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After mending the Sky, the Untainted Land was a complete mess. The Sages all sighed with emotion while Minghe ironically laughed in his heart. Mount Buzhou was so solid that it couldn't be easily destroyed, even by the Sages. Even if it was supposed to be easy, no one dared to do so. If someone was shouldered with such great Karma from destroying Mount Buzhou, he might be removed from the position of Sage.

But Gonggong was the Ancestor of Sorcerer and Mount Buzhou had been made from Pangu's ridge, they shared the same origin. To Gonggong, destroying Mount Buzhou was just as easy as hurting himself. Minghe wasn't sure whether it was naturally destined or had been deliberately designed by someone. If designed, who could it have been? The Way of Heaven? Or Hongjun? The question remained unexplained.

Looking at the collapsed Mount Buzhou, Minghe waved his hands and picked up the largest piece of debris. Origin took action at the same time but was obviously much slower. He had no alternative but to give up his preference and pick up several smaller pieces, which were regarded as a remedy for his insufficient merit.

Zhurong was in a bad mood now, he and Gonggong were being watched by the Sages and Minghe. Although Zhurong was known as a man who feared no-one, he felt infinite pressure when confronted with so many Sages at one time. As the mending of the Sky was finished, he and Gonggong were going to be punished now.

Zhunti spoke first, "Zhurong, you fought with Gonggong and plunged all the Creatures in the Untainted Land into misery and suffering. You even knocked down Mount Buzhou, which is really too wicked to be pardoned. You ought to kill yourselves as an apology." Zhunti had failed to acquire merit and he was venting his anger towards Zhurong and Gonggong, who had happened to pull the trigger.

"Zhunti, if you want to kill our brothers, you shall ask us in the Wu Tribe whether we agree or not." At this time Emperor Jiang and the other Ancestors of Sorcerer arrived and listened as Zhunti persuaded Zhurong and Gonggong to commit suicide as an apology. Of course, he wouldn't be so easy on Zhunti neither and directly called him by his name.

Zhunti said, "How dare you say such things! Emperor Jiang, do you want to cover for them? If they don't die, how will the Wu Tribe account for all living beings of Untainted Landall ?" Zhunti's voice was not loud, but it was widespread in the Untainted Land. It gave rise to the resentment of all living beings of Untainted Land toward the Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jiang laughed scornfully, "Hum, Zhunti, stop offering rising rhetoric. Let me ask you, who on earth disturbed the secrets of heaven when my brothers battled with each other? As a result, no one told us the news and we had been living in the dark till now! You talk to me about consequences? Very well, then. We will speak of consequences: Goddess Nvywa and Zhunti, shall account firstly for all living beings of Untainted Land!" Emperor Jiang was quite tough and would not yield a single step. After all, it was a matter involving the lives of Zhurong and Gonggong, he had no choice but to be tough.

Zhunti was extremely angry at what Emperor Jiang said but unable to refute. Merits of Heaven had disappeared a moment ago, it wasn't hard to guess what had just happened. Zhunti couldn't help but say, "How dare you, humble Ancestor of Sorcerer, comment on the affairs of us honorable Sages!"

Emperor Jiang knew that Zhunti wouldn't make a concession, so he said emotionlessly, "What about the Real Entity of Pangu?" He threw out 12 flags and the other 11 Ancestors of Sorcerer each hold a flag except insensible Gonggong, the last flag was held by Xing Tian. The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation was completed instantly.

The Sages were all shocked. They'd never thought that the Wu Tribe would have reserved such a powerful card. In the absence of Gonggong, they had still succeeded in the Formation with Banner of Formation. They could even call the Real Entity of Pangu. They were certainly surprised.

Meanwhile, Houtu's voice came from a place far away." Attention please, everybody. Although my brothers are guilty, please forgive them to save my face." Even though Houtu was trapped in The Nether World, she knew all about what was happening in the Untainted Land.

Although Emperor Jiang had successfully arranged the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, Houtu knew that it wouldn't last long even if the Real Entity of Pangu was called. Xing Tian was truly powerful, but he wasn't an Ancestor of Sorcerer. If forced to summon the Real Entity of Pangu, he would have no alternative but to face the Disintegration of the Soul.

The Three Pure Ones and Goddess Nvywa listened to Houtu and said nothing more. But Zhunti couldn't seem to let it go. He said, "Ancestor of Sorcerer Houtu, you'd better keep your mind on the Nether World. Don't worry about affairs in Untainted Land." Houtu was trapped in The Nether World and not able to help the Wu Tribe.

Houtu was very angry. She laughed grimly and said, "Zhunti, don't bully others to the extreme. You should remember that the Six Paths of Reincarnation was created by me. I can break off the birth of Creatures in the West, just as easily." Houtu's anger was no trivial matter, the West would never thrive without new-born Creatures.

Zhunti looked pale after hearing Houtu's words. He realized that Houtu planned to cut the prosperity of the West at the root. Jieyin also looked a little pained and said, "Since Fellow Taoist Houtu is asking for a favor, we won't investigate the fault of Zhurong and Gonggong anymore." Confronted with Houtu's threats, Jieyin had no choice but to concede.

As a result, Sages in the Untainted Land all became scrupled with Houtu. She held such a powerful weapon that they indeed felt very uneasy. Fortunately, the Wu Tribe didn't belong to the six realms of existence, otherwise, the Wu Tribe would wantonly prosper. At that time, the Demon Tribe would never be comparable to them.

After the Sages reached an agreement, Emperor Jiang removed the Formation quickly and returned to the Hall of Pangu together with Zhurong and Gonggong. Seeing this, the Sages left one by one except for Minghe. He glanced in the direction of the Six Paths of Reincarnation and the Human Tribe with a smile.

As the Sky fell down, a huge island was slowly moving in the South Sea. It was an extraordinary sight in the Untainted Land. A floating island? No. A gigantic head appeared above the water, spraying waves, and the whole island seemed to get higher and higher.

The island turned out to be a Black Tortoise, which had very influential backing. The Black Tortoise had been a Primordial Mazinger before, in the Last Stage of Sage-to-be, and was counted as one of the very best in the Untainted Land. However, it had mutated forms and couldn't transform its appearance, even with great supernatural power. It was quite helpless.

"Ow..." The Black Tortoise roared to the sky in order to vent the pain in its heart. It was enslaved to the sea because of its huge size, otherwise, it would confront with disaster wherever it went. Suddenly, a Taoist appeared. The Black Tortoise was surprised. Its cultivation was the Late Stage of Sage-to-be. Was it possible that this Taoist had acquired higher-level cultivation?

The Black Tortoise raised its head and asked, "Who are you? Why do you come here?" Some people had tried to obtain the Black Tortoise in the past. They had all been killed by it. But this time, the Taoist obviously had a higher-level of cultivation and the Black Tortoise ought to be more careful.

The Taoist said, "I'm a Taoist of Heaven and Earth, the Good separation of Ancestor Ming He. I am here to help you pass tribulation." The Taoist was the Good separation of Minghe, Heaven and Earth Taoist. He had come directly here when Minghe had gone to mend the Sky.

The Black Tortoise was greatly shocked. Of course, he had heard of Minghe before, the only person in the Untainted Land to achieve Fruit of Origin all by himself. But the Black Tortoise never thought that Minghe's Good separation could also be so strong and would have the cultivation ofPeak Level of Sage-to-be at least. It was quite enviable.

Having listened to what Taoist of Heaven and Earth said, the Black Tortoise couldn't help doubting and asked, "What tribulation will I endure that even the Ancestor is concerned about?" To tell the truth, the Black Tortoise didn't quite believe what Heaven and Earth Taoist said. No one in the Untainted Land could easily kill it except the Sages. But it had had no enmity against the Sages before, they wouldn't come here and kill it at leisure.

Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "Black Tortoise, isn't it strange that you can never transform your appearance? Since Mount Buzhou has collapsed, there is no support between Heaven and Earth. If it continues this way, the Untainted Land will likely return to The Chaos. What do you think is most suitable to act as the replacement of Mount Buzhou when that happens?"

Looking at the Black Tortoise, Heaven and Earth Taoist sighed with emotion. The Black Tortoise's destiny had been decided when it was born. Although its body was extremely strong and even comparable to an Ancestor of Sorcerer, there was something more that was needed to be the four Pillars of Heaven, that was its cultivation and mutual forms.

The Black Tortoise was stunned by his words. Pillars of Heaven? It explained the matter. The Black Tortoise raised its head and groaned in grief. "Aha, so that's it! Oh, I see! I dream of a lifetime of peace and desire to travel around in the Untainted Land, but I never supposed that Heaven exiled me. What on earth should I do? Let it go at that. If my death could rescue all the Creatures in Untainted Land, then it's completely worthwhile to do so."

Heaven and Earth Taoist laughed and said, "Black Tortoise, you do not need to make such sacrifice. Now that Your Veneration has sent me here to help you pass tribulation, you will certainly not die. In a word, you still have a chance to survive." Heaven and Earth Taoist admired the Black Tortoise's spirit of self-sacrifice. It was quite rare in the Untainted Land nowadays.

Although it looked somewhat horrible, the Black Tortoise smiled and asked, "What does the Ancestor's plan to help me pass tribulation?" The Black Tortoise wasn't afraid of death, but now it had a chance to live and would try its best to seize the chance. What Heaven and Earth Taoist had said made him really happy, it could realize its dream only when it was alive. The Black Tortoise was always sluggish, but it still had a dream of traveling around in the Untainted Land. If the Black Tortoise died, no doubt it would die with everlasting regrets.

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