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Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were focusing on practicing their Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation in the Hall of Pangu. After hundreds of years of cooperation, Chi You had fully mastered the essence of the Formation and developed great teamwork with the others. Everything was developing very well.

Just then, Xing Tian asked for a permission to meet them. "Ancestors of Sorcerer, I have something to report." Xingtian was one of the earliest Great Sorcerers with extraordinary strength. Like Houyi, his weapon was with him since birth and it had always accompanied him. He went around accompanied by his weapons, Shield and Broadax. Dubbed the God of War in the Wu Tribe, Xingtian was stationed permanently outside Hall of Pangu.

Emperor Jiang allowed him in and asked, "Xing Tian, what's wrong?" Emperor Jiang knew Xing Tian would not disturb their practice for no good reason, for he had ordered for everyone to leave them alone unless it was an emergency.

Xing Tian replied, "I do have an emergency to report, especially to Ancestor of Sorcerer Zhurong and Gonggong. Earlier, a Great Sorcerer reported that a large-scale fight has broken out between their two tribes, causing many of our people to die, so..."

Before Xing Tian finished his words, Zhurong was already shouting at Gonggong."What? Gonggong, you bastard! You incited your tribe to fight mine because you can't defeat me?" In his mind, it was definitely Gonggong directing his tribesmen to do so.

Gonggong immediately flared up when he heard Zhurong's remarks. "What nonsense! Since when have you defeated me? Tell me clearly!" Ancestors of Sorcerer are also prideful people, especially when it comes to one another. Zhurong's claim of defeating Gonggong naturally angered him.

Emperor Jiang roared at them, "You two shut up! Don't you feel tired quarreling with each other each day? Now even your tribes are fighting! Do you find this fun?"

Zhurong and Gonggong instantly became silent in the face of Emperor Jiang's anger. He said, "That's enough. You two, return to your tribes and pacify your men. We can't afford any internal strife at such an important time." The internal strife between two tribes would consume the Wu Tribe's strength. This was something Emperor Jiang was unwilling to see.

With the occurrence of such a huge problem, only Zhurong and Gonggong were capable of appeasing their tribesmen. In their absence, the rest of Ancestor of sorcerers could also get some well-needed rest. After all, they had practiced the Formation for such a long time. Chi You, in particular, needed the time to cultivate so he could continue to progress.

After shooting each other a dirty look, Zhurong and Gonggong left to pacify their tribesmen and end this fight. What they did not know was that their leaving Hall of Pangu signaled the real beginning of this fight.

Back in their own tribes, Zhurong and Gonggong were shocked to see their residential palaces thoroughly destroyed. The remaining vital force showed it was the work of the other tribe. This time, the two Ancestors of Sorcerers had completely exploded in rage.

The Hall of Pangu was the Wu Tribe's sacred place, but since the Wu Tribe's expansion over the Untainted Land, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had built their own Zu Wu Palace. Those palaces were the Holy Land second only to the Hall of Pangu.

Now that Zhurong and Gonggong's palaces were destroyed, it was akin to giving them a slap on the face. In a fury, they settled new debts together with old grudges after quarreling for such a long time. A heaven-shattering battle officially kicked off.

Emperor Jiang had sent Zhurong and Gonggong to pacify their clansmen and to end this fight, but they unexpectedly became the ringleaders instead. He had certainly not predicted this outcome.

When Gonggong saw Zhurong, he shouted in fury, "Zhurong, I've tolerated you for a long time! Now you've allowed your men to destroy my palace. That's beyond my tolerance. Today, I'll fight you to my death." Gonggong transformed into his original form, which was tens of thousands feet tall. He had the head of a snake atop a human body, with two Black Dragons below his feet and green python winding along his hands. Black scales lined every inch of him.

Zhurong was also furious, but only said, "Who's afraid of you?" He transformed into a tens of thousands feet tall creature with the head of a human atop a beast body. Fire Serpents pierced his ears and two flying Fire Dragon appeared under his feet.

Gonggong was the first to attack, throwing a sudden straight punch at Zhurong. Gonggong managed to catch Zhurong unaware and hurt him. Zhurong became furious at Gonggong's relentless attack and returned aim without holding back. In this fight, the first casualty was the Wu Tribesmen. They were both Ancestors of Sorcerer, of water and fire respectively, controlling the water and fire of the heaven and earth.

Numerous creatures of the Untainted Land died from drowning and burning because of this fight. Many Wu Tribesmen did not survive either. Fortunately, the two moved to the nearby Mount Buzhou as they fought, staying away from their tribes by a million li.

Though Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery did not cultivate their Original Spirits, their bodies were born from Pangu's Blood of Essence. Beneath the Sages, they were the strongest. Thus, one punch of these two tens of thousands of feet tall bodies easily caused the collapse of tall mountains. As they moved to Mount Buzhou, countless mountains fell on their way there. The flow of numerous rivers flowed backward and many forests disappeared. Thunder and lightning flashed, dark clouds rolled, a storm was brewing, heavy rain was pouring, and the fire affected tens of thousands of li while they fought.

In the Nether World, Houtu was still in Closed Door Meditation. Now that she owned a Original Spirit, she had to focus on cultivating it. After all, there was not much for her to do in the Nether World. Besides her Original Spirit cultivation, she also concentrated on the recovery of herhuman body. It was not an easy task to regain the strength she had when she was still an Ancestor of sorcerer.

Houtu had a sudden premonition. She stopped cultivating and looked in the direction of the Untainted Land. The only thing that concerned her was the Wu Tribe. her expression changed when she saw Zhurong and Gonggong engaged in a battle at the foot of Mount Buzhou.

She promptly told Emperor Jiang to head to Mount Buzhou through Spiritual Thoughts and shouted at Gonggong and Zhurong at the same time. "Elder brothers, stop fighting now!" Yet her eyebrows knitted even closer together. Her voice was not at all transmitted to Mount Buzhou. Clearly, someone had made their move. For a person who had the guts and ability to block her voice, it had to be none other than a Sage.

The minute Houtu was distracted, something unexpected happened. Gonggong had slammed his head into Mount Buzhou with his real body. The observers were all shocked because this ending was beyond any of their expectations. Houtu directly transmitted her strong supernatural power from the Nether World to stop Gonggong, but she was still too late.

Mount Buzhou collapsed with a loud bang, forming a large hole where it once stood. Water from the Heavenly River gushed down, flooding the Untainted Land. This time, even more creatures died compared to when Zhurong and Gonggong first fought.

Falling from the sky, the water of the Nine Heavens flooded the entire Untainted Land. Serpents, fierce tigers, dire wolves, and beasts fled everywhere, but they were soon submerged and melted immediately. Groundwater and fire wind gushed from every corner of the earth as if the end of the world had arrived. Poisonous and lethal liquid was mixed in the water, corroding the creatures that did not drown. The entire place was wiped out of any sign of life.

Naturally, one of the first casualties was the Heavenly Court. Due to the collapse of Mount Buzhou, the Heavenly Court was completely submerged, but they reacted quickly. Taiyi controlled the flood using the Bell of Chaos and Emperor Jun stopped the water using his He Luo Formation. In the end, most of the water fell upon the Untainted Land.

Houtu's expression became grave when she saw the current situation. She knew someone had entrapped Zhurong and Gonggong and naturally pinned the blame on the Demon Tribe. She stared helplessly at Gonggong who was so heavily injured that he had entered a coma. Though she could not stop him from knocking over Mount Buzhou, she managed to save his life. But his injuries were so serious that he needed at least 10,000 years to recover.

Yet this was not the important issue. Such a monstrously huge disaster had rendered numerous creatures dead. The Wu Tribe would have to bear most of the Karma and the rest of it naturally would befall those who instigated Zhurong and Gonggong's fight. However, now was not the time to worry about the Karma. The top priority was to mend the gaping hole in the sky to stop the water from the Heavenly River from flooding the Untainted Land further. Otherwise, there would be no more future for the land.

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