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In the Heavenly Court, Xihe saw the last Baby Crow and her heart was broken right away. How could she bear such a misery that nine of her sons died and only one survived? They were all so young that they had lived only hundreds of years. Their whole beautiful lives were over even before they started.

Emperor Jun looked frosty on his face and was boiling with rage in his heart. He hated the Wu Tribe and Houyi tremendously, while he also blamed himself for his failure to discipline them so that they dared to intrude into the territory of the Wu Tribe and made heavy casualties of Creatures in Untainted Land. As a result, Luck of the Demon Tribe was also implicated.

Fuxi standing nearby said, "Fellow Taoist Emperor Jun, you had arranged the formation on Yingzhou Island, which was virtually impossible for the little princes to pass through. It seems that the princes and we Demon Tribe were framed by someone. I made a Prediction just now and found out the secrets of Heaven are a total mess. I'm afraid that..."

Fuxi paused, but Emperor Jun instantly understood his unfinished words. Only a few Sages were able to successfully escape from the Fuxi's Prediction. What a heartfelt hatred! Emperor Jun hated himself because he was not strong enough to protect his sons. Looking at the last son, Emperor Jun worried that he would be trapped again.

Fuxi naturally understood Emperor Jun's anxiousness and suggested to send the Baby Crow to his sister, Goddess Nvywa, in Wahuang Heaven's World. Besides the acquaintance with the Demon Tribe, Xihe also got on well with his sister. Under such circumstances, Goddess Nvywa would not refuse this request and the ancestry of Emperor Jun could be preserved.

There was no doubt that Emperor Jun and Xihe accepted Fuxi's suggestion and Goddess Nvywa also promised to look after the Baby Crow. In this way, they were finally relieved. Although the sense of bereavement haunted him all along, Emperor Jun, as the Demon Emperor, would certainly not influence the Demon Tribe's matters of fundamental importance with his personal enmity.

But Xihe was different. She constantly kept watch on what Houyi did from then on and was urged to find a chance to kill him. However, she never had the chance. What was more, Houyi was originally a Great Sorcerer with a peak-level cultivation of Da Luo Golden Immortal. After he obtained the merit of shooting the sun, he made a Breakthrough again and his cultivation was promoted to the Early Stage of Sage-to-be. Even if Xihe had a sneak attack, she would fail to kill him. In case things dragged on, others in the Wu Tribe would notice what she planned.

As the days went by, the resentment in Xihe's heart increased and there was no sign of subtraction. Chang Xi and WangShu visited her several times and comforted her for a long time, which had little effect on her. Xihe would not be relieved until Houyi was dead. Everything came to the one who waited. Xihe finally found out Houyi's weakness, so she changed her plan.

The Human Tribe had developed for thousands of years and their footprints covered nearly half of Untainted Land. However, Untainted Land was the territory of the Wu Tribe. There were inevitable communications between the two tribes. As time went by, people from the two tribes gradually intermarried. Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were weaker compared with the Wu Tribe, but they obtained the Original Spirit, which surprised the Wu Tribe a little.

As the two tribes intermarried, Luck of the two clans also mingled. When Luck of the Human Tribe increased, Luck of the Wu Tribe also slightly increased. Although Luck of the Wu Tribe was far stronger than that of the Human Tribe, the slight progress still pleased the Ancestors of Sorcery. As a result, they energetically encouraged intermarriage between the two tribes.

Houyi had a wife named Chang'e in the Human Tribe, but Chang'e was neither talented in Martial Arts nor the Way of Celestial Immortality. With time elapsing, Chang'e was afraid that she would grow older and older and could not match with Houyi anymore, and then she sought the Way of Celestial Immortality everywhere and desired to live forever with Houyi.

Knowing this, Xihe certainly would not let the chance go. She disguised herself as an immortal and sent Chang'e a magic elixir with hypocritical kindness. Chang'e became an immortal as soon as she swallowed the elixir, which made her overjoyed. However, she then found herself flying farther and could not completely control it.

The magic elixir given by Xihe was quite extraordinary, it cost many precious materials and was even integrated with the lunar Source of Chaos. Because of this, Chang'e became Golden Immortal at once and was transformed to half Lunar Body after swallowing the elixir, and then she was summoned by the Lunar Star and flew straightforward to it beyond her control.

After discovering it, Houyi instantly chased after Chang'e. When he arrived at the Lunar Star, he finally found out that Chang'e was controlled by Xihe. He naturally dared not to act rashly and blindly and could only obey what Xihe said. Instead of killing Houyi and Chang'e, Xihe came up with a better idea to get revenge for her sons.

Xihe asked Emperor Jun and Taiyi to seal Houyi's veridical soul and incarnated Houyi to Wu Gang, and then punished him to hag the Laurel Tree while Chang'e was imprisoned in Guang Han Palace. Therefore, they were close at hand and could see each other every day, but Houyi could not remember Chang'e anymore, which made Chang'e cry all along. What malicious revenge Xihe had planned!

Hundreds of years passed by, a figure stepped out from the Void above the Blood Sea, which no doubt was Minghe. Minghe looked pale at present, as if he had a serious illness, while his eyes were burning with excitement. He took a glance at the Coast of the East Sea, and then he hurried to start the Closed Door Meditation.

In the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, Musen also looked pale and revealed excitement in his eyes. Minghe and his three Separations had worked together for hundreds of years to seek the Enlightenment of the Character Wu at the risk of damaging Original Spirit, and then they finally succeeded in the Enlightenment of a complete Grand Array of Martial Arts.

The formation was called Veridical Martial Origin Formation, which was full of transformations. It could be arranged with as few as two people or as many as innumerable. The more people that took part in the formation, the more powerful it would be. If there were enough people to arrange the formation, it could even be as powerful as the Cosmic Stars Formation.

But only Martial Arts cultivators were qualified to arrange the formation. Now there were hundreds of millions of Martial Arts cultivators in the Human Tribe, which were quite enough to arrange the formation. What was more, although the Way of Celestial Immortality was more prosperous in the Human Tribe, the appearance of Human-Wu Mixed-Blood gave rise to the opportunity of Martial Arts thriving again.

Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were very strong, although they could not match with the Wu Tribe, they were far stronger than the Human Tribe. In spite of the fact that most of the Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were received by the Wu Tribe, Musen still accepted quite a lot of Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods and the number was constantly increasing. Since the first intermarriage between the two tribes, the Coast of the East Sea had gathered tens of millions of Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods.

Besides, Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods had an important character, which was most valued by Musen, that Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were much more talented in Martial Arts cultivation than transforming exercises of the Wu Tribe or the Way of Celestial Immortality. Their strong body gave them a much better beginning in Martial Arts cultivation than the Human Tribe. They would all become masters of Martial Arts as long as Musen had enough time to teach them.

With Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods participating in Martial Arts cultivation, Musen was more expectant to the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. In order to practice the formation, Musen specially unfolded the Spiritual Mirror of the Human Tribe and gathered tribesmen to maneuver the formation in it. The Eye of Formation was Musen and the Character of Wu. Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe guarded three divisions, which were Heaven, Earth, and Humans, to assist the Eye of Formation. Myriad Martial Artists arranged the formation and the Way of Martial Arts lined up as an entirety. As a result, the formation was both offensive and defensive with overwhelming power.

Furthermore, the formation was not the final form and could be constantly strengthened and perfected. As more Martial Artists of the Human Tribe participated in the formation, the power of the Tactical Formation increased as well. When hundreds of millions of Martial Artists of the Human Tribe all took part in the Grand Array of Martial Arts, the formation would be so powerful that it would exceed expectations.

Now Musen lacked nothing but time. The power of the Veridical Martial Origin Formation would be sharply promoted as long as there was enough time. Besides, holding a more powerful formation, they would be more confident in dealing with the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. They could do nothing but wish that the Cultivation Tribulation would be delayed.

Musen maneuvered the formation on the Coast of the East Sea while Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, which was on the border of the east and west of Untainted Land, was also bustling. Wuzhuang Taoist Temple was completely different than before. Innumerable cultivators lived in the mountains surrounding the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and the Human Tribe spread all over outside of the mountains.

Creatures coming up for Teachings had been in constant streams ever since Zhenyuanzi preached in the Human Tribe. Most of them were naturally Humans. What Zhenyuanzi had preached was different from that of the Sage. It was called the Way of Earth Immortal and acquired by the Enlightenment of the Book of the Nether World.

But the Way of Earth Immortal preached by Zhenyuanzi was not perfect. There were only some cultivation exercises of Earthly Immortals. By the time Zhenyuanzi established places like the Heavenly Court and the Nether World, the real and perfect Way of Earth Immortal would firstly appear in Untainted Land, which was quite world-shaking.

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