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Zhenyuanzi accepted 49 disciples and several hundred listed disciples in his Teachings. Tongtian was perhaps the only one with more disciples than he did. In addition, millions of cultivators were gathered around Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, so they could listen to his Teachings often. They all addressed him as Immortal Zhenyuan.

What was more, Zhenyuanzi's Taoism lineage had already reached the Human Tribe's territory, where millions of humans gathered. If Zhenyuanzi set up his own religion, his reputation would rival any of the Sages. However, if a religion was created, the Way of Earth Immortal might be destroyed. After all, neither Heavenly Court nor the Nether World belonged to any religion.

With such a large scale, Zhenyuanzi started to teach them a tactical formation, which he comprehended from his Book of the Nether World. The formation was named the Nether World Book Formation. This formation had both attack and defense forces, though the latter was superior. With millions of cultivators as its foundation and borrowing the power of leyline from Untainted Land, this formation had the unique force of defense. Even a Sage could not break through the formation with ease. This was the last card in Zhenyuanzi's hand.

In Heavenly Court, Yaochi and Emperor Jun felt sorry and worried as they looked at Xihe who wore a disappointed yet indifferent expression. She seemed to have changed completely after Houyi killed all her Baby Crows. Houyi and Chang'e were Imprisoned in her Lunar Star and she could torture them at any time, but Xihe had never been happy again. She became even more indifferent, distressing Emperor Jun a lot.

At this moment, Taiyi rushed towards them. Seeing Emperor Jun was there, he said, "Brother, so you're here. I want to tell you that Jimeng found a weapon that could be very useful to our Wu Tribe. He's waiting for you at the Divine Wind Palace. We need your advice."

Emperor Jun was enlightened when he heard Taiyi's words. Taking a look at Xihe who was still in her cultivation, Emperor Jun hurried to Peak Palace with Taiyi. When they arrived, Fuxi, Kunpeng, and Ten Great Demon Sages were all there. Emperor Jun asked, "Jimeng, what did you find? Show me immediately."

Jimeng replied, "Your Majesty, I just found the situation by accident. I didn't expect that a demon's cultivation could be improved after consuming a human. Besides, a magic weapon refined with the malicious thoughts of human souls could badly hurt Ancestor of Wu Tribe. If we could find enough human souls with strong malicious thoughts, perhaps we could break through Ancestor of Wu Tribe's flesh body."

Emperor Jun was delighted to hear this. In the battles with Wu Tribe, Ancestors of Wu Tribe's solid flesh body had always troubled them. If they could refine a powerful weapon that could break through his flesh body, their Demon Tribe was sure to win.

Fuxi felt it was not merciful to hurt humans and said, "It may hurt the harmony of heaven and earth, as well as the Luck of our Demon Tribe." Refining a powerful enough weapon to break through Ancestor of Wu Tribe's flesh body ought to need innumerable human souls. It would really hurt the harmony of heaven and earth indeed.

Emperor Jun could not control his excitement and said, "Fuxi, I naturally know doing this would hurt the harmony of heaven and earth, as well as the Luck of our tribe. However, if we can refine a weapon like that, we'll have enough power to fight against Wu Tribe and defeat them. When that time comes, we'll be the only master of the heaven and earth. Our Luck would be largely improved. Therefore, we don't have to worry about our little loss when refining that weapon."

Fuxi naturally understood Emperor Jun's ambition, so he could only sit at a corner silently. Though he was crowned Royal Fuxi and was Goddess Nyuwa's brother, he did wield real power in the tribe. However, Emperor Jun always hold the power in his hand. Once he decided on an issue, no one could change his mind.

Seeing that Emperor Jun was agreeing with his suggestion, Jimeng continued, "Your Majesty, we still need Goddess Nyuwa and Sage Grand Pure's permission." Goddess Nyuwa was the Holy Mother of Human Tribe, while Laozi set up the Tribe of Humanity. Without their permission, it would be not easy for Emperor Jun to complete his ambition.

Emperor Jun's expression changed slightly. He knew Jimeng's words made sense. Without their permission, his clan would face many obstacles while collecting human souls. He did not want to offend the two Sages.

Without any other choice, Emperor Jun could only visit Goddess Nyuwa's World. When he arrived, he found that the gate was closed. He said loudly, "My Goddess Nyuwa, this is Emperor Jun. Our Demon Tribe wants to refine a Wu-killing Sword using human souls as the foundation. Today, I'm here to tell you this idea. You're the Holy Mother of our Demon Tribe, so we hope you can give us your permission."

Inside her world, Goddess Nyuwa's expression was complex. She knew Emperor Jun came to ask for the benefit of their Demon Tribe. As the Sage of the tribe, she could not refuse his demand. However, she was the one who created the Human Tribe, but she had never shown any mercy and concern for them. The humans regarded her as their Holy Mother, so how could she permit others to hurt them?

Goddess Nyuwa was still one of the Demon Tribe. She finally made a decision and said, "I've heard your idea and I give you my permission. But you can't kill all humans since they're my creation." Between the Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe, Goddess Nyuwa finally chose to protect the latter.

Emperor Jun was delighted after getting Goddess Nyuwa's reply. He said, "Thank you so much for your care of Demon Tribe, my Goddess. We only need human souls to refine the Wu-killing Sword. The Human Tribe won't go extinct. Please excuse me."

Emperor Jun came to the root of Mount Shouyang. Without the Sage summoning him, he dared not move forward. Looking at the lofty Mount Shouyang, he felt a little helpless. A child attendant then came down from the mountain and told him, "My master asks me to tell you that he has heard of your idea. The Human Tribe is the foundation of the Tribe of Humanity, so you can't kill them all."

The attendant went back after finishing his words, leaving Emperor Jun at the root of the mountain. Emperor Jun felt angry about Laozi's attitude. He was the emperor of Demon Tribe with noble status, so how dare Laozi send a mere child attendant to order him around? However, he also dared not say anything rude. Since he had received Laozi's permission, he rushed back immediately.

After Emperor Jun returned to Heavenly Court, he announced an order in the name of the Heavenly Emperor. He recalled the army of Demon Tribe to kill humans in Untainted Land and collect their souls to refine the Wu-killing Sword. Noticing Demon Tribe's purpose, the Wu Tribe did not react. The slaughter of humans was none of their business.

Right at this moment, the eleven Ancestors of Wu Tribe were all sitting in Hall of Pangu to help Chiyou become one of them. Therefore, they did not have the time to worry about external issues. Moreover, it had nothing to do with their tribe. Their most important goal was helping Chiyou become the new Ancestor. Or else, they would not be able to arrange the Twelve Divine Beings Formation.

Naturally, Emperor Jun did not gather all of his armies to kill humans. In his eyes, the Human Tribe was really weak. He picked and sent only billions of soldiers to Untainted Land, which were enough to complete this mission. Besides, Heavenly Court would not get into a dangerous condition.

Led by hundreds of Sacred Demons, this army began their slaughter of the Human Tribe. When they found a human tribe, they would kill them all, even children and elderly. Then, they would collect the human souls and send them to Heavenly Court to refine the Wu-killing Sword.

Instantly, streams of resentment twisted around the heaven and earth, covering the whole Untainted Land at all times. Innumerable human souls that the demons did not take formed an unstoppable resentment, soaring up the sky and unwilling to move onto the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

The horrible air of resentment naturally shocked many masters in Untainted Land. After a deduction, they figured out it was due to the slaughter of the Human Tribe. They sympathized the humans, but could do nothing to help them. After all, the Demon Tribe was one of the most powerful clans in Untainted Land and the help of some individual cultivators was merely a drop in the bucket. Moreover, they were not humans themselves, so there was no need for them to help.

Even for the Wu Tribe, they could only protect the humans who escaped to their land. Without the order from their Ancestors, they dared not start a war against the Demon Tribe. What was more, Honourable Ancestor Hongjun had laid down the rule for the Wu and Demon Tribes not to start a war in 10,000 years. They could not break the deal, or the Devine Punishment would destroy them.

The Human Tribe tried to resist the slaughter, but their tribes did not live together. With only a few masters in their tribe, they did not have the force to fend off the powerful Demon Tribe army. Moreover, a demon's cultivation would be enhanced after consuming human flesh, so they did not hesitate to kill and even went mad doing it. Each time they found a human tribe, only bones and crops would remain.

Under this horrible situation, the Human Tribe could only try their best to escape and look for shelter. The Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe was obviously the best place for them to seek refuge. In this Human Tribe Cultivation Tribulation, other forces never lent them a hand. Not even the Sages tried to help. Therefore, they could only hope for their Ancestors of Human Tribe to end this.

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