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At the end of the war, several figures showed up in the sky, including Laozi, the Grand Pure One, the "Jade Pure One" Origin, Tongtian, the Supreme Pure One, Goddess Nyuwa of the Demon Tribe, Jieyin and Zhunti from the west, and of course, Minghe. Besides them, another figure also showed up, which made all the members of the Wu Tribe surprised and delighted. Xuanming was even more excited and shouted, "Little sister!"

His voice attracted the attention of everyone, who then saw a lady who looked really similar to Houtu. She smiled and said, "I am Pingxin, the Evil Separation of Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu. Nice to meet you all, Fellow Taoists." No one expected that this lady was the Evil Separation of Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu and that she was at the late stage of Sage-to-be. As the Separation of a Sage, her fighting force was naturally beyond those at the same level.

Minghe was also a little bit surprised. He knew that Houtu had separated her Good separation, the Lady of Forgetfulness, when she became a Sage. However, he did not expect that Houtu could separate her Evil Separation, Pingxin, at such a fast speed. According to Pingxin's vital force, she was separated recently. During the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes, Houtu could easily release her killing mindset as she watched her brothers and clansmen dying. Therefore, it was not strange that Houtu could separate her Evil Separation.

Actually, completing separation before or after one became a Sage resulted in a big difference. separating the Three Separations before one became a Sage would enhance one's strength as a Sage in the future. After one became a Sage, one's cultivation would not get any improvement, even if one was to separate the Three Separations. At most, the Three Separations would have a slightly greater strength. After all, they were the separations of a Sage.

Moreover, Minghe still felt a little bit confused about one thing. Originally, if Houtu did not have the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, she would use the Merit to create her Purusa after transforming her body into the reincarnation. That should have been the Goddess of Pingxin mentioned inside the mythology. Minghe originally thought that Pingxin would have disappeared, for Houtu still retained the body of the Wu Tribe after she became a Sage. However, he had never expected that Houtu's Evil Separation would actually be called Pingxin. Was this incidental or inevitable?

Looking at Pingxin, Zhunti smiled and asked, "Fellow Taoist Pingxin, why are you here instead of in the Nether World? Back then, the Honorable Ancestor had said that you can't leave from the Nether World during the period of two Cultivation Tribulations?" Zhunti showed a smile on his face, but everyone could notice the hypocrisy in his words.

Everyone frowned. They all understood that the reason why Houtu sent her Evil Separation there was to protect the remaining Wu Tribesmen. Pingxin said slowly, "Fellow Taoist Zhunti, there is something wrong with your words. What the Honorable Ancestor said was that Houtu can't leave the Nether World. I am nothing but her Evil Separation and not subject to that limitation."

No one could say anything to refute her. Besides, Ancestor Hongjun must have already known about Pingxin's act but did not do anything to stop her. That would mean that he had tacitly approved of Pingxin's leaving. Since it was so, they did not have to say much. After all, Hou Tu was controlling the Six Paths of Reincarnation. It would not bring any benefit if they had conflicts with her.

Laozi said, "Since the Cultivation Tribulation has passed, now it is time to think about how to arrange Sorcerer and Demon tribes. The war between the two tribes has greatly afflicted the Creatures in the Untainted Land. Both clans also sustained great damage and can't be the masters of the heaven and earth anymore."

Hearing Laozi's words, Pingxin promptly said, "Ancestor of sorcerer will go back with me to the mountains of southern Untainted Land. That area is the Holy Land of our Wu Tribe and can be used as a place for them to reside. Our Wu Tribe promises not to leave unless there is something important."

The other Sages all agreed with Pingxin's words, and said, "Fine." The Wu Tribe was different from the other clans; the Sages could not preach to them. It would be better for them to be courteous to Huo Tu and let Pinxin take them away. Anyway, Pingxin had promised that the Wu Tribe would not get involved in the Untainted Land, which meant that the Wu Tribe would not infringe on their interests. Therefore, there was no need for them to refuse Pingxin's arrangement.

Goddess Nyuwa also said, "Since it is so, the Demon Tribe can go back with me. Luya is the crown prince of the Demon Tribe, so the remaining members need to go back to serve their prince." Since Pingxin could protect the remaining members of Wu Tribe, Goddess Nyuwa also should do her job.

However, she obviously would not have her wish fulfilled. Zhunti stepped out and said, "Fellow Taoist Nyuwa, you are wrong this time. The Demon Tribe set up the Wu Tribe, causing Gonggong to destroy Mount Buzhou. They also annihilated about 10 billion Human tribesmen. They have made innumerable unforgivable mistakes. If we don't give them any punishment, how can we convince all living beings of Untainted Landall?"

Laozi still seemed like he did not care about this, while Origin nodded his head and agreed with Zhunti's words. Origin had never liked the Demon Tribe. He would not want to let them go easily.

Goddess Nyuwa said angrily, "Humph! Zhunti, would you dare to say that you weren't involved in setting up the Wu Tribe? You guys let the Wu Tribe go, but want to punish my Demon Tribe? You think that I am easy to be bullied?" Goddess Nyuwa was angry to find that Zhunti did not want to let her Demon Tribe go.

Although he noticed Goddess Nyuwa's anger, Zhunti still remained calm and said, "The morbid air of the Demon Tribe is too heavy. They still need someone to teach them how to suppress their morbid air. Since they have fate with my west, they ought to join the Western Sect. Removing their morbid air will benefit others and could also be considered a Merit." In the final analysis, Zhunti wanted the remaining Demon Tribe to follow his Religion.

Hearing Zhunti's words, Goddess Nyuwa became even angrier. Meanwhile, Laozi was a little bit unhappy. Although he did not care about how the Demon Tribe would be punished, if the Demon Tribe was to be sent to the west, the Luck of his east would obviously suffer damage. Therefore, he could no longer ignore this issue.

Laozi said, "It isn't proper for us to treat the matter of the Demon Tribe like this. Let them decide which Sage they want to follow. If the Demon Tribe does something harmful again to the Untainted Land, that Sage would be the one to bear that responsibility. What do you think, my Fellows?"

Zhunti immediately started to weigh the pros and cons in his mind. If he insisted on his suggestion and the situation became heated, another match would be unavoidable. At that time, if he was to lose, then he would gain nothing and lose the one he already had. Thus, he agreed with Laozi. Later on, Jieyin also agreed.

The Lord of Primordial Beginning did not really care. Since he had never intended to accept the Demon Tribesmen, he naturally agreed. Meanwhile, Pingxin was the Evil Separation of Houtu so she naturally would not accept them. She did not really care about this matter and only stood on the sideline watching the situation. As for Tongtian, he lowered his head and thought for a while before agreeing. Tongtian's Tribe of Severity had no racial distinction. If they were willing to come, he would be willing to accept them.

As for Minghe, he had never cared about this issue. The Wu and Demon Tribes were doomed to disappear from the limelight of the Untainted Land, and he would not get many benefits even if he was to accept them. As for who the Demon Tribe would follow, it was not Minghe's concern.

Since nobody stood against him, Laozi conveyed his advice to the Demon Tribesmen. Those demons pondered for a while before observing the Sages' attitudes. Laozi and the Origion obviously did not want to accept them, while they could not tell whether Tongtian would like to.

As for Pingxin, they naturally would not be that foolish to choose her. There was also Goddess Nyuwa. As the Sage of their Demon Tribe, she naturally would not treat the Demon Tribe with ignorance. With Goddess Nvwa's protection, they might have a better condition during the next Cultivation Tribulation. When it came to Minghe, he was the leader of Ashura Tribe and had a good relationship with the Wu Tribe, so they would not choose him.

Hence, most of the demons chose to follow Goddess Nyuwa, completely ignoring Zhunti and Jieyin's eager gazes. Of course, the two had also gained something. A few demons who did not have strong cultivations but had clever minds chose to follow Jieyin and Zhunti to the west. They realized that most of the powerful demons had joined Goddess Nyuwa's tribe, so they might not have enough force to compete with them. As for Tongtian, he only selected some demons with better cultivation to enter his tribe.

Actually, Minghe had no interest in the distribution of the Demon Tribe. His focus was on those several treasures floating in the sky. These were the important objects the Sages would fight over. Although the number was not a lot, each piece was an irresistible temptation for the Sages.

One was the Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner. Although now it was somewhat shattered, it was definitely attractive since it could be the base of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. However, it was the ultimate treasure of the Wu Tribe. Houtu would not give it up to the others. Or else, she would not have sent her Evil Separation here. If Houtu only wanted to protect the remaining Wu Tribesmen, transmitting her spiritual thought would have sufficed.

The other two treasures were treasures left behind with the death of Donghuang Taiyi and Emperor Jun—a primordial supreme treasure, Bell of Chaos; and a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Sun Chakra. Every Sage here, including Minghe, was attracted by the two treasures. Otherwise, they would not have gathered here just to settle the Wu and Demon Tribes.

Looking at the three treasures, Minghe was reminded of the Cosmic Stars Banner. On top of possessing the Cosmic Stars' Origin, if this Cosmic Stars Banner could be merged with the World of Heaven and Earth's cosmic stars inside the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's body, the Taoist of Heaven and Earth would definitely have the chance to break through the Realm of Origin, letting the world in his body advance into a small chiliocosm.

Unfortunately, out of nowhere, the Cosmic Stars Banner was destroyed by Emperor Jun. Minghe felt really angry, but he had no other way since the matter had happened and Emperor Jun had died. It seemed he could only personally take a trip around the endless Starry Sky to collect the cosmic stars. Although it might result in forming Karma with all living beings of Untainted Land, he must do it since it was related to the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's road in reaching the Tao.

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