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Everyone was silent. They obviously didn't want to give up the Bell of Chaos, but they would perhaps end up in another melee if they were to act. At this moment, the Bell of Chaos suddenly began to move, flying out towards the 33rd Heaven. Everyone was shocked and about to stop it when they heard a voice in the air.

"Don't go into another war, because I've taken the Bell of Chaos. All of you should come quickly to Zixiao Palace. I have something to say." It was Hongjun's voice. As it turned out, the Bell of Chaos hadn't left voluntarily, it had actually been taken by Hongjun. Everyone flew simultaneously towards the Chaos after they heard Hongjun's words.

Nowadays, everyone's supernatural powers were different from how they'd been in previous years. After just a few seconds, they had already arrived at Zixiao Palace. They found that eight cushions had been placed in the hall and one person already sat on one of them. Wasn't she the Ancestor of sorcerer, Houtu, who had been trapped inside the Nether World?

Although they felt suspicious, none of them dared to say anything. The Ancestor of sorcerer, Houtu, had definitely been called out by Hongjun. They only wondered why Hongjun wanted to call Houtu to this place. Thus, everyone sat and waited for Ancestor Hongjun to appear.

All of them were astonished when a silhouette suddenly appeared on the platform. Even though nowadays they were already honorable Sages, surprisingly, they still felt a bit of pressure and mystery when they faced Hongjun. By contrast, a ray of light flashed in Minghe's eyes when he saw Hongjun appear.

Compared with last time when he had made his Teachings, Hongjun seemed to have become stronger. But according to Minghe's perception, Hongjun hadn't yet become unimaginably strong. Although he still couldn't see through Hongjun's cultivation, he vaguely felt that even if Hongjun had merged with the Great Way, his cultivation seemed to have not reached the Way of Heaven. He appeared to still be at the stage of Sage. Or perhaps Minghe was unable to pry into the secret of his appearance.

When Minghe had still been a Sage-to-be, Hongjun was already a Sage. He could come and leave without a trace and Minghe couldn't obtain even the slightest sign. Now that Minghe had already reached Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin and understood the Law of Space, he noticed a faint fluctuation of supernatural power before Hongjun appeared. It was clearly produced by Hongjun. Since Minghe could perceive it, it was obvious that Hongjun hadn't reached the Way of Heaven.

Minghe thought about this point and calmed down. The Way of Heaven was impartial. As long as he didn't change the General Trend of Heaven, the Way of Heaven naturally wouldn't trouble him. However, Hongjun was a variable. Although he had merged with the Way of Heaven, no one really knew whether he was completely subjected to the Way of Heaven's restriction or not. It definitely wouldn't be a good thing for Minghe if Hongjun was to meddle in Untainted Land.

Noticing Hongjun's appearance, everyone saluted him and said, "Greetings Master Hongjun. May Master's sacredness last to eternity." However, Minghe and Houtu weren't disciples of Hongjun, so they only performed a courtesy greeting, saying, "Greetings Honorable Ancestor." They weren't Hongjun's disciples and naturally didn't have to kowtow to him.

"No need to be too polite, all of you can get up." In his eternally indifferent voice, Hongjun said, "The decline of the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes was decided by the Way of Heaven so that the Human Tribe would rise. After all of you return, you are to assign your disciples to go down from the mountain and give sermons to cultivate the Human Tribe!"

Everyone nodded. As long as one had slightly good eyes, one would be able to see the extraordinariness of the Human Tribe. However, there was a hint of unwillingness in Goddess Nvywa's and Houtu's eyes. They were thinking about when the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes had lost priority to the Human Tribe. Now, both the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes had suffered from their fight and thus the Human Tribe was profiting at their expense. How could they be willing? But they were also helpless since that was the General Trend of Heaven.

As for Minghe, he naturally had no objection. His Religion of Ashura was only suitable for the Ashura Tribe, so it was impossible to preach to the Human Tribe. Moreover, since Minghe's Selfcentric Separation was the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, he could gain the Luck of the Human Tribe directly instead of preaching to them.

Finding that all the Sages and Minghe weren't objecting, Hongjun waved his hand. Two things appeared in front of everyone. They were the Bell of Chaos which had been taken by Hongjun and the Wu-killing Sword which had disappeared after the war between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes. However, there was a slight change in the current Wu-killing Sword that had probably been made by Hongjun. All of the Human Tribe's resentments on its surface had disappeared.

All the Sages were riled because the treasures were right in front of them. But they were in the Zixiao Palace and Hongjun was there, so they could only suppress the ideas in their mind and wait for Hongjun's arrangement. Minghe was the only one who felt suspicious when he saw the change in the Wu-killing Sword. Why did Hongjun want to clear the resentment on the Wu-killing Sword when it appeared to have nothing to do with him?

Hongjun said faintly, "This time I call for all of you here because of these two Magic Weapons. The Wu-killing Sword was refined by the human beings' souls and blood of essence. I have removed the Human Tribe's resentments on its surface. Laozi, you are my eldest senior disciple and bear the name of the Tribe of Humanity's Sect Leader. You must take the sword."

Laozi's expression became a bit weird when his title, the Tribe of Humanity's Sect Leader, was mentioned. After he had permitted the Demon Tribe to kill the human beings, he became unworthy of the title indeed. However, the Wu-killing Sword was an outstanding weapon, so he naturally stepped forward and accepted it.

Now that the Wu-killing Sword had been taken, everyone's gaze naturally fell on the Bell of Chaos. Their yearnings for the Bell of Chaos were actually far more intense than their yearnings for the Wu-killing Sword. Noticing their eager gazes, Hongjun said faintly, "The Bell of Chaos is the conversion of Pangu's Axe, it ought to belong to Pangu's descendant. Houtu has transformed herself into Reincarnation, so it is necessary for her to have a treasure to suppress the Six Paths of Reincarnation's Luck."

Everyone was extremely shocked to hear Hongjun's words. They had never expected that Hongjun had called for Houtu to actually bestow the Primal Bell of Chaos to her. Houtu was stunned for a moment before finally accepting the Primal Bell of Chaos, feeling happy from the bottom of her heart. The Wu Tribe had collected a lot of Spiritual Treasures, but none of them could compare with the Primal Bell of Chaos. Houtu's strength would definitely increase substantially now that she had the Primal Bell of Chaos.

Minghe frowned to see Houtu getting the Bell of Chaos. According to reason, it wasn't time yet for the Bell of Chaos to be born. The reason he hadn't snatched the Bell of Chaos before was because it wasn't yet the time for the Bell of Chaos to appear. Even if he had snatched it, perhaps it would have only resulted in the Bell of Chaos being hidden from the world.

However, things had gone too far from Minghe's expectation. He really hadn't expected that Hongjun would actually take the Bell of Chaos and bestow it to Houtu. Seeing Hongjun's tranquil, indifferent expression, Minghe really couldn't understand why he would do this. Although this was only a Minor Trend of Heaven, why was Hongjun changing it?

All the Sages were startled at the new ownership of the Bell of Chaos. They didn't notice that a faint vital force fluctuation had suddenly appeared on Hongjun's body at all. However, Minghe felt it very clearly. He felt it very clearly even though it only happened for an instant.

"Vital force...Vital force..." Minghe kept repeating the words in his mind. Suddenly, he figured it out. Right! It's a matter of vital force. Although the vital force fluctuation seemed to be the same as the vital force fluctuation that occurred when Hongjun appeared a moment ago, Minghe, who was proficient in the Law of Spiritual Beings, could naturally tell the difference between them.

Every creature most definitely had seven emotions and six desires, the Sages were no exception. When Hongjun appeared a moment ago, there was an unexpected hint of another vital force within his vital force. And now, after the vital force stirred, Hongjun's vital force started to become pure. It was actually the vital force of the Way of Heaven.

Since Hongjun had merged with the Great Way, his vital force would coincide with the Way of Heaven. But the vital force fluctuation a moment ago clearly showed that Hongjun had had a period of time where he had separated himself from the Way of Heaven. Minghe was aghast to come up with this conjecture. Why had Hongjun done that? Thinking about it over and over, Minghe suddenly cast a glance at the Bell of Chaos in Houtu's hand. Was it because of that?

Previously, Hongjun had only allocated ownership to those whom the treasures should belong. Minghe wasn't surprised that he would give the Wu-killing Sword to Laozi. After all, Laozi was his eldest senior disciple and had the name of the Tribe of Humanity's Sect Leader. Although now his prestige among the Human Tribe had plummeted, he was the only one who preached to the Human Tribe at the moment. The Tribe of Enlightenment, the Tribe of Severity, and the Western Religious Sect hadn't yet preached to the Human Tribe. Thus, giving the Wu-killing Sword to Laozi was reasonable.

The only one that remained was the Bell of Chaos. At first, Minghe was suspicious because Hongjun had changed the Minor Trend of Heaven by forcibly giving the Bell of Chaos to Houtu. However, it now appeared that there had obviously been a very profound meaning behind Hongjun's act. Separating himself from the Way of Heaven and changing the Minor Trend of Heaven weren't trifle schemes at all. This caused vigilance to appear in Minghe's heart.

Minghe had always been on his guard wherever Hongjun was concerned. From the time he first calculated Hongyun, it could be seen that Hongjun wasn't really as kind as he appeared to be. He had used his body to merge with the Great Way. But now, just to change the Minor Trend of Heaven, he had forcibly separated himself from the Way of Heaven. Minghe really couldn't understand why he had done this. Was it only to balance the strength among the Sages? Houtu didn't have any Magic Weapons to fight. She would indeed be at a minor disadvantage against all the Sages.

But this didn't seem to have anything to do with Hongjun. Besides, nowadays Houtu was trapped in the Nether World. It was unlikely that any of the Sages would go to trouble her for nothing. Was it really just to suppress the Six Paths of Reincarnation's Luck? Minghe obviously didn't believe that. But he couldn't make out Hongjun's thoughts and could only put aside his idea. However, Minghe's vigilance against Hongjun was even stronger than before.

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