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Meanwhile, Ancestor Hongjun said again, "Today we have another thing to discuss; the Heavenly Court has totally become a mess after the death of Emperor Jun in the Demon Tribe and those stars shattered everywhere without arrangement. Therefore, we need to choose a new Heavenly Emperor to govern the Heavenly Court and arrange those stars in order. If you have suitable choices, please recommend them to us."

After hearing Ancestor Hongjun's words, everyone present began to think carefully since everyone knew how important the Heavenly Court was. If one could become the master of the Heavenly Court, he would not only own the powerful Luck of Untainted Land, but also be a representative of Heaven. Furthermore, one's Sage Luck would also increase if he could operate the Heavenly Court well. Therefore, everyone there was pretty excited.

Seeing the jubilant crowds, Minghe sneered internally since he knew that the master of the Heavenly Court had long been decided. No matter how hard they tried, nothing could be changed. Besides, it was obvious to Musen that those two Child Attendants, especially Haotian, who stood beside Hongjun, were of extraordinary character. Though Haotian looked like a child, he had already obtained the vital force of an emperor. Unless Hongjun could reverse his fate, the position of the Heavenly Emperor would certainly belong to Haotian.

As all the Sages intended to get the position, Goddess Nvywa felt pretty anxious, so she hurriedly said, "Master, we Demon Tribe still have Prince Luya, who can inherit his father, Emperor Jun's, Heavenly Emperor honor, leading the Demon Tribe and governing the Heavenly Court." The reason why Goddess Nvywa did so was that she sincerely did not want others to own the Wu-killing Sword or the Primal Bell of Chaos. So important was the position of the Heavenly Emperor that she knew she must try to get it.

However, the Honoured Lord of the Origin immediately contradicted Goddess Nvywa, "Nonsense! Both Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were seriously damaged after that bloody battle, and the Wu Tribe has already retreated back to their original place. How can you Demon Tribe continue governing the Heavenly Court?"

Zhunti then also helped him. "What Fellow Taoist Honoured Lord of the Origin said does make sense. You Demon Tribe are not as powerful as before and would not be capable of governing the Heavenly Court. What's more, the Human Tribe, who is the enemy of the Demon Tribe, develops prosperously nowadays. So you, Goddess Nvywa, want the Human Tribe to turn the Heavenly Court into a bloody slaughterhouse?"

It suddenly occurred to Goddess Nvywa that the Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe were enemies after hearing Zhunti's words. Furthermore, the Demon Tribe now could certainly not compete with the Human Tribe, who now even owned Musen, an awesome master, who could match Donghuang Taiyi. Besides, the Human Tribe also had the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. If the Demon Tribe still governed the Heavenly Court, the Human Tribe would surely attack the Heavenly Court at the first opportunity and destroy the Demon Tribe.

Seeing Goddess Nvywa fall into silence, Laozi said, "The prince of the Demon Tribe is still too weak to become the Heavenly Emperor. You, Goddess Nvywa, better let the Demon Tribe rest for some time!" What Laozi said definitely hit the nail on the head. With Luya's current capacity, even Demon Tribesmen themselves could not respect his leadership, let alone the others in Untainted Land. Considering this, Goddess Nvywa had to keep quiet.

Since Goddess Nvywa became silent, Laozi continued, "I just have one disciple, Xuandu, who is certainly not the perfect choice for governing the Heavenly Court, so maybe the others may have a more suitable one to recommend." What Laozi said was true and Xuandu was his only disciple. Although there were still others in the Human Tribe, none of them were capable enough to become the Heavenly Emperor.

After thinking for a while, the others present thought his words were reasonable. Laozi just had one disciple, Xuandu, and the Taoism lineage would be broken if Xuandu went to the Heavenly Court. How could Laozi bear it!

Seeing Laozi's attitude, the Honoured Lord of the Origin immediately said, "My disciple, Guang Chengzi, is a Golden Immortal and he is also capable of being the Heavenly Emperor."

After the Honoured Lord of the Origin finished his words, Tongtian hurriedly followed. "My eldest disciple, Abundant Treasures, is highly cultivated and he can also be the Heavenly Emperor." His words definitely infuriated the Honoured Lord of the Origin, for Tongtian was obviously competing with him for the position, a disrespectful act in his mind. However, considering the significance of being the Heavenly Emperor, nobody would simply give up out of respect.

Zhunti also said, "Disciples in my school all have a good knowledge of Taoism. I once calculated and found that my disciple, Medicine Buddha, is destined to be the Heavenly Emperor, and all of you should respect the fate." His seriousness while speaking only made Minghe burst into laughter.

Hearing Zhunti's words, the Honured Lord of the Origin said immediately, "Our affairs in the east have nothing to do with you, westerner. I hope you are not going to be involved in this." Zhunti's intention on the Heavenly Emperor was naturally not allowed by the Honoured Lord of the Origin, while it was a pity that he now thought about the division of east and west. If he had remembered it at the God Deification Ceremony, his relationship with Tongtian would not be that bad now.

As many Sages wanted to recommend their own disciples, Hongjun said again, "Our Untainted Land has six directions, which includes upper and lower side, east, south, west, as well as north. Therefore, we divide the Heaven into six parts which are called Six Regions. The Heavenly Emperor, also the Great Jade Emperor, is the leader of Six Regions, governing the Heaven and the Earth as well as the whole Untainted Land. What's more, the Heavenly Emperor is the representative of Heaven and leaders of the other five regions should assist him together."

The leader crowned in the east was the Great Emperor Qing Hua of the East, who governed all creatures in the three worlds[1], assisting the Supreme Celestial Emperor to manage their growth; In the south, its leader was called Emperor Chang Sheng of the South, who was responsible for governing all creatures' souls, helping the Supreme Celestial Emperor count creatures' life length, weals as well as woes; The Great Emperor Gou Chen was the leader in the west, who assisted the Supreme Celestial Emperor to govern Heaven, Earth, and humans, in addition, he also managed the troops and arms in the three worlds;

The Great Emperor of Middle Heaven North Star set in the north was to govern the operations of all the stars, providing help for the Supreme Celestial Emperor to manage longitude, latitude, sun, moon, stars, time and seasons; The leader who governed the lower side was the Imperial God of Earth who ran the Nether World and was in charge of the Six Paths of Reincarnation as well as births. Those six leaders in Six Regions were the main force of the Heavenly Court and they would own the Luck as well as master the Way of Heaven, which was totally indispensable.

After hearing Hongjun's words, all Sages at present fell into silence. Although the Great Jade Emperor was still the most honorable, dividing the Heavenly Court into Six Regions would certainly weaken the power of the Heavenly Emperor, and at the same time, the allure of being the Heavenly Emperor would also be reduced. Apart from that, what those Sages wanted was only to let their disciples become the Heavenly Emperor, so all of them did not care so much about the leadership in the other five regions.

However, both Minghe and Houtu were pretty anxious about Hongjun's words, since it would surely harm their interests if Hongjun sent another figure to govern reincarnation in the Nether World. Therefore, in order to stop others from replacing them as the leader in the Nether World, Minghe directly said, "My Good Separation, Heaven and Earth Taoist, is the Great Deity of Feng Capital in the Nether World and he is qualified to be the Imperial God of Earth."

Minghe's words did not arouse too much attention among other Sages, for they all knew that the Nether World was set up by Minghe and it was natural that Minghe would not allow anyone to govern it aside from himself. Furthermore, as his Good Separation was also one leader among Six Regions, no one would be qualified to take a hand in the affairs in the Nether World, no matter who the Jade Emperor was then.

As Minghe had always been the leader of the Nether World, the other Sages did not to scramble for this role with him, so all of them just replied, "Well". However, Houtu did not say anything but kept her eyes on the Primal Bell of Chaos with her eyebrows frowning slightly. No one knew what was in her mind at that time.

As those Sages all wanted that Heavenly Emperor, Laozi had to say, "Master, the suitable choice for the Heavenly Emperor is of great importance and we can not make our final decision after such a long time, so you'd better decide it." Compared to an endless debate, it was better for Hongjun to make the final decision directly since no one would dare to challenge him even if they were not satisfied with the result.

Looking at all Sages present, Hongjun said, "That being the case, I recommend Haotian to be the leader of the Heavenly Court and take charge of the stars and Heaven. And Yaochi is going to be the Heavenly Empress, who assists Haotian to manage the Heavenly Court. As they two have served me for centuries, this is the Fated Chance I repay them."

Suddenly, Hongjun pointed his finger toward Haotian and Yaochi, and the two of them then became blurred. After a while, both of them turned into a human-like appearance with a mirror and a flag in front of them. As these two treasures were enchantingly shining and valuable, all Sages at present were quite eager to touch them.

Hongjun then said to Haotian, "This is the Haotian Mirror, which visual range is from the Trayastrimsa Heaven to 18 layers of hell. Except for this function, it also has many other magic powers. From now on, you are its owner and you can use it to control Luck in the Heavenly Court!" Hao Tian hurriedly bowed to Hongjun to show his thanks and took the Haotian Mirror under the envious eyesight of Zhunti.

After that, Hongjun took out a golden hairpin and a Peento Tree, which was one of the Primordial Five Sacred Roots, and gave them to Yaochi. Just like Haotian, Yaochi also bowed to show her gratitude to Hongjun and took those two Spiritual Treasures. However, even though all of those Sages had their own treasures, they were all attracted by that Peento Tree, including Minghe. He had collected three Primordial Sacred Roots among the five—only the Peento Tree and the Bodhi Tree were still not in his collection.

After taking those treasures from Hongjun, both Haotian and Yaochi were pretty happy. However, after thinking for a while, Haotian said to Hongjun, "My master, what is the arrangements of other positions in the Heavenly Court?" Since Haotian and Yaochi both lived alone, they were in need of more hands to help with the affairs of the Heavenly Court.

Hongjun then said in a peaceful way, "You can discuss it with your brothers and sisters here. Since everything is done, all of you can leave now and remember to come to the Zixiao Palace in tens of thousands of years. I have something to tell you then." After Hongjun had finished his speaking, he soon disappeared and returned back to the Way of Heaven.

After Hongjun had left, Haotian then asked, "So you brothers and sisters have some opinions about how to arrange the Heavenly Court?" Haotian had to do so in an inferior way since he and Yaochi could definitely not govern the big Heavenly Court only by themselves.

However, it turned out that no Sages there wanted to help him and just let him deal with the staff in the Heavenly Court alone. Those Sages had reasons to act like this, for Haotian and Yaochi were still not qualified to have equal status as the Sages, even though they were appointed by Hongjun. How could those Sages be willing to let their disciples be ordered by Haotian? Seeing this, Minghe lightly shook his head and then left.

As the Human Tribe developed prosperously and the Heavenly Court was newly reestablished, a new era was about to come.

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