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A furious Taiyi threw his Bell of Chaos at Houyi. The latter was merely a Great Sorcerer at the peak level of Da Luo Golden Immortality. How could he rival Taiyi who was already at Late Stage of Sage-to-be? He barely managed to avoid the blow but still suffered serious injuries.

Taiyi intended to thoroughly strike down Houyi, but Ancestor of Emperor Jiang arrived just then and successfully rescued him. Taiyi hesitated because he knew it was impossible to kill Houyi under Emperor Jiang's protection. Further, Emperor Jun's only surviving child was behind him. Once the rest of Ancestors of Sorcerer arrived, the last Baby Crow was likely to lose his life.

Left without a choice, all Taiyi could do was to return to Heavenly Court with the last Baby Crow in his arms. Merits then befell Houyi to reward his salvation of Creatures in Untainted Land. But where merits were rewarded, wrongs must be punished. The Demon Tribe's Luck was significantly diminished. After all, countless creatures in Untainted Land were killed by the ten Baby Crows.

Over in Blood Sea, Minghe kept his eyes on every movement in Untainted Land. This time, the Demon Tribe was truly forced to suffer great loss in silence. Nevertheless, Zhunti was also implicated as the person who started it all. Though it were the Baby Crows who burnt the countless creatures, his involvement was too punished.

Whatever happened to Zhunti and the Demon Tribe, Minghe only sat idly in Blood Sea and raked in the profits. Using the Law of Space, he had secretly retrieved the nine Baby Crow corpses and Houyi's nine arrows. These were all fine things.

Though the Baby Crows were dead, the Origin within them were still fine goods. If he refined the Origin and integrated them into the sun in the Word of Heaven and Earth, the latter would not simply have its shape but substantial function as well.

The Origin in Houyi's nine arrows was interlinked with that of the Lunar Star. Though there would be not much of it when the Origin of the Lunar was refined after the end of Return to Genesis of the arrows, at least it would improve the Lunar Star in the World of Heaven and Earth.

Though the World of Heaven and Earth had gradually improved and the Five Elements complete, but the Divine Law of Yin and Yang remained imperfect. Thus, in order to better the Law of Yin and Yang in the world, the Origin in Golden Crows was utilized to improve the Solar Star while the Origin in the Lunar was to improve the Lunar Star. This was all to balance Yin and Yang.

Minghe handed the corpses, arrows, as well as the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to Taoist of Heaven and Earth and washed hands of it. It was a simple task for Taoist of Heaven and Earth to return them to Genesis. There was no need to bother Minghe with such trivialities when he had more important things to do.

With Ancestor Hongjun's 10,000-year deadline closing in, it was time for him to pay the Human tribe a visit. His Selfcentric Separation, Musen, sent a message not too long ago and told him to come over. He had something important to discuss. It was only then that Minghe was reminded of the problem.

In mythology, the Demon Tribe massacred the Human Tribe to use their blood and flesh to refine the Wu-killing Sword to rival the Wu Tribe, as well as their murmuring spirits to create the Unique Ominous Sword. This was all to rival their enemy, the Wu Tribe. A member of the Human Tribe, Musen could not prevent it from happening but he had to make sure his tribe would survive the catastrophe. But the Demon Tribe was strong so he needed help from Minghe.

Minghe had separated all his obsessions and formed them into Musen. He naturally did not share Musen's constant concern for the Human Tribe. However, he certainly would not turn a blind eye to this calamity as the tribe was part of the source of his Luck. Moreover, his Selfcentric Separation was the physical body of the tribe. He himself had spent so much on the tribe. It would be a pity to forgo it now.

Due to his identity, he was unlikely to help the Human Tribe openly. If his relationship with Musen was revealed, it would severely impact his future plans. Hence, what he could do was to visit the tribe stealthily. Thankfully, the Law of Space could help him to do it without anyone's notice.

In Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance in the Human Tribe, Goddess Nvywa was enshrined in the center of the huge palace. Flanking her were the statues of the four Ancestors of Humanity. With four of them no longer interfering in the affairs of the Human Tribe outside Sacred Land, they were enshrined within and outside of the land.

The cultivation area for the four Ancestors of Humanity was located deep in the palace. It was a restricted zone for humans and without the permission of the ancestors, no one may enter. Part of the place was also the cultivation room for the ancestor of martial arts, Musen. Formations barring entrance were laid around the room to prevent others from intruding into his Closed Door Mediation.

Musen was sitting cross-legged in the room on a stone bed, holding the Taoism character 'Wu' in both his hands. He put his whole heart into enlightening the character. He was only able to succeed in the enlightenment of the Law of Martial Arts thanks to the extensive and profound character. Otherwise, it would have fortunate enough for him if he could enter the Early Stage of Fate Reading after spending thousands of years cultivating. But thanks to the law, he had already reached the Intermediate Stage in the cultivation of Martial Arts despite the tribe being only 5,000 years old. It was only a matter of time before he reached the Late Stage.

He abruptly opened his eyes and saw someone walking out from the Void. Smiling, he said, "Your Veneration, your Law of Space is done very well. You seem well-versed at it." The newcomer was none other than Minghe who had come from Blood Sea.

Looking at him, Minghe nodded with satisfaction. "You're doing pretty well yourself, having such insight into the Law of Martial Arts. In just about 5,000 years, you've reached the Intermediate Stage of Fate Reading and you're perhaps not far from the Late Stage. Your progress is much quicker than ours."

Musen laughed and said, "I'm flattered and honored by your kind words." His cultivation speed was indeed too fast. Not even Minghe could rival him. When Minghe created his Good Separation and Evil Separation, they were already at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be or perhaps even the Peak level. On the other hand, Musen as the Selfcentric Separation had to begin cultivating from the very beginning. When it came to cultivation speed, perhaps no one in Untainted Land was his equal.

Minghe waved his hand. "Let's leave the chit-chat aside and get straight to the point. What do you need from me? I know a great calamity is about to befall the Human Tribe, but you know I wouldn't interfere until the last minute. I won't be much help now."

Musen naturally understood Minghe's words but if his help only came at the last minute, perhaps their tribe would be sitting on the verge of extinction by then. That would render all his efforts for the tribe meaningless. He replied, "I understand. I invited you here to help me gain insight into the mystery of the 'Wu' character."

Minghe carefully gained insight into the character Musen handed him. Without much effort, he concluded, "This character is indeed a Taoism character and extremely mysterious. It contains the Way of Martial Arts as well as the Law of Martial Arts. No wonder you have such high-speed cultivation. But even so, what can I do for you? Are you going to borrow my Magical Tao Mirror to gain insight into the Law of Martial Arts?"

Musen first nodded and then shook his head. "It's both true and untrue. I do need your Magical Tao Mirror to gain insight into the character, but not for the Law of Martial Arts. When I looked into the character earlier, I came across a mystery. It looked to be a martial arts formation, but it was so enigmatic that it would cost me a lot of time if I do it alone. Therefore, I need your help."

Minghe was startled to hear his words. Among the three Laws of Elixirs, Weapons, and Array, he was most interested in the latter. Then came the refinement of weapons and the way of elixirs. He was naturally intrigued by the character containing a Grand Array of Martial Arts. He said, "Grand Array of Martial Arts? I'd like to see it. I hope it won't disappoint me."

Musen said, "Every Formation in Untainted Land is a form of Immortals Formations. Martial Arts are equals to the Way of Celestial Immortality, so its Formation wouldn't be worse off. But we don't have much time left. Your Veneration, you should use the Law of Spiritual Beings to control and conjugate our four Original Spirits to gain insight into it in one go."

Minghe's expression changed as he listened. As he ventured deeper into the enlightenment of the Law of Spiritual Beings, he found the law only became more enigmatic and abnormal. It was thanks to the law that he had perfect control over the Divine Laws of Three Separations. Though it was efficient to use the law to connect his four Original Spirits to gain insight into the Grand Array of Martial using the Magical Tao Mirror, it would also greatly consume his Power of Original Spirit and supernatural power. Once it went over his limits, his and his Three Separations would suffer severe damages to their Original Spirits.

Nonetheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He was not an overcautious and indecisive person. As per Musen's words, there was no much time left. Who knew when the calamity of the Human Tribe would break out? If they gained insight into the Grand Array of Martial Arts a day earlier, that would be mean another day for the tribe to familiarize themselves with the Formation. It also meant another vote of confidence in braving the catastrophe.

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