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Emperor Jiang looked angrily at Emperor Jun in the the armies of Demon Tribe. Although the Real Entity of Pan Gu had killed billions of the Demon Tribe's army, the last blow of the Cosmic Stars Formation had also defeated the Real Entity of Pangu, breaking the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Thus, countless clansmen in the Wu Tribe died from the falling of stars. Both sides suffered in this final war.

Emperor Jun also felt irritated. Although the blow from the Real Entity of Pangu was greatly offset by the falling stars, it had killed tens of billions of Demon Clansmen. Hundreds of Sacred Demons died, including Gui Che, who was one of the Ten Great Demon Sages. Gui Che shouldered grand Karma, and it would be strange if he had survived the blow of this axe.

With the disappearance of both sides' Formations, the two tribes began their strength competition. With shouts of "Kill!", the two tribes once again collided with each other. The Heavenly Court, the Sky, the Earth—their fight could be seen everywhere. It was horrifying to see that the Heaven and Earth seemed like it had become the Shura Nether World.

The most striking thing was the war between leaders of the Demon Tribe and the Ancestors of sorcerer. This war would decide who was going to win. Emperor Jun was using the Wu-killing Sword to battle Torch Dragon and Qiangliang. Tai Yi was fighting alone against Emperor Jiang and Jumang. Fuxi and Kunpeng were controlling Emperor Jun's The River Chart and The Inscription of The Luo to obstruct Zhurong, Gonggong, and Chi You. Xihe was leading the other nine Sacred Demons to fight against the other five Ancestors of Sorcerers. Everyone was in a deadlocked situation.

The whole world paid attention to this war, even the Sages were no exception. Seeing the mess and ravage in the war, Goddess Nvywa in Wahuang Heaven was extremely anxious. She had already intended to intervene when the Real Entity of Pangu appeared because she also felt the danger coming from it.

However, when she was about to intervene, Wahuang Heaven was locked by several auras from other Sages. Goddess Nvywa's expression became very angry in an instant. She knew that these were the other Sages' auras. They obviously did not want her to intervene in the war. If she did, other Sages perhaps would hinder her from doing so. Thus, she had no alternatives but to watch the war on pins and needles.

On the Blood Sea, Minghe, whose face was dark with rage, was watching the battle with great hatred for Emperor Jun. He had never expected that Emperor Jun would detonate the entire Cosmic Stars Banners just to deal with the Real Entity of Pangu. Consequently, his plot was completely destroyed.

Certainly, there were other ways. Minghe could go to the Starry Sky of the Untainted Land and personally collect the cosmic stars' Origin. But it would greatly weaken the Power of Stars projected by the cosmic stars onto the Untainted Land. If he did so, he would then owe Karma to all living beings of Untainted Land.

During the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, Minghe had plundered the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land and, thus, he had owed a lot of Karma. Some was repaid with his Sermons to the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. He completely repaid all of the Karma when he helped to block the water from Heaven when they mended the sky. Supposing that if he took some part of the Cosmic Stars' Source of Chaos, then there would perhaps be a lot of Karma that Ming He would need to compensate. It would be uncertain when he could pay it off.

The two sides of the war were at a stalemate. Countless limbs and bodies lay everywhere, entrails and brains spurted all around, and innumerable swords flew far and wide. All kinds of Restriction Spells filled the sky like fireworks and gave off thunderous sounds, continuously recounting the cruelty of the war.

This war lasted for several months, leaving innumerous corpses heaping like mountains between the Heaven and Earth. Sorcerer and Demon tribes were seriously damaged. The outcomes of the most important battle had also started to become apparent. Supernatural power and energy had been consumed a lot in the long battle, and a small negligence of one party would cause them to lose the battle.

Though Ji Meng was the analyzation expert of the Demon Tribe, his fighting force was weaker. Thus, he became the first to die. Then other Sacred Demons also died with only Bai Ze remaining alive. The Ancestors of Sorcerer had also paid an enormous price as three Ancestors of Sorcerer had died from the Sacred Demons' sudden counterattacks.

When Xihe was about to kill Ancestor of Sorcerer Tian Wu with the Golden Chakra of the Moon, Ancestor of Sorcerer Xuan Ming seized the chance and struck her down in one go. Blood spattered in the air like a flurry of rain. Looking at Emperor Jun, Xihe muttered, "Your Majesty... be careful... for... your... yourself." Then she disappeared as the Golden Chakra of the Moon became a flash of light, flying towards the Lunar Star.

Seeing Xihe disappear, Emperor Jun roared, "Xihe!!!" His angry shout was deafening. With eyes filled with blood, Emperor Jun stormed towards Torch Dragon and Qiangliang in front of him and bellowed, "I want all of you to die!" Then he recklessly brandished the Wu-killing Sword towards the two Ancestors of Sorcerer.

Due to his violent rage, Emperor Jun suddenly emitted a burst of extremely strong power and directly pressed the two Ancestors of Sorcerer down. At that moment, a bell suddenly rang out and the body of Ancestor of Sorcerer Qiangliang was actually frozen for an instant. But this instant period had decided whether he would be alive or not.

"Pff!" A blood arrow soared. Emperor Jun took this opportunity to behead Qiangliang. Seeing this, Torch Dragon was so furious that he frantically rushed towards Emperor Jun, who was not prepared for it. Hence, Emperor Jun was bounced off with his Wu-killing Sword, flying off to Chi You, who was stabbed to death. It was a pity to be killed in this way.

At this time, Xuan Ming punched Bai Ze, going directly toward Fuxi, who was engrossed in controlling the He Luo Formation to fight Zhurong as well as Gonggong, and was completely unguarded against him. After the blow, Fuxi was seriously injured. Seeing this, Emperor Jun shouted, "Kunpeng, quickly save Fellow Taoist Fuxi."

However, Kunpeng did not follow him. On the contrary, he rolled up Emperor Jun's The River Chart and The Inscription of The Luo and transformed into a huge bird, disappearing in an instant. Seeing Kunpeng sneak away at the critical juncture, Emperor Jun was furious, spurting a mouthful of blood. Obviously, his injury worsened.

Zhurong and Gonggong got out of the formation, immediately going towards Fuxi. Fuxi laughed and said, "Hahaha, let's die together!" Suddenly, Fuxi actually self-exploded. The ones to bear the brunt were naturally Zhurong and Gonggong, while Xuan Ming was blasted away from the impact. At that moment, a silvery light flashed away as if it had been collected by something. However, no one took notice.

With Fuxi dead, the badly injured Emperor Jun could not help but feel gloomy and forlorn. The numbers of Demon Tribe's soldiers were reduced from hundreds of billions to a few hundred million in this battle. Though the Wu Tribe did not fare better than them, Emperor Jun knew clearly that the Demon Tribe could not win this war. The only result was that both sides would be defeated and wounded.

Looking at Torch Dragon who wanted to kill him, Emperor Jun laughed angrily and said, "Haha, dominating over the Untainted Land for thousands of years, I finally get nothing. Xihe, I'll be with you." Hardly had his voice faded away that Emperor Jun self-exploded, pulling Torch Dragon with him, dying together.

Taiyi felt awfully miserable about the scene. Looking at Emperor Jiang and Jumang, he said ruthlessly, "In this case, we all die together!" Having fought for a long time, Taiyi chose to take the same move as Emperor Jun. Thus, using the power of self-explosion, he took Emperor Jiang and Jumang down with him.

After the three of them died, there was a sudden brightness in the Heaven and Earth. With Evil Spirit gradually drifting away, all living beings of Untainted Land cheered together in virtue of the end of the Cultivation Tribulation. This Cultivation Tribulation was caused by the Sorcerer and Demon tribes and triggered in advance because of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Now it ended with neither tribe winning. It was quite true that karma equations were at work.

The world seemed to be a Shura Nether World after the war. Though the Blood River Formation in the Blood Sea was working at full strength, it would take a long time to clean all the remains from the Blood River. Meanwhile, the Nether World was also busy in imprisoning souls of the Demon Tribe. It would be a huge task just to judge them and arrange their reincarnation.

The Sorcerer and Demon tribes that remained after the Cultivation Tribulation of the world also stopped fighting against each other. After the battle, armies of the two Tribes had almost been reduced to nothing. No more than 100 million were left among the Demon Tribe, while the Wu Tribe was worse with only tens of thousands remaining.

At that time, a figure stood up from a heap of corpses. At the sight of it, the Demon Tribe was overwhelmed with joy because that figure was Ancestor of Sorcerer Xuan Ming, who had been blown away by Fuxi's self-explosion. She was the only Ancestor of Sorcerer who had survived the war. Seeing Xuan Ming, the Wu Tribe seemed to find their backbone.

At the other side, the Demon Tribe was certainly extremely nervous. Bai Ze, the only Sacred Demon to survive, was alertly watching every move of the Wu Tribe. He knew that he could not rival an Ancestor of Sorcerer with his present strength. Nevertheless, Xuan Ming seemed to be badly injured as well. Since the Cultivation Tribulation had ended, they would not fight again! Bao Ze prayed in his heart for an end to the event.

Ancestor of Sorcerer Xuan Ming naturally saw the remaining members of the Demon Tribe and their leader, Bai Ze. Though she really wanted to kill them, she was unable to do that. Although Fuxi's self-explosion did not kill her, it had inflicted serious injuries on her. It would be impossible to kill them. Moreover, the war took a heavy toll on the lives of the Wu Tribe. Thus, unwilling to see many more tribesmen injured, she could only give up the idea of exterminating the Demon Tribe.

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