to stop."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin looked gloomy, having realized it would be difficult to defeat Minghe in a short time with Laozi's analysis. If the fight continued, it would not end until Minghe's supernatural power ran out. A Sage, with the Purusa left in the Way of Heaven, had endless supernatural power. But Minghe with his Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin was different. However, it would still take hundreds of years before his supernatural power would run out.

Hearing Laozi talked about the Law of Killing, Tongtian suddenly recalled a scene. "I remember something. When he did that, the killing intent gathered into a lotus and scattered above Blood Sea. That seems to suggest he had actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Killing. However, bloody clouds were gathered above Blood Sea later. Now that I think about it, it looks like Minghe had actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Blood instead."

The Law of Blood? Laozi and the Honoured Lord of the Origin were both stunned. Blood Sea was full of ​​blood. Since Minghe was Lord of Blood Sea, it was reasonable for him to comprehend the Law of Blood. They all thought the Mysterious Sign appeared because of his refinement of Magic Weapons. But looking back, the sign was the exact same sign that when someone actualized with the Divine Law.

The Three Pure Ones could not help sucking in a breath when they came to this conclusion. How powerful Minghe was! The Tao of Divine Law was so difficult that few people in Untainted Land could actualize the Realm of Origin with it. At the moment, only Zhenyuanzi seemed likely to achieve it. However, Minghe had actualized the Realm of Origin with two Divine Laws! That was so unfair.

It was not unusual if someone actualized the Realm of Origin with one Divine Law, the way Zhunti and Goddess Nvywa did. But if Minghe had done so with two laws, then they might have underestimated his strength. The Divine Law was the power of the Way of Heaven. If a Sage made use of the power of the Way of Heaven, it equaled to making use the power of the Divine Law, though the law did not belong to them.

Minghe was different. Since he actualized the Realm of Origin with the Divine Law, all that extraordinary power belonged to him alone. One was the owner of the power, while the other merely made use of it. The Three Pure Ones were well aware of the difference between the two situations.

A shocked Honoured Lord of the Origin asked, "Brother, is this possible? The Mysterious Sign appeared when Minghe actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Killing, but why did it appear again when he entered the Realm of Origin with the Law of Blood? Is it a specific phenomenon of actualizing with the Divine Law?"

Laozi was also shocked and worried. Though he was the strongest Sage among all of them, Minghe was likely to surpass him due to his actualization of the Realm of Origin with the two Divine Laws. Minghe's achievements showed his great talent for Enlightenment of the Divine Law. It was only a matter of time before Minghe surpassed him.

He had no answer for the Honoured Lord of the Origin's worries as well. He could only reply with uncertainty. "Maybe." The Three Pure Ones would feel relieved if they were certain but they were not. That only worried them further. In the Realm of the Origin, any uncertainty could be the key that determined the outcome. Thus Minghe's mystery was a true concern for them.

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