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In Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi were frustrated by the mess. There remained only debris and ruins left in Heavenly Court. The magnificent buildings erected no more and a wasteland remained. One could tell from the ruins the damage Heavenly Court had suffered.

Fortunately, a golden light suddenly cast from the sky, spilling all over the Heavenly Court. Under this light, the debris and ruins vanished into thin air. Then a splendid palace descended from the sky and landed on the exact location where the palace used to be. Another golden light radiated from the palace and spread to every corner of the Heavenly Court. Everything was rebuilt wherever the light travelled.

The whole World of the Immortals was surrounded by pleasant music, like a wonderland.

The cloud floated with the breezes blowing, just like water flowing. Seen from afar, the largest continent in this world, the central continent was where the main palace was seated. Other levitating islands were full of various palaces. Holy cranes and fowls flew between the islands. The cranes sang when the wind blew, and the Jade Turtles dove in and out among the clouds. What a beautiful wonderland it was!

Haotian and Yaochi were elated at the view, and they immediately bowed to the outside of the Trayastrimsa Heaven to express their gratitude. Only because Hongjun was there, could the Honourable Ancestor have such power. Since Hongjun had rebuilt the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi could spend their time recruiting.

Yaochi's Peento Tree suddenly flew out, and landed in the orchard of Heavenly Court, making it an orchard of peaches. The Spiritual Air was concentrated in the Peach Garden. As a result, the Peento Tree's primordial spiritual roots, became 3600 Peento Trees. What a miracle! The orchard would one day become the well-known Garden of Peaches of Immortality in Untainted Land.

The flowers and fruits of the 1200 trees in the front were quite small. It would take 3000 years to reach the maturity, and then any human who ate one would become wise and strong. As to the 1200 trees in the middle, their flowers and fruits were plump. It would take 6000 years to reach the maturity, and any human who ate one would live long with a youthful body. And last but not the least, the 1200 trees in the behind had extraordinary fruits. It would take 9000 years to reach the maturity, and any human who ate one would become immortal.

The 3600 Trees of Peaches of Immortality matured in no time, and the fruits hung succulently on the branches. The air was heavy with the aroma of the Peaches of Immortality. One could smell the scent from every corner of the Heavenly Court. Haotian and Yaochi were happy about the ripe Peaches of Immortality. In spite of the dense Spiritual Air, now there was something else to attract people in Untainted Land, which was good news for recruiting.

Upon seeing Haotian's excitement, Yaochi said, "Haotian, how could we manage such a big palace on our own? We should have asked for help from our brothers and sisters, to accelerate our expansion."

Haotian shook his head when he heard this. "Yaochi, you're too naive. Although we're the masters of Heavenly Court designated by the Honorable Ancestor, the Sages never take us seriously. How can they dispatch their apprentices to Heavenly Court and put them under our command? The only one of the Six Regions on duty, the Imperial God of Earth, is the Good Separation of Ancestor Minghe. Besides, his power is much stronger than ours. With his background, we can't dispatch him at all."

Hearing his words, Yaochi sighed. To put it bluntly, it was a matter of power. Their cultivation had just reached the Early Stage of Sage-to-be since they had often served the Honourable Ancestor. Compared to the Sage-to-be Peak Level of the Heaven and Earth Taoist, they were far behind. The good news was that there were only a few who reached the realm of Sage-to-be. Otherwise, they could hardly bear the crown of the Heavenly Emperor or Heavenly Empress at all with their power.

Realizing Yaochi was frustrated a little bit, Haotian said cheerfully, "It's not that bad. If the Sages stay out of our business, we can expand at will and develop our own power. With the righteous cause and advantages of Heavenly Court, and Spiritual Products like the Peaches of Immortality, the time is now ripe. Once we make a statement to Untainted Land, they will come for sure."

Yaochi nodded. Promptly, using supernatural power Haotian declared to Untainted Land, "I am the Great Jade Emperor, the master of Heavenly Court designated by the Honourable Ancestor. Now I will rebuild Heavenly Court, rule Heaven and Earth and dominate the universe. I am the Law of the Heaven. I invite any immortal in Untainted Land who wants to bring justice and peace to the world to join us, to become one of our officers. "

The voice of Haotian resounded throughout Untainted Land, and everyone was stunned by his statement. Here came a new master of the Heavenly Court, right after the end of the final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes. In addition, the master had been directly designated by Ancestor Hongjun himself. Having the Honourable Ancestor as their patron, they were almost beyond everyone's reach, even for the Sages.

The upside of Heavenly Court was well known for everyone in Untainted Land. Otherwise Emperor Jun would not have taken it as the stronghold of the Demon Tribe. The Spiritual Air and the Power of Stars in Heavenly Court were denser there than any other place in Untainted Land, which was irresistible for those whose cultivation was not so good.

Haotian proposed to those immortals to join the Heavenly Court, and what he did stirred the peace in Untainted Land. Some of them did not care what he said, but others were highly interested in his appeal, so that they chose to take a look at the Heavenly Court, hoping this was their Fated Chance.

However, those who chose to join the Heavenly Court were not strong. The strongest of them was an old man, who had been converted from a spiritual stone from one of the cosmic stars, the Taibai Jinxing. His name was Taibai Jinxing due to his origin of the Taibai Jinxing. With his cultivation of Taiyi Golden Immortal, he was put in an important position by Haotian, because there were only a few that could reach his cultivation in Untainted Land nowadays.

As for the Sages, they all disdained what Haotian did extremely. In their eyes, it was useless to recruit so many minions. It was impossible to achieve what Emperor Jun had done with that little power. Therefore, they just left him alone and did not care about the development of Heavenly Court.

After the final battle of the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, the Wu Tribe retreated to where they'd come from, the endless mountains. The place was of unmeasured vastness and had plenty room for billions of the Wu Tribe. Since there were only billions of the Wu Tribe left, it was large enough for the rest of them to live.

As for the Demon Tribe, it was a different case. Except for the Demons from Heavenly Court who had survived the final battle, there were countless Demons living in Untainted Land as well. They were all over the place. Although they were weak, they were overwhelming in number. Now, with the Wu Tribe's retreat, their living space was extremely enlarged, thus naturally, they would develop and grow rapidly.

The unmeasured vastness of Untainted Land could be divided into five parts. The west was the territory of Zhunti and Jieyin; it was the poorest place. And the endless mountains where the Wu Tribe dwelled was in the north of Untainted Land. As for the Coast of the East Sea where the Holy Land of the Human Tribe was located, it was only one part of the east. After thousands of years' growth, the footprints of the Human Tribe could be found everywhere in the east. Now they were heading toward the center of Untainted Land.

After the Cultivation Tribulation, the Demons who followed Goddess Nvywa were settled in the south of Untainted Land under the charge of the Sacred Demon, Bai Ze. Now was the time for the Human Tribe to thrive. Once they started the expansion, surely, the Demon Tribe would suffer the brunt of it for their hatred. The good news was that the Human Tribe rarely set foot in the south of Untainted Land, where the rough mountain veiled in mist and smoke. Therefore, the Demon Tribe would have enough room to restore.

Besides, after Emperor Jun's death, the Demon Tribe was nothing but a sheep without a shepherd. Though Bai Ze set a lot of rules, some Demons were leaving the Tribe. Some of them could not bear this difficult time, so they went to other places in Untainted Land, or the Four Seas, even to join the Demon Master, Kunpeng. But Bai Ze could not do anything about it.

And Goddess Nvywa did not intervene on their choices. Despite the Demons who fled, the Demon Tribe had reserved some power under the lead of Bai Ze. The environment might be harsh, but the Demon Tribe could adapt. Additionally, it was the perfect place for them to restore since they had no enemy there.

With regard to other Demon Clans living elsewhere in Untainted Land, they might be overwhelming in number, but they only fought for themselves, not as a unity. Sometimes they even fought against each other, seeming to degenerate to one of the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. The irony was that they actually fought for the territory the Wu Tribe had left behind.

The situation frustrated Goddess Nvywa. The Demons had been abandoned by Emperor Jun and his Heavenly Court. She had no position to intervene on their business. Seeing how they fought each other for the territory, she felt sorry for them deep down. Because they had all forgotten that the Human Tribe was sitting, waiting for the right time to seek revenge.

Ancestor Hongjun had declared that the Human Tribe would thrive, and he'd ordered the disciples of the Sages to preach to the Human Tribe. Obviously, the current thriving of the Human Tribe was just the beginning. They might one day become the rulers of Heaven and Earth. They would take over the fertile land in Untainted Land when they expanded. Needless to say, the Demon Tribe members who owned the places now would be made an example of. Inevitably, another bloodbath was on its way in the Untainted Land.

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