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Inside the Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa learned about Zhenyuanzi and thought about the person who had listened to the teachings inside the Zixiao Palace at the same time as her.

She had originally wanted to send someone to congratulate him. However, thinking about how the Demon Tribe, had had something to do with what happened to Hongyun, she could only give up.

At any rate, Zhenyuanzi establishing the Earth Immortal's Residence didn't have anything to do with the Demon Tribe. It wouldn't matter if she didn't go.

As for Two Sages of the West, their preaching was hindered by Zhenyuanzi's Way of Earth Immortal. Even Zhunti, as someone who really loved to exploit everything to his advantage,

didn't have any interest in going, even if the situation ought to be very lively. Besides, none of the other Sages had gone. If he went by himself, it would indeed be a bit

embarrassing. Thus, he simply sent his disciple to go and congratulate him as a formality.

Compared with the Sages, Haotian's mood certainly wasn't that good. He had just assumed the position as the Lord of Heavenly Court recently. At first, he was extremely enthusiastic, wanting to fulfill his ambition. However, after a round of recruiting, the majority of those who came had all been small fish and shrimps. This should be a good sign…. right?

There should have been even more Cultivators who were still waiting and observing the situation. Haotian didn't have a reputation in Untainted Land. Wanting the Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land to come and approve of him just because he was someone the Honorable Ancestor had chosen was impossible. Fortunately, there were the Peaches of Immortality, which were attractive enough to the Cultivators in the Untainted Land.

But now, Zhenyuanzi had unexpectedly established the Earth Immortal's Residence. This had completely ruined Haotian's plan. Some of the Individual Cultivators who were still observing went one after the other to the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, wanting to pry into Zhenyuanzi's Way of Earth Immortal.

People would seek someone with a great reputation the way they seek the shadow of a tree to protect themselves. Haotian had been staying in Zixiao Palace waiting upon Ancestor Hongjun. It could be said that his reputation in the Untainted Land wasn't noticeable. However, Zhenyuanzi wasn't the same. He was originally the Untainted Land's well-known skilled Sage-to-be. Neither his reputation nor his strength could be matched by that of Haotian.

Seeing that Haotian seemed to be upset, Yaochi said consolingly, "Haotian, everything takes time. After all, it is only recently that we became the Lords of Heavenly Court. How about we hold a Feast of Peaches and invite the Sages and Individual Cultivators in the Untainted Land to participate?"

Haotian calmed down slightly and answered, "Forget it, now isn't the right time. It would be better for us to slowly accumulate strength for now. To avoid displeasing the Sages, we should avoid drama. Besides, there is no conflict between Zhenyuanzi's Earth Immortal's Residence and my Heavenly Court. It isn't worth having a dispute and offending Zhenyuanzi just because of our momentary emotions. It's enough to let Taibai Jinxing go and bring nine nine-thousand year old Peaches of Immortality to congratulate him."

The place, where the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple used to be, seemed very different now. An even more majestic palace now sat on the mountain with three huge words, EARTH IMMORTAL'S RESIDENCE written on the board attached above the main hall. Behind it was Zhenyuanzi's ashram, the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

Nowadays, the Earth Immortal's Residence was always filled with guests. Everyone came to congratulate Zhenyuanzi for establishing the Earth Immortal's Residence. Of course, there were also some guests who came to see if their Fated Chance might be in this place. Obviously, they would rather trust Zhenyuanzi than Haotian, who was from Heavenly Court.

Although the guests inside the hall kept piling up, several seats in the front were actually empty. They were reserved for the Sages. Even though the Sages weren't coming, nobody would dare to take those seats. Offending the Sages was really not a laughing matter.

At this moment, three people suddenly walked into the hall. The three of them, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Abundant Treasures were the messengers sent by the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribe of Enlightenment and the Tribe of Severity. They gave their congratulatory gift and said, "Xuandu (Guang Chengzi, Abundant Treasures) greets the Immortal Zhenyuan. Having heard that the Great Immortal has established the Earth Immortal's Residence, our Master has specially ordered us to come and congratulate the Great Immortal."

Zhenyuanzi smiled and said, "Do thank your Masters on my behalf. Please be seated!" That Three Pure Ones had sent their disciples here to congratulate him showed that they already accepted the existence of the Earth Immortal's Residence. As for whether or not they personally came, Zhenyuanzi didn't really care.

Soon after, Medicine Buddha of Western Religious Sect and Taibai Jinxing of Heavenly Court arrived. By then, only the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes and Minghe hadn't shown up yet. But considering the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes' present situation, they probably wouldn't come. In that case, Minghe was the only one left.

A silhouette suddenly appeared in the Hall. The person laughed happily and said, "Liu Er greets the Immortal Zhenyuan. My Master, Ancestor Minghe, sent me to congratulate you. These are the gifts from my Master." As soon as he finished speaking, he took out three fruits from the yellow plum tree.

"Tch! Just three rotten pieces of fruit and you have the nerve to hand them out? Your Master is really quite destitute." A disdainful voice was heard in the hall and shocked everyone. Minghe had been the first Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin in the Untainted Land. Back then, when he'd actualized the Realm of Origin, he was already a very ruthless man. However today, there was actually a fearless ignorant who dared to humiliate him.

Hearing this voice, Liu Er was instantly furious. He shouted loudly, "Who? Come out and show yourself!" All of a sudden, the momentum of a Secondary Stage Sage-to-be erupted, pressuring many of the guests until they were forced to take several steps back. Everyone was even more shocked now. They knew that Liu Er was Minghe's senior disciple, but they never knew that Liu Er had actually reached the cultivation of Sage-to-be.

Staring at someone who sat among the front-most seats, Liu Er said coldly, "Were you the one who said it?" His words were filled with menace intent. It had been tens of thousands of years since he'd become Minghe's disciple and during these tens of thousands of years, Minghe had always done his utmost in teaching him. Although Liu Er was a bit mischievous, he had always been extremely respectful towards Minghe. How could Liu Er not to be furious when someone was insulting him?

The person was the Tribe of Enlightenment's senior disciple, Guang Chengzi. At this moment, his face was a bit pale. Although a moment ago Liu Er's momentum had burst in every direction, most of it was still targeted at him. Guang Chengzi's cultivation was only at the peak stage of Golden Immortal, how could he withstand the coercion of a Sage-to-be? Thus, his expression naturally didn't look very good.

Seeing that Liu Er was staring at him, Guang Chengzi suppressed the dread in his heart and said unyieldingly, "So what if it was me? They are three rotten pieces of fruit and you actually still have the nerve to present them, have I said something wrong?" Once his words were out, Xuandu and Abundant Treasures who had come together with him also frowned. This Guang Chengzi was a trouble-maker.

Liu Er humphed coldly and said, "Ignorant little child! These are the fruits of the yellow plum tree. One plum is enough to let a person enter the Surname State directly! I forgot, you're nothing but a tiny little Golden Immortal and wouldn't be able to recognize a treasure such as this. You'd better go back home and learn for another ten thousand years or more before you go out disgracing yourself again!"

Hearing Liu Er call him an 'ignorant little child', Guang Chengzi was instantly furious. During the several millenniums in which he'd become Honoured Lord of the Origin's disciple, no one had ever dared to talk to him like that. Thus, he said angrily, "Then what do you think you are? Furry face, protruding mouth, a vulgar who acts like a decent man. You're nothing but a monkey."

Liu Er's expression became even colder. He said, "It seems the Honoured Lord of the Origin has forgotten to teach you something. In front of the strong, you should at least maintain a bit of modesty. You're nothing but a tiny little Golden Immortal, what makes you have such courage? Is it just because you're a disciple of a Sage?" After finishing his speech, he suddenly brandished his hand.

BANG! With a ringing crack, Guang Chengzi was instantly blasted away. All the guests were dumbfounded by this scene. Zhenyuanzi had not expected that Liu Er would act so directly and beat Guang Chengzi without even the slightest qualm. This was no joking matter. What he had done was tantamount to hitting the Honoured Lord of the Origin in the face.

Guang Chengzi rose from the ground, stroking his beaten face incredulously. He went berserk, shouting, "You actually dared to hit me! I'll kill you!" How could someone as proud as Guang Chengzi accept such a huge insult? He forgot about the enormous cultivation gap between himself and Liu Er.

Seeing this, both Xuandu and Abundant Treasures hastily stepped forward and pulled back Guang Chengzi to stop him. Although they didn't specifically know how strong Liu Er was, when they heard the word 'Sage-to-be' from the guests' discussion, they already knew that even if the three of them were to fight together, it would still be an uneven match. It was likely that Guang Chengzi would only bring disgrace upon himself if he was to fight him now.

At this moment, Zhenyuanzi also stepped in and acted as the mediator. He said, "Martial nephews, don't be angry anymore. The feast will soon begin, please be seated." Unfortunately, Guang Chengzi, in his current state would obviously not listen to him. Even with both Xuandu and Abundant Treasures blocking him, it was to no avail.

Guan Chengzi suddenly released his strength, freeing himself from Xuandu's and Abundant Treasures' holds. A seal, known as the Smashing Seal, appeared in his hand. It was Houtu's highest grade Spiritual Treasure, refined from fragments of Mount Buzhou that the Honoured Lord of the Origin had collected when he mended the Sky. Its power was extraordinary.

Everyone present only saw Guang Chengzi throw the seal before it became instantly enormous, pressing towards Liu Er. Liu Er watched the oncoming attack of the Smashing Seal with disdain. With just a punch, the Smashing Seal was repelled and driven back straight towards Guang Chengzi. If Guang Chengzi was to be hit by it, he would definitely suffer serious injuries.

Seeing this, a flag appeared in Xuandu's hand. It was the Floating Flame Flag, one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, something that Laozi had obtained from the Treasure Gifting Rocks. When Xuandu became his disciple, Laozi had bestowed this flag to him so that he could protect himself. Now it could be put to use. The Floating Flame Flag was unfolded, dropping a mysterious red-colored ray. Although the ray swayed when the Smashing Seal crashed into it, it didn't break at all.

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