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Inside the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, the Four Ancestors of Humanity gathered up. Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi looked exhilarated since both the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes had suffered a great loss. They might be weaker than the Human Tribe, for now. After all, the Human Tribe had been restored about four thousand years after the Cultivation Tribulation, so they had just recovered to their scale from before the Tribulation.

Suiren-Shi said excitedly, "Now the Wu Tribe has retired from the world, and the rest of the Demon Tribe from Heavenly Court has retreated to the cold southern land. As for the Demon Tribe lingering in the Untainted Land, though there might be many of them, their quantity won't bring them any favor in confrontation with us. Wherever our army of immortals and warriors go, the Demon Tribe will be wiped out. We, the Human Tribe will be the masters of Untainted Land soon."

Looking at the excited Suiren-Shi, Musen shook his head. Suiren-Shi's idea was too optimistic. Indeed, the Demon Tribe in Untainted Land was not powerful. The Immortals' Army and the Army of Martial Arts of the Holy Land could easily wipe them out. But then what?

The Untainted Land was not a small village. Even though the Human Tribe had taken over the Untainted Land, could they protect themselves from the Demon Tribe? How could they protect the whole Human Tribe with such a small force in the Holy Land? There might be another wholesale slaughter coming for them.

Seeing that Suiren-Shi and other two were on cloud nine, Musen understood that they had been waiting for this moment for too long. It was normal for them to react in this way since the opportunity was presented now. However, as he needed to cool them off, he said, "Brother, you are right about that. But do we really have the power to seek hegemony in the Untainted Land?"

Hearing what Musen had said, Suiren-Shi and the other two Ancestors turned around. Youchao-Shi asked, "My brother, what do you mean by that? We don't have any rivals at all for the power of the Holy Land. Besides, we have you and your Veridical Martial Origin Formation."

Musen sighed, and replied, "You are perfectly right, but how can we defend ourselves when we occupy such a vast territory? Shall we send out all of our tribesmen from the Holy Land? If so, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe will be nothing but a sham.

The three ancestors were enlightened by what Musen said. They had assessed the power of the Human Tribe as that of the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. Obviously, they were totally wrong. Those who stayed in the Holy Land of the Human Tribe were elites, accounting for ninety percent of the power of the Human Tribe. Dispatching ninety percent of their power to conquer the world, while leaving the rest to defend, was not the best way to protect the Human Tribe.

Considering this, the three Ancestors abated. They were grateful for Musen's warning, for perhaps there would be another tribulation for the Human Tribe. Maybe it would not be that bad, but there would be damage for sure. Suiren-Shi then said, "Thanks for your warning. Any suggestions?"

Musen waved his hands, then a map of the Untainted Land appeared in front of them, in which the distributions of different forces were marked on the map. "Minghe sent me this map of power distribution in Untainted Land. It records the power of all sides in detail." Although Minghe was good at deduction, he could not deduct everything. So he had transferred a segment of his Clones of the Blood God to various places in Untainted Land to gather intelligence and Treasures of Heaven and Earth that had not been possessed.

Suiren-Shi and the other two Ancestors examined this detailed distribution map of powers in the Untainted Land, and were deeply astonished. They had never even heard of some of these tribes and powers. If they had followed their previous plan, they would have met a lot of enemies in Untainted Land.

Suiren-Shi and the other two ancestors were grateful for Minghe's support. Though Musen, who was his Selfcentric Separation, and occupied thirty percent of the Luck of the Human Tribe, he deserved it for what he had done for the Human Tribe. And now Minghe had done them another huge favor, by sending them the map. Given their weak foundation, it was hard for the Human Tribe to explore the whole Untainted Land. Now with the help of the map sent by Minghe, they could do it more easily.

Suiren-Shi said to Musen gratefully, "Brother, please express the Human Tribe's gratitude to Minghe. With this map, we can keep away from those Almighties in the Untainted Land. Most of all, we will know where our enemies are, and can avoid a lot of unnecessary losses."

Musen smiled and said, "As he shares my thirty percent Luck of the Human Tribe, he can provide the Human Tribe some support, though he needs to stay in the shadow. I have carefully studied this map, and there are very few spots that we can't lay our hands on."

Pointing to the map, Musen said, "The Four Seas are not suitable for us to live, so we don't need to look at them. As for the west, this territory belongs to Jieyin and Zhunti. Besides, it's kind of infertile there. It is not the place for us either. As for the north, there's the Wu Tribe as well as Minghe's Ominous Beasts, which makes it another unlivable place."

"So let's see what's left for us. The south, in which the Demon Tribe from Heavenly Court dwells in, with the Sempiternal Volcano guarded by the Phoenix Tribe, is not the place we are looking for either. The east and the central part of the Untainted Land that cover most of the ground in Untainted Land, are vast enough for the Human Tribe to live and multiply. We only need to avoid the mountains where the Kylin Tribe settles in the center."

Suiren-Shi pointed to the east and the center of the Untainted Land and asked, "How about the Demon Tribe in these two places? What should we do to expand?" Compared to the other three Ancestors, Musen had the vision that no human had ever had. He was Minghe's Selfcentric One after all. Since it was regarding the future of the Human Tribe, they had to be thorough.

Musen said, "If we want to really rise up and become the key player in Untainted Land, self-reliance is the only option. We may have huge power inside the Holy Land, but our tribesmen will completely rely on the Holy Land. Once we send our troops out, they could run into trouble. How can they grow their self-reliance in that way?"

"The only choice we have is to let our tribesmen expand slowly, step by step. Meanwhile, the tribes outside the Holy Land must build their own armies. We can dispatch some of our elites to help them strengthen their power, but we can't intervene on their expansions at all. Only through blood and fire can the Human Tribe truly exceed others and become the strongest in Untainted Land."

Suiren-Shi and other the two ancestors nodded, as it was the safest way. But they still had some doubts. Youchao-Shi asked, "Brother, how should we deal with the Individual Cultivators who live in seclusion in Untainted Land? Truth be told, not all of them are decent people. And if we allow them to do whatever they want, they might harm our tribesmen."

After the competition for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, most of the Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land were wiped out. However, many of them still survived. Maybe they were not as strong as those Individual Cultivators who'd died, but still, they were masters compared to normal humans. The ordinary tribes of the Human Tribe could not defeat them in conflict.

A cold light flashed in Musen's eyes, and he said relentlessly, "Life or death is totally up to them. If they keep their distance from our tribe, we will leave them alone. But if they pose a threat, we will teach them a bloody lesson."

On hearing that, Ziyi-Shi said, "You mean we would need to send out our guardians or Elders to eliminate them? Is it too overbearing? Attracting others' hostility in Untainted Land doesn't seem to be an advantage for our development."

Musen answered the question like it was nothing, "So what? Our prosperity and thriving is the General Trend of Heaven. Nobody can stop it, let alone us. With the Veridical Martial Origin Formation in our hands, no tribe dares to stand against us. Though we will not accelerate our expansion with it, we will destroy anyone who stands in our way."

Suiren-Shi and the other two nodded on hearing that. The power of the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was the whole card of the Human Tribe. If the interests of the Human Tribe were violated by anyone, they would not let the violator get away. With such a card, and Musen's developing plan, it was just a matter of time before the Human Tribe became the key player in Untainted Land.

Musen added, "There's one more thing to consider, the preaching of a Sage. It might be a chance for Sages to meddle in the Human Tribe's business, however, we can improve our power by their hands. I suggest we maintain neutrality. What do you think?"

Speaking of the preaching of the Sage, Suiren-Shi and the other two ancestors felt uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the preaching was beneficial for the Human Tribe. In addition, they would not offend Sages this way, so they just nodded.

After the discussion, the Four Ancestors put their plan into practice right away. Everyone in the Untainted Land was concerned about every move the Human Tribe made. Seeing what the Human Tribe was doing now, others thought they wanted to expand rapidly in every direction. But the truth was that they did it slowly. Others could not help but think, that if it were the Wu Tribe or Demon Tribe, they would expand recklessly. It seemed that the Human Tribe was truly different from other tribes. They were not a warlike tribe, and that put other powers' minds at rest.

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