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Chapter 102: Goddess Nvywa's Matchmaking

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Hearing Fuxi's words, Emperor Jun responded joyfully, "I deeply appreciate your kindness. I'll immediately send someone to select some valuable betrothal gifts, please take them along with you to show my sincerity." Since this exchange related to the Demon Tribe's plans, it wasn't to be taken lightly.

Before long, Emperor Jun acquired the betrothal gifts—three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. These gifts were so precious that few could afford them in Untainted Land. Once received, Fuxi hurried back to Wahuang Heaven with the gifts.

Having just arrived outside of the Wahuang Palace, Fuxi walked through the entry square of the main hall and saw a child running to him. Then the child asked, "Master Fuxi, did you bring me back something funny this time?" The child was about seven or eight years old and looked to be clever and cute.

Fuxi laughed as he replied, "Ling Zhuzi, I'm sorry, I was in such a hurry that I didn't bring you anything. I'll bring you something next time. I've something urgent to discuss with my sister, is she here?" Ling Zhuzi had been converted from a spiritual bead, becoming a Child Attendant, after Goddess Nvywa enlightened him. Goddess Nvywa was very fond of him.

Ling Zhuzi curled his lips and said, "Master Fuxi, you'd better not forget next time. Goddess Nvywa has been waiting for you in the palace. You'd better hurry." Then he bounced away to play somewhere.

When Fuxi entered the palace, seeing that the Goddess Nvywa was sitting on her throne, he said, "Dear sister, I came to discuss the marriage you mentioned last time we spoke. Being the Lord of the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun is sure to win the marriage proposal. However, if we want to promote the marriage, we'll need your help."

Hearing his words, Goddess Nvywa opened her eyes as she asked, "Marriage? Who is the one Emperor Jun wishes to marry? He even asks me to be his matchmaker." Women who could catch Emperor Jun's eyes would not be ordinary ones, and it would be an even smaller number that would need

Goddess Nvywa to be their matchmaker.

Fuxi answered, "It's Xihe, Lord of the Lunar Star. Since Emperor Jun has a solar body, only Xihe's lunar body can bear him. Emperor Jun ordered that I bring three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures as betrothal gifts. He also hoped that you would go to the Lunar Star and make a match for them."

The Goddess Nvywa replied, "I wonder if this is your proposal, my brother. Xihe has been living a peaceful life in the Lunar Star, but now she's going to get involved in this battle for the Demon Tribe. I wonder whether it's a blessing or a misfortune. Well, I will make the trip. Whether I'll succeed or not, Heaven will decide."

Fuxi was stunned by her words. All of his previous consideration was about the Demon Tribe and he hadn't even thought about Xihe. She had, indeed, been living a peaceful life. However, if she were to marry Emperor Jun, she would become involved in the Cultivation Tribulation, bound to the Demon Tribe for good or ill.

While Fuxi was staring blankly, Goddess Nvywa left to the Lunar Star with Emperor Jun's betrothal gifts, leaving Fuxi to wait in the Wahuang Palace. As for the result, that was beyond his control, so there was nothing left for him to do but sit and wait for the new from his sister.

When the Goddess Nvywa arrived at the Lunar Star, Xihe came out to greet her. Goddess Nvywa had a good sisterly relationship with Xihe and she often came to visit. All though there were many female immortals in Untainted Land, not many of them could match the Goddess Nvywa's status, however, Xihe was one. Houtu was also counted as one, but since the Wu Tribe and Demon Tribe were hostile towards each other, Goddess Nvywa might as well associate with Xihe.

After greeting the Goddess Nvywa and inviting her into the Guang Han Palace, Xihe served them tea before saying, "Sister, how are you free to come to my Palace? I made tea with bay flower petals, try some." The bay flower petals

petals floated in the tea, its fragrance overflowing. It was delightful and refreshing.

The Laurel Tree was a primordial spiritual root growing in the Lunar Star since its birth. Except for the Guang Han Palace, it is the only Laurel Tree that the Lunar Star has. The Laurel Tree was about 5,000 feet high and connected with the Lunar Star by the Origin. As a result, it would not die until the Lunar Star was consumed by death. But equally, it could never obtain the spiritual mind or transform from its primordial spiritual root.

Goddess Nvywa tasted the bay tea before praising. "It's good. Its aroma is light and elegant, and has an enduring fragrance." She put down the cup and continued to say, "Sister, I came to discuss something joyful with you."

"What is the happy event?" Xihe asked confused. Xihe lived in the Guang Han Palace with her sisters, Chang Xi and WangShu. She had no friends and did not have contact with the outside. Except that Goddess Nvywa visited occasionally, other people didn't come to the Lunar Star. So, what happy event?

Goddess Nvywa laughed and said, "It's about your life-long happiness, so I came here to discuss it with you. Emperor Jun, of the Demon Tribe, has admired you for a long time and wants to take you as his Taoist partner. So, he asked me to come along with three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures as betrothal gifts and make a proposal. What would you say, my sister?"

Xihe was embarrassed at her words. "Well... " Though the Lunar Star was in the charge of the Heavenly Court, she had nothing to do with the Demon Tribe. Emperor Jun once visited the Lunar Star and that was the only time she had seen him. Now Emperor Jun asked Goddess Nvywa to come and make a proposal, which really confused her.

Seeing her embarrassment, Goddess Nvywa continued to say, "Sister, you're the Lord of the Lunar Star and have a lunar body, while Emperor Jun is the Lord of the Solar Star and has a solar body. As the saying goes,

saying goes, Yin and Yang will not grow without each other respectively. Yin and Yang represent softness and strength respectively. As long as they're combined, they'll get further cultivation. I think you already know that."

Goddess Nvywa slightly changed her expression upon hearing the Goddess Nvywa's words. Just as Goddess Nvywa had said, her cultivation growth had become much slower since she separated her Merit body and entered the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be. There was so much Yin in her body that it began to affect her cultivation and made it hopeless for her to separate her Evil Separation. The combination of Yin and Yang could greatly improve her cultivation.

Goddess Nvywa saw Xihe was beginning to waver, so she instantly said, "You may know about marriages of Heaven, Earth, and Humans in the three realms. If you marry Emperor Jun, it'll be a marriage of Heaven. Once the marriage is set, there will be a merit sent out. With the merit, you'll have a chance to separate your Evil Separation. Moreover, I've predicted that you and Emperor Jun are fated to become Taoist partners, and that is why I came to make this proposal for Emperor Jun."

Xihe was obviously persuaded by the Goddess Nvywa. However, she glanced deep inside the Guang Han Palace before saying, "Sister, I know what you are saying. I need Emperor Jun to promise me one thing before I accept his proposal." Xihe made the decision, not only due to the Goddess Nvywa's words, but also because of her good feelings about him, even though she had only met him the once.

"What's it, sister? You can speak freely," Goddess Nvywa asked. "I know if I marry Jun it means that I will be involved in the Cultivation Tribulation and I don't personally care. However, I don't want Chang Xi and WangShu to get involved. As long as Emperor Jun promises me this, I'll accept his proposal."

Hearing Xihe's words, Goddess Nvywa sent a message to Emperor Jun. When she got his reply, she said, "I just asked Emperor Jun, and he agreed. Then your marriage is settled. marriage is settled. I'll go back to set the wedding date for you."

After Goddess Nvywa left, Chang Xi came out along with WangShu, looking at Xihe, and asked, "Sister, why would you agree with him? The war between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe is so dangerous that even Emperor Jun may not escape unscathed. Why would you go through the trouble?"

Xihe sighed, "With that being said, as one of the positions of primary stars of the Wu Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation, the Wu Tribe won't allow others to take control of the Lunar Star. I'm afraid that Goddess Nvywa came to make a proposal for this reason, so I have to accept that. Moreover, I have a good feeling from Emperor Jun, and the Goddess Nvywa's words also make sense, so I'm willing to accept it."

Hearing Xihe's words, they both understood the meaning. The Demon Tribe intended to try peaceful means before resorting to force. If Emperor Jun were refused, he would not be kind next time. After all, the Untainted Land was a world where people with prowess and ability were admired.

At the sight of Chang Xi and Wang Shu's expressions, Xihe laughed and said, "Don't worry. If I were unwilling, I wouldn't agree even if the Demon Tribe forced me to. Besides, although Houtu became a Sage, she is trapped in the Nether World. With one Ancestor of Sorcery missing, the Wu Tribe can't arrange the Formation. Thus the Demon Tribe has higher chances of success."

Although Xihe's words were reasonable, Chang Xi and WangShu were still worried. However, before they could try to persuade her, Xihe said, "You two have no Spiritual Treasures for protection, so I'll give you these two Spiritual Treasures. After I leave, you have to cultivate diligently, you hear that?"

Chang Xi and WangShu both started to cry when they heard Xihe's words. The three sisters had been inseparable since birth and had never been apart. Now that Xihe was about to marry, they naturally felt sad and worried. Once involved in the Cultivation Tribulation, it would be difficult to escape unscathed.

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