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In Mount Shouyang, the Three Pure Ones gathered together. It was their first time to get together again for discussion since the division. Going back to such a familiar scene, these three people were full of emotional thoughts. They had divided for recruiting disciples. It had been really hurried in retrospect.

However, they knew that it was destiny. Though Mount Kunlun was great, it could not bear the Luck of three Sages. Moreover, the doctrines of these three sects were different, and something terrible would happen sooner or later if they came together. So it was better to divide, to avoid potentially hurting their brotherhood.

Laozi looked at the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian, and said, "My second and third brothers, what do you think about preaching to the Human Tribe?" The purpose of this gathering was to discuss the preaching Ancestor Hongjun had mentioned before. The Human Tribe was developing rapidly, and it was possible that many tribes in Untainted Land could not stop this tendency. Considering the step-by-step development pattern of the Human Tribe, perhaps 10 thousand years later, the Human Tribe would have the ruler position of Heaven and Earth in the bag.

Nowadays, the other tribes in the Human Tribe were still weak with the exception of those on the Coast of the East Sea. It was the most suitable time to preach, like sending a present of firewood in cold weather. But when it came to this topic, Laozi felt a lump in his throat. How great the Tribe of Humanity was! But currently it was just a phrase, it lacked substance. Though Laozi followed the Way of Non-action, he could not forget it completely.

Upon hearing that, the Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "The Human Tribe is certainly outstanding. Compared with the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, they are definitely more suitable for becoming the ruler of the universe of Honghuang. Once they achieve it, their Luck will boom. If we wait until then to preach, it will be too late."

Tongtian agreed with the Honoured Lord. But he was still worried, and said, "It is exactly as you said. However, the Human Tribe has the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. Besides, after the last Cultivation Tribulation, Martial Arts arose again and surpassed the Way of Celestial. I'm afraid that even if we want to preach at present, it will be not easy."

Laozi kept silent for a while, then said, "Regardless, preaching is imperative. All we need to do is send our disciples to preach in the Human Tribe. As for whether or not we succeed, it depends on fortune."

After the Three Pure Ones came to a conclusion, they sent disciples to preach in the Human Tribe one after the other. However, it did not go well. After all, it had not been not long since the Cultivation Tribulation, so the Human Tribe did not have a favorable impression of Sages, not to mention their disciples.

But with the passage of time, many people in the Human Tribe gradually forgot about it. In order to be stronger, they accepted the preaching of the three religions. After several hundred years, the three religions established a firm foothold in the Human Tribe. It was a great beginning. Given sufficient time, it would be possible for the three religions to flourish in the Human Tribe.

Compared with the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin and Zhunti's preaching did not go well. The west was too poor to attract more people in Human Tribe to live here. Those who had decided to live here had no choice actually. Even more exasperating was that they followed the Way of Earth Immortal preached by Zhenyuanzi. Zhunti and Jieyin could hardly preach to them.

During the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe, Zhenyuanzi had saved billions of people. He had earned a great reputation with them. It could be said that he had the second highest status with only Goddess Nvywa and the Four Ancestors of Humanity ahead of him. In addition, Zhenyanzi usually preached the Great Way, and the Way of Earth Immortal he'd established was very suitable for the Human Tribe. Though he had not established a sect, the Human Tribe regarded him as the Ancestor of Earthly Immortals.

Zhenyuanzi's Ashram was located at the junction of the east and the west. The most Human Tribe now living in the west had been protected by Zhenyuanzi originally. Afterwards, for some reason, several people in Human Tribe had moved to the west. Since then, the formerly poor west had been livelier.

Zhunti was quite annoyed about his unsmooth preaching. But he could not find faults with Zhenyuanzi for it, otherwise, it would be mocked by the other Sages. He still had a way. Most humans moving to the west were at a low stage of cultivation. Zhunti usually showed them Magic Skills, combined with some plausible words, so many people in Human Tribe gradually chose to join the Western Religious Sect.

Zhenyuanzi couldn't do anything about it because Zhunti was the Sage who he could not contend with. He had no choice but to turn a blind eye. Fortunately, Zhunti did not go too far. He always did his job in the west without venturing to the east.

In the backyard of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, under the Ginseng Tree, Zhenyuanzi and a shadow sat on a stone bench. The shadow sometimes appeared to be real while sometimes it appeared apparitional. It was Hongyun's Original Spirit. After almost 10 thousand years' training, Hongyun could now appear in the shape of a Original Spirit. He seemed to have recovered well.

Hongyun glanced at the Ginseng berries overhead, with his mouth watering. It was a pity that now he was merely a Original Spirit. Without a real flesh body, he wasn't fortunate enough to enjoy Spiritual Fruits. Watching Hongyun's behavior, Zhenyuanzi could do nothing. After the Cultivation Tribulation, Hongyun had become freer and more at ease.

Hongyun looked at Zhenyuanzi, and asked, "Zhenyuanzi, can you tell me what Fated Chance is going to be sent to me according to Fellow Taoist Minghe? It cannot not keep me in the shape of a Original Spirit forever. How terrible it is to see Ginseng berries every day and not get to eat them."

Zhenyuanzi sighed, "Hongyun, I really don't know what to do with you. How many Ginseng berries have you eaten? You're still so fond of them. As for the Fated Chance Fellow Taoist Minghe talked about, I have asked for you. It still needs 10 thousand more years."

Hongyun became depressed, "Oh! 10 thousand years!"10 thousand years was long. For Cultivators, it was a short span, but Hongyun was just a Original Spirit. The most he could do was just strengthen the Original Spirit and comprehend the Divine Laws. 10 thousand years would certainly cast a somewhat gloomy shadow over his outgoing character.

After a while, Hongyun suddenly cheered up, and asked seriously, "Zhenyuanzi, how is that issue going?" That issue? What could make Hongyun become so serious? It would not be a trifle. Therefore, Zhenyuanzi also turned solemn.

Zhenyuanzi showed a book in his hand. It was his Eternal Spiritual Treasure, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Book of the Nether World. Staring at it for a brief period, Zhenyuanzi said, "It's almost ready. I'll start to take action fully in a few days."

Slightly worried, Hongyun said, "Zhenyuanzi, have you really thought this over? Once you take this step, there is no chance of turning back. At that time, the pressure you are going to face won't be small. You may even need to face up to the Sages."

With the Book in his hand, Zhenyuanzi clenched his fist. Firmly, he said, "I know. But I won't quit. Now I have my own specific Tao. I won't reconcile without fighting for it. Even though I might die on the way, I have no regrets."

Hongyun had no words when he heard this, "All right. Be careful. It's a shame that I can't help you now. You will have only yourself oh, and the Ancestor Minghe, to rely on. We don't know what he wants either. I only hope that he can help you, and you will be less stressed."

Zhenyuanzi shook his head, and said, "Hongyun, your thoughts are naive. What Minghe needs is partners at the stage of the Origin. If I can't bear such small pressure, I'm afraid he won't have any expectations of me. What's more, I, Zhenyuanzi, don't need anyone's mercy."

After a few days, a heaven worship altar was built in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. In robes, Zhenyuanzi went up to the sacrificial altar where his disciples were standing under the altar. Outside Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, innumerable Cultivators gathered together. They were here to witness the ceremony. It was in relation to the future of Earthly Immortals. How could they miss it?

Zhenyuanzi, holding the Book of the Nether World, prayed to Heaven, "With the Way of Heaven as witness, I, Zhenyuanzi, have comprehended the Book of the Nether World and the Great Way of Earthly Immortals. Nowadays, lands, mountains, lakes, and waters in Untainted Land are in a mess without rules. I will build the Earth Immortal's Residence, and crown the Gods of Mountains, Gods of Lands and Gods of the Rivers all over the world to manage Untainted Land. With my primordial spiritual treasure, the Book of the Nether World compacting the Luck, Earth Immortal's Residence, construct!"

Above the Ninth Heaven, thunder rumbled. A Golden Light of Merit came from Heaven. Zhenyuanzi got 70%, the Book of the Nether World got 10%, and Zhenyuanzi's disciples and many Earthly Immortals coming to witness the rite got the remaining 20%.

Upon receiving the Merit, Zhenyuanzi's cultivation began to increase. With a powerful flow from the inside, he reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, becoming the next master at Peak Level after Emperor Jun. Furthermore, the Earth Immortal's Residence was not a trivial matter. The Nether World had been built on the foundation of the Book of Humans, while Now Earth Immortal's Residence was built by the Book of the Nether World. It was enough to say the Earth Immortal's Residence had a high position in Untainted Land.

All Cultivators in Untainted Land were astonished at the construction of Earth Immortal's Residence. It had not been long since the Cultivation Tribulation. All living beings of Untainted Land thought that the Human Tribe would take action, but they did not. As for the Sages, they did nothing except send disciples to preach in the Human Tribe. They had thought that Untainted Land would be quiet for a period of time, but unexpectedly, a great event had still taken place.

Zhenyuanzi had always had a good reputation in Untainted Land. But after Hongyun's suffering, he seemed to turn into a different person. At first, he recruited disciples widely. Then he was openly against the Demon Tribe for saving the Human Tribe. And it was more severe now: he'd built the Earth Immortal's Residence, comparable with Heavenly Court and the Nether World. What did he really want to do?

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