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Zhurong was petrified. He had never expected that Gonggong would have such a strong reaction to his loss of one move and hit Mount Buzhou using his Ancestor of Sorcerer's Human body. It caused a huge catastrophe. Though they had some conflicts, they were still brothers, and now Zhurong was seized with remorse.

When he saw Gonggong wrapped in Houtu's supernatural power, Zhurong immediately stepped up to catch him. Now Gonggong had fallen into a coma, and hisOrigin of chaos of the Ancestor of Sorcerer was seriously damaged. But Houtu had used her supernatural power to treat it, making Zhurong feel slightly relieved.

This huge disaster, water of the Nine Heavens flooding in the Untainted Land caused all living beings to awaken. Someone had walked out from the Void in the gap between the Heaven and Earth and thrown out a small cauldron. The cauldron quickly grew eventually becoming the size of a large mountain, and the force generated from the opening sucked all the water from the Heavenly River into it.

They were all shocked, "It's the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth." They had heard about this treasure when Minghe established the Religion of Asura , but no one had had a chance to see it. Today Minghe was using it to control the pouring of the Heavenly River, giving them the opportunity to see this treasure used.

Following Minghe, other Sages also started trying to control the disaster. A map was unfolded between the Heaven and Earth and converted into a Golden Bridge. It linked Heaven and Earth making them stable again. A banner, a sword formation, and a branch jointly stopped the raging earth, wind, water, and fire from destroying the Untainted Land.

With the appearance of these Magic Weapons, several figures appeared in the gap between the Heaven and Earth. They were Laozi, Origin, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, Zhunti and Minghe who had appeared first. Except for Houtu who was restricted within the Nether World, all the strongest Cultivators in the Untainted Land had gathered here.

Looking at the space temporarily blocked by Minghe's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Laozi said, "Fellow Taoists, the fall of Mount Buzhou has caused the water from the Heavenly River to spill into the Untainted Land. We must mend the gap, otherwise the Untainted Land will be submerged, and all Creatures will die. By then, we won't be able to give the teacher a satisfactory answer."

Goddess Nvywa said, "I have some Five Colored Stones from the Treasure Gifting Rock. They can be used to help mend the Sky, but it's very difficult to convert the stones. I will need a Fellow Taoists help." Goddess Nvywa naturally stood out to do such things as she was proficient in the Dao of Fate. The other Sages knew that by mending the sky they could enjoy large merits, but they could not compete with Goddess Nvywa. If they did not succeed, things would turn more serious.

Minghe said, "My Cauldron of Heaven and Earth can help Fellow Taoist Nyuwa." Seeing the water from the Heavenly River continuously flowing down, Minghe said again, "But if I remove the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, someone must take over to block the gap temporarily to prevent the water from destroying more Creatures in the Untainted Land."

"Fellow Taoist Minghe, my God-killing Sword Formation can block the water. It can form a separate space so that you can remove your Cauldron of Heaven and Earth without worrying," said Tongtian. Indeed, among them, only Minghe's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Laozi's Map of Taichi, Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation and Goddess Nvywa's Mountain and River Map could block the Heavenly water.

Goddess Nvywa was destined to mend the Sky, Minghe's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was needed to convert the Five Colored Stones, and Laozi's Map of Taichi was maintaining Heaven and Earth, keeping it stable. As a result, only Tongtian could take over Minghe's position to block the water. After hearing Tongtian's remarks, Minghe quickly removed the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. The water once again poured into the Untainted Land like mad, but the God-killing Sword Formation immediately guided it into the God-killing Sword Formation, extracted by the endless Evil Spirit and Sword Aura.

Upon receiving the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Goddess Nvywa threw all Five Colored Stones into the cauldron. The burning flame converted the Five Colored Stones quickly. At this speed, the Five Colored Stones would melt completely within a short time. The mending of the sky would soon be finished.

Seeing this, Laozi said to Origin, "Second brother, Mount Buzhou has fallen, and Heaven and Earth are unstable. Although I've maintained stability by force using the Map of Taichi, it's still not a long-term plan, but the pillars supporting the Sky can solve this problem. Go now to the South Sea and kill a Untainted Land mutant black tortoise. Convert its limbs into four Pillars of Heaven to support the four corners of the universe of Honghuang."

Hearing Laozi's words, Origin understood at once that this would make him gain merits. He intended to kill the Black Tortoise immediately. Jieyin and Zhunti could only envy on one side. They had come here from the West, but apparently, they were excluded by the others. Even though no merit would fall to them for mending the sky, they could still find their own way to gain it. They could use supernatural power to guide the water flooding to the Untainted Land into the sea to save Creatures from dying. This measure seemed complicated, but they could still gain merits through it.

Just then, a voice praying to the Way of Heaven was transmitted from the southern area of the Untainted Land, "Under the Way of Heaven, I, Black Tortoise of the South Sea, am willing to convert my limbs into pillars supporting the Sky to save all living beings of the Untainted Landfrom dying. I wish to be witnessed by Heaven and Earth." Then four Pillars of Heaven appeared in the four corners of the Untainted Land, supported the Heaven, and then disappeared without a trace. Even the Sages could not find them. The Way of Heaven had made the pillars disappear to avoid being hit again. Otherwise, there would not be another Black Tortoise to convert into pillars to support the sky again.

Seeing the Black Tortoise commit suicide just as he was about to set off and kill him, Origin felt depressed and cursed, "Dammit. Why didn't you wait for me to kill you? Now the merits have disappeared because of you." Origin felt helpless and had to join with Jieyin and Zhunti to guide the flooding water into the sea.

Laozi retrieved his Map of Taichi. The universe of Honghuang had recovered stable after the appearance of the Pillars of Heaven. Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation could form a separated space, but it was still unable to absorb all the water from the Heavenly River. Thus, to reduce Tongtian's depression, Laozi used the Map of Taichi to block the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Goddess Nvywa had finished converting the Five Colored Stones. However, among the 365 Five Colored Stones, one stone could not be converted. Seeing this, Goddess Nvywa threw the stone down to the Untainted Land without a thought.

Goddess Nvywa held the liquid converted from the Five Colored Stones in the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth in her hands, and said to Laozi and Tongtian, "Senior Brothers, please remove your Magic Weapons. I shall start to mend the Sky." Hearing this, Laozi and Tongtian immediately removed their Magic Weapons, and the water from the Heavenly River poured down once again.

Then, using the Power of Infinity, Goddess Nvywa flew up and mended the sky with the strong power of creation and Five Colored Stones mixture. After the mending was completed, despite having infinite supernatural power, they were exhausted. Mending the sky was a tiring job. Fortunately, what they had paid would receive gains in the end.

Sensing the work done by everyone, the Way of Heaven granted numerous merits to them, thirty-five percent to Goddess Nvywa, five percent to the last Five Colored Stone thrown into the Untainted Land, ten percent to the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Minghe, Laozi and Tongtian equally, five percent to the Origin, Jieyin and Zhunti equally and the rest to the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth for its service in converting the stones.

However, there were some changes when the merits fell. Thirty-five percent of the merits granted to Goddess Nvywa disappeared, and then Zhunti's merits did not fall at all. Seeing this, everyone was well aware of the reasons for it. Goddess Nvywa showed a trace of shame on her face, but Zhunti nearly cried.

Zhunti could not feel more depressed. Nothing had been paid after all his hard work in saving the Untainted Land. After losing five percent, Goddess Nvywa could still receive thirty percent, but he had received nothing at all. Fortunately, no Karma fell to him neither.

Gonggong had hit Mount Buzhou because of the scheme of the Demon Tribe, but it would not have happened if Goddess Nvywa and Zhunti hadn't covered the secrets of heaven. Thus, they naturally needed to bear some Karma for it. They, as the Sages, would not be influenced by the Karma, but their disciples might endure the consequence, which was very serious. Luckily, their merits for mending the sky offset the Karma.

But the Demon Tribe and the Wu Tribe were not so lucky. Not only had they just lost massive Luck but they also bore grand Karma, and they had also suffered considerably from this disaster. Emperor Jun had to silently endure it as what they had done was harming others without any benefits. However, he felt better when he realized that the power of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation would be greatly reduced as Gonggong was seriously injured and Chiyou had newly come into being an Ancestor of Sorcerer.

Kunpeng, as the mastermind of this action, also bore much Karma, which naturally made him feel bad. However, in order to take back the Original Spirit controlled by Emperor Jun, such payment was still acceptable to him, and his merits for creating the Demon character could offset the Karma.

As the one responsible for this action, Gui Che fell into a different situation. Although he received some merits for the establishment of the Heavenly Court, Gui Che had used them all to enhance his cultivation, which meant no merit was left to offset the great Karma falling to him. Thus, during this Cultivation Tribulation, Gui Che must die for his grand Karma.

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