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Moreover, there was another extraordinary treasure; No, it should be called a murder weapon, the Wu-Killing Sword. It had disappeared mysteriously after the war was over and Minghe didn't know how. It was clear that it was not the deed of these people in front of him. Thus, the only ones remaining who could have done this kind of thing were the Way of Heaven and Hongjun.

But there was something that Minghe felt a bit odd about. Whether it was Hongjun or the Way of Heaven, neither of them cared about primordial supreme treasures, like the Bell of Chaos. However, one of them had actually taken the Wu-Killing Sword. It must have been done for a reason. As for what that reason was, Minghe had no idea. He had always felt that something was strange.

Everyone was silent in the face of these three treasures. Precious treasures would always tempt people. Moreover, among these treasures, was the Bell of Chaos, one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation. Although the treasures were right there, there were eight people present. Even if Houtu's Evil Separation was not a threat to them, in the end, she was there to represent the Sage Houtu.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Pingxin became the first to speak, saying, "Everyone, the Twelve Divine Beings Banners are the remnants of my brothers and belong to my Wu Tribe. The Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu has instructed that they must be retrieved back." She spoke and waved her hand. The Twelve Divine Beings Banner flew simultaneously towards her.

Although everyone frowned when they saw this, they didn't do anything to block her. The Twelve Divine Beings Banners could be of assistance in laying out the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. But now the Banner of Formation was somewhat broken, its ability in exerting the might of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation would definitely decrease substantially. As for calling the Real Entity of Pangu, it was even more impossible. Only Xuan Ming and Houtu from the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery needed to call the Real Entity of Pangu survived. How could they call the Real Entity of Pangu? Therefore, since this tactical formation wouldn't cause any threat to the other Sages or Minghe, they naturally didn't act to stop Pingxin.

Upon obtaining the Twelve Divine Beings Banner, Pingxin took her leave, saying, "Fellow Taoists, I still have to settle down the tribesmen. Therefore, I will leave first." Then she led Xuan Ming and the remaining Wu tribesmen to leave. It was useless for Pingxin to stay there. Obviously Houtu wouldn't have any share of the two remaining treasures.

Watching Pingxin's silhouette as she left hurriedly, Minghe felt that something was strange. He couldn't quite put his finger on it though. Had he overlooked something? Since he couldn't figure it out, he could only put the matter aside for the time being. The fight over the remaining two treasures was about to reach its climax.

Now very impatient, Zhunti was the first to speak. He said, "The Bell of Chaos is destined to be with us, in the West. I ask everyone to make it easy for us." His Way of Dao treasure, the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, appeared in his hand. It rushed straight at the Bell of Chaos, wanting to snatch it.

Seeing his action, the Origin said furiously, "Zhunti, the Bell of Chaos is one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation. It ought to belong to us, Three Pure Ones. How could you, someone from the West, obtain the treasure when it belongs to us, the East?" The Three Treasure Jade, which had been converted from the Green Lotus of Fate, appeared in his hand, blocking the divine light released by Zhunti's Magical Tree of Seven Treasures.

Seeing that Zhunti and the Origin were fighting over the Bell of Chaos, Goddess Nvywa said, "The Bell of Chaos is a Demon Tribe's thing, it is naturally proper for it to return to my Demon Tribe." The Mountain and River Map appeared in her hand, emitting the majestic power of Heaven and Earth. It tried to absorb the Bell of Chaos into the map.

When Tongtian saw this, the Qingping Sword appeared in his hand. He cut off the power of the Heaven and Earth, saying, "The Bell of Chaos is the conversion of Pangu's Axe. It ought to belong to us, Three Pure Ones, as we are Pangu tribe. Moreover, the fate between this treasure and the Demon Tribe is already over. How can it return to the Demon Tribe again?"

Although it was only a fight over the Bell of Chaos, and not a war, four Sages together was still an extremely amazing scene. Meanwhile, Minghe, Laozi, and Jieyin just watched from the sidelines. They did not take action. It was not because they didn't want to seize the treasures. It was just that they had to be vigilant of each other.

When Minghe saw the situation, he didn't say much and directly made his move. Laozi and Jieyin were startled to see him act. However, the two of them were somewhat suspicious. Rather than the Bell of Chaos, it was the Sun Chakra at its side that Minghe wanted to snatch. Even so, they were unwilling to let Minghe succeed. Although the Sun Chakra couldn't be compared with the Bell of Chaos, whatever the case it was a Trimordial Supreme Treasure. Even among the Sages, there weren't many of this kind of treasure.

Jieyin swung the Devil Banishing Stick in his hand at Minghe and said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, the Sun Chakra is destined to be with us, the West. It shouldn't belong to you. I ask my fellow Taoist to let go." Destined, destined, it seemed everything was destined to be with the West.

Minghe sneered and said, "Is it? It will depend on whether you have the ability to stop me or not, Jieyin." A spear appeared in his hand. It was the God-Killing Spear that he'd obtained from Luohou's hand. Now that he was a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin, he should display some of his strength. He needed to ensure that no one in Untainted Land would dare to underestimate him.

Everyone was extremely shocked at the appearance of the God-Killing Spear. They had never expected that Minghe actually had another primordial supreme treasure besides the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. It was also a killing treasure. This was truly horrifying. No one expected that Minghe had been hiding himself so deeply like this.

Jieyin was immediately forced to move several steps back once Minghe's spear appeared. He too had never expected that Minghe would actually have this kind of treasure. But in this instant, Minghe had already arrived beside the Sun Cakra. Seeing that the Sun Cakra would be taken by Minghe, Laozi, who was on the sideline, made his move.

The Map of Taichi was transformed into a Golden Bridge and fell directly between Minghe and the Sun Chakra. It might seem close at hand, but if Minghe couldn't break the Map of Taichi's defense, he could stop thinking about taking the Sun Cakra behind it. Laozi slowly walked towards Minghe, holding the Dragon Crutch in his hand. He said, "Indeed Minghe, the Sun Cakra should not belong to you."

A hint of ridiculing smile appeared on Minghe's face. This suddenly made Laozi and Jieyin feel uneasy. They saw Minghe's silhouette suddenly disappear and in the next second, he had appeared behind the Map of Taichi, seizing the Sun Cakra with his hand.

Laozi's and Jieyin's expressions became slightly gloomy when they heard Minghe's ridiculing words. It was more because of the strength Minghe had just displayed than because Minghe had managed to get the Sun Cakra. To be precise, it was the Divine Law that he used, the Law of Space. They had never expected that Minghe had actually comprehended the Law of Space, it really far exceeded what they'd anticipated.

The Law of Space and the Law of Time were the two Divine Laws that greatly defied the Heaven. According to them, the only one in the Untainted Land who could comprehend the Law of Space at will had been the Di Jiang the Ancestor of Sorcery, who had died recently. Emperor Jiang was an Ancestor of Sorcerer but didn't have an Original Spirit. He just used the Law of Space he'd inherited in his bloodline instinctively. But Minghe was different, he could continuously achieve enlightenment in the Law of Space and thus strengthened the Law of Space he had comprehended.

Because Minghe had managed to suddenly snatch the Sun Cakra, several Sages who were originally still fighting also stopped their actions. Their hearts were filled with dread. Since Minghe had achieved the Fruit of Origin using the Divine Law, all of them originally thought that it was the Law of Killing. They had never expected that Minghe had actually comprehended the Law of Space in addition to the Law of Killing.

Laozi stared at Emperor Jun and said heavily, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, you've hidden yourself very deeply. I didn't expect that in addition to comprehending the Law of Killing, you've also comprehended the Law of Space. You're indeed a heavenly blessed genius." At the same time, he secretly felt glad. It was fortunate that Minghe's act had targeted the Sun Cakra. It would be bad if his action had been targeted at the Bell of Chaos.

In fact, Laozi's worry was a bit unnecessary. It was not that Minghe didn't want to take the Bell of Chaos into his possession, it was that he couldn't do it. The Bell of Chaos was a primordial supreme treasure. The so-called treasure had a soul. Even if Minghe could approach the Bell of Chaos, he wouldn't be able to quickly suppress it as he had just done with the Sun Cakra.

If he couldn't quickly subdue the Bell of Chaos, all the other Sages were bound to move against him together. At that time, he would definitely fail, just because of that one small mistake. It would be better for him to take the advantage by snatching the Sun Cakra first. Although the Bell of Chaos was great, for Minghe, it was only a formidable Magic Weapon at best. The Sun Cakra, on the other hand, had a lot of uses.

Besides, there were so many Sages staring at the Bell of Chaos, waiting to snatch, it was really not an easy thing to do. Rather than joining such a fight, it would be better for Minghe to take the Sun Cakra into his possession first. After that, he could join the fight to get the Bell of Chaos. As for whether or not he could snatch it, it would depend on his fate.

Minghe lacked neither Spiritual Treasures nor primordial spiritual treasures. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, the God-Killing Spear as well as the twenty-fourth-grade body of Evil Separations were all primordial supreme treasures. And having succeeded in snatching a primordial supreme treasure, the Sun Cakra, he was already very content. Even though Magic Weapons were great, in the end, it was still an external object. One could be genuinely strong only if one's own self was strong.

Wanting to snatch the Sun Cakra back was clearly impossible now that it had fallen into Minghe's hand. Everyone obviously wanted to obtain the remaining Bell of Chaos. It was, after all, a primordial supreme treasure. Its might was not a trivial matter. It had already displayed such an enormous might just with Donghuang Taiyi's Late Stage Sage-to-be Cultivation. Its might would definitely be beyond anyone's imagination if a Sage was to master it. But there was too little meat for so many Sages. Wanting the others to take the initiative to withdraw was clearly impossible.

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