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In the Holy Land of the Human Clan, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi were watching their fellow tribesmen being mercilessly killed by those from Heavenly Court without any defense. The pain they felt was deep and cutting. It had not been easy for the clan to earn the prosperity they enjoyed today, yet their clansmen can only be fodder for the Demon Clan. The three of them certainly could not bear the situation.

Tears were glistening in Musen's eyes as he watched the slaughter from within the Sacred Land. Though he was Minghe's Selfcentric One, he was still a human, a human with flesh and emotions. Though he had long predicted Heavenly Court to attack his clan, the anger within him burned on nevertheless. Though he had already predicted this day would arrive someday, his anger still burned on. All he wanted now was to rush out and fight the Demon Tribe to his death.

However, the Demon Tribe attacked the Human Tribe from many directions. This made Musen had no idea which direction he should go. The humans were now shattered everywhere over Untainted Land, making it pretty hard for him to help them all. Further, the majority of them fled to Coast of the East Sea. With the current strength of the Sacred Land, it was much harder to defend Human Tribe.

Suiren-Shi fretfully asked, "Fourth Brother, why are the Sacred Lady and Sage Grand Pure completely disregarding us when we're so badly attacked by the Demon Clan? Sage Grand Pure set up the Humanity Religion in our tribe and occupied most of its Luck. Doesn't he worry about losing his Luck if our tribe is destroyed?"

Musen replied coldly, "Humph! My dear brother, our Human Clan is nothing in the eyes of the Sages. Besides, without Sacred Lady and Sage Grand Pure's permission, how dare the Demon Clan attack us? Do you think it's possible they'll help us go through our calamity this time?"

Musen's words were like a sharp sword piercing into the hearts of Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi. He was right. With the amazing supernatural power the Sages, how could they be unaware of the suffering of the Human Tribe? However, they did not do anything to stop the Demon Tribe. This obviously showed they acquiesced the actions of the Demon Tribe. How could the Human Tribe not feel bitterly disappointed in the attitudes of those Sages?

Musen continued, "It's better to rely on ourselves than others. Brother, we can only depend on ourselves to overcome this calamity. Please hurry and let Wu Chen lead all our Martial Artists with higher-level cultivation of Golden Immortal to Coast of the East Sea to retrieve our clansmen. Remember to tell them to kill as many Sacred Demons as possible on their way there. This can distract the Demon Tribe to some extent. However, please warn our people not to waste too much time attacking them since I'm afraid they'll soon be surrounded by the demons that way."

Since Musen had already predicted that the Demon Clan would attack the Human Clan, he had naturally been preparing for this fight. In their clan, the Martial Artists who reached Heaven Changing Level were all ennobled as Protectors of the Human tribe and were under Musen's guidance alone. As for resources those Martial Artists enjoyed, no other Martial Artists could compare with them. That status was certainly the Martial Artists in the clan yearned for. The Martial Artists would become Elders of the Human Clan and named by Ancestor of Human Clan if they reached the Heaven Clashing Level. It was a great honor for them.

As of now, hundreds of thousands Martial Artists of the Heaven Changing Level and thousands of Heavenly Signs Changing Level were in the tribe. However, the number of Martial Arts of the Heaven Clashing Level ranged from only 20 or 30. The Martial Artists of that level were the core strength of the tribe and they were also the harvests of Musen's efforts.

To send Martial Artists of that level to retrieve humans from Coast of the East Sea was the most accurate decision. The only thing Musen, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi could do was to wait. The four of them were the only ones in the clan who were at the Fate Reading Level. A century ago, Suiren-Shi refined himself into Golden Body of Martial Arts using the Merits in his body then, successfully reaching the Fate Reading Level. That had overjoyed Musen very much.

Receiving the order from Ancestors of the Human Tribe, Martial Artists of the Heaven Clashing Level, including Wuchen, went to save their fellow tribesmen outside. As the humans were shattered all over Untainted Land, they could only save those that they encountered. They saved a large number of them, since leaders from the Demon Tribe who were hunting them were just Da Luo Golden Immortal Sacred Demons. Those demons were easier to deal with compared to Emperor Jun and the other Ten Great Demon Sages. In other words, Human Clan were given a chance to recover and prepare.

Meanwhile, the sight of the Demon Tribe army hunting down humans could be seen everywhere in Untainted Land, filled up with resentments. The humans were unable to defend themselves and the only thing they could was escaping everywhere as fast as possible. Once the Demon Tribe soldiers caught them, their bodies would be torn apart ruthlessly and their flesh would be eaten. Not even their souls could escape. Therefore, white bones and dead bodies were everywhere on the land.

Sacred Demon Bao Feng, transformed from a Wild Cloud Leopard, was leading the Demon army, watching the fleeing humans with a cruel smile. It was already the eighth group of humans he had caught, consisting of nearly hundreds of thousands of people. It was also the largest group he had ever chased.

The soldiers Bao Feng led were all from the Clouded Leopard clan. Though they were limited in number, it was no difficult matter for them to deal with the humans. Bao Feng laughed and said, "Soldiers, kill as many of them as you can! We can finally enjoy ourselves with the humans' delicious flesh... " However, his head was abruptly cut off before finishing his sentence. Even his soul had turned into ashes.

Seeing their leader killed, every one of the Clouded Leopard clan were dumbstruck. Later, they saw a teenager walk out of the Void. He was wiping his sharp sword with his hand and staring at them with great killing intent. One of the soldiers asked in fright, "Who are you? How dare you kill our Sacred Demon! Don't you fear avengers from our Demon Tribe?"

The teenager sneered. "Humph! I'm Wuchen from the Human Tribe. Don't you know why I killed him? When you're down in The Nether World, remember it was I, Wu Chen, who sent you there! Oh, I forgot. You won't even have the chance to go down there. I'll be tearing you all into pieces."

Thousands of humans were charging at the Clouded Leopard clan at that moment. The Clouded Leopard clan did not think much of them seeing as there were not too many of them. What worried them more was Wu Chen who had just killed the only Sacred Demon among them. The outcome showed that their worries were totally misplaced.

The humans carried out crazy killing spree against the Clouded Leopard clan. Within the same Realm, the demons were not the opponents of the humans. Further, Wu Chen had killed those with high cultivation among the Clouded Leopard clan. Soon, the army led by Bao Feng of the Demon Tribe was annihilated.

The fleeing humans were rather surprised to see Wuchen and the others from the Human Tribe saving them. While the humans recognized their martial arts cultivation, they had no idea when Wuchen and the rest had become so strong. They still could not believe the Demon Clan army, regarded as death gods, was so easily destroyed by the figures from the Human Clan. They felt like they were in a dream.

Wu Chen did not pay much attention to the fleeing humans that he rescued. He turned and told a Martial Artist, "We're going about this too slowly. I need to hurry and move on. You all can catch up with me later. I'll deal with the Sacred Demons and kill them all. You just need to handle the rest of the Demon army."

Wu Chen set off after making arrangements. Being at the Late Stage of the Heavenly Rushing Level in his martial arts cultivation and wielding the inscrutable Void Swordsmanship, Wu Chen's Laws of Vanity could easily take away the lives of all common Sacred Demons. Killing them would not only frighten the Demon Tribe, but also release the pressure of the Human Tribe. This could be considered as killing two birds with one stone.

At the same time, the Martial Artists of the Human Tribe also killed as many of the Demon soldiers as possible near Coast of the East Sea. This way, they finally got a chance to enter the place. However, as the Demon army marched closer to them and the rest of the demons began gathering, the Martial Artists could hardly find a chance to attack.

In the meantime, Martial Artists of Human Clan just won a battle somewhere on the Untainted Land. Tens of thousands Martial Artists killed hundreds demons in Demon Clan, which was certainly a good win for them. What was more, Demon Tribe would definitely feel pity for losing such number of Sacred Demons.

When Leaders of Human Tribe gathered, one of them said, "How many Sacred Demons have you killed? How about having a competition among us?" Another one replied, "Good idea. I, Zhangmeng, have killed four Sacred Demons so far. What about you?" "I, Wuyi, have also killed four Sacred Demons." This went on.

After making comparisons, it turned out that Wuyi and Zhangmeng were winners in killing the Sacred Demons. Zhangmeng then said, "We'd better leave this place soon. We were also damaged during the fight. Just as our ancestor said, we can't spare too much time on fighting. What's more, our main task is helping our tribesmen escape."

Wuyi curled his lip and unwillingly said, "I really want to kill all of those demons considering how many of our men the Demon Tribe killed! Humph. I, Wuyi, will certainly show you how great I am in the future. Forget about this and let's leave now."

Wuyi and the rest collected the dead human bodies before leaving. Though those were dead bodies without any sign of life, they did not want to leave them to the Demon Tribe. They wanted to bury them well when they return home. As for the Demon army that arrived later, the demon bodies gave them a definite fright. They did not imagine that the Human Tribe could defeat millions of their soldiers.

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