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Chapter 101: The Demon Tribe's Discussion

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The Three Pure Ones's separation caused the concerns of the whole Untainted Land as they three had lived together for tens of thousands of years. Thus, all living beings were naturally curious about the reason causing them to establish their own Ashrams.

In the Divine Wind Palace of the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Fuxi, Kunpeng, and all the other Sacred Demons gathered there to discuss the Three Pure Ones's separation. For Sages had come into being, and the Demon Tribe was naturally beginning to be concerned about the Sages, not only about the Wu Tribe. After all, the Sages were so extraordinary that they could shape the situation in Untainted Land.

Having discussed for a long while, Ji Meng finally said, "Your Majesty, in my opinion, the Three Pure Ones's separation has no influence on the Demon Tribe. Even though the Three Pure Ones originate from the same as the Wu Tribe, they have no communication at all, and the Three Pure Ones are also not involved in the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes. Instead of worrying too much about them, I think we should worry about another one."

"Who?" asked Emperor Jun. Indeed, as Original Pangu, the Three Pure Ones had a sort of haughty nature all the time, making it impossible for them to have communication with the Wu Tribe or get involved in the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes before. Thus, the Three Pure Ones, who had become Sages, would not be likely to be interested in the winner of the war, or even the Wu Tribe.

Ji Meng replied, "Ancestor Minghe in the Blood Sea. He has given the Hong Meng Immortal Qi to the Wu Tribe, showing good relations between him and the Wu Tribe. Now Houtu is restricted within the Nether World, but if Ancestor Minghe, who is a Da Luo Golden Immortal with extremely strong supernatural power, gives a hand to the Wu Tribe now, Goddess Nvywa may not be able to

defeat him, and then we'll be in danger."

If someone had the strongest hatred for Minghe, that would be Kunpeng. Since Houtu became a Sage, Kunpeng's hatred for Minghe became profound. Since Minghe could reach the Fruit of Origin without relying on the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, why did Minghe still snatch the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from him? If it was not Minghe, Kunpeng would not have lost the Hong Meng Immortal Qi or his freedom.Kunpeng would have already gone to snatch it back, provided that he could be a match against Minghe.

Everyone's expression in the palace turned to be dignified after hearing Ji Meng's remarks. Though Minghe was not a Sage, he was the only one in Untainted Land to achieve the Fruit of Origin without the help of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Moreover, he had so many secrets that no one knew how powerful his strength was after reaching Daluo Golden Immortal of Origin. If what Ji Meng said was true, it was by no means a good news for the Demon Tribe when Minghe chose to help the Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jun solemnly asked, "This is indeed a big problem. Even though unable to make good relations with Minghe, we can't let him help the Wu Tribe, so do you have any good solutions?" If Minghe did not help the Wu Tribe, the Demon Tribe would have much greater odds to win in the final fight.

However, few in Untainted Land knew Minghe, so no one could come up with a good solution at the moment. Seeing that, Emperor Jun had to give up and choose to wait, but fortunately, Goddess Nvywa, as a Sage of the Demon Tribe, would never sit by when Minghe helped the Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jun realized that now the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings was short of one Ancestor of Sorcery, so the Demon Tribe with the help of the Cosmic Stars Formation may have a better chance to win. "Ji Meng, how about our Demon Tribe's practice of

of the Cosmic Stars Formation?" asked Emperor Jun. In the last fight between the Wu and Demon Tribes, the Demon Tribe did not practice the Cosmic Stars Formation well. Thus, after that fight, Emperor Jun ordered to improve their practice of the Formation to prepare for the final fight.

Ji Meng replied, "Your Majesty, over thousands of years, our Demon Tribe's warriors have been intensifying their practice of the Formation day and night and have improved greatly. But I also found a problem during the practice. That's the Lunar Star, one of the positions of the primary star, can't be controlled very well. This caused a great influence on the power of the tactical formation."

Emperor Jun frowned hearing that. The Lunar Star was in the area of the Heavenly Court, but in fact, it was out of the control of the Heavenly Court. Xihe, having a cultivation of the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, lived in the Lunar Star with her two younger sisters. No conflict had happened between them for so long and Emperor Jun did not make trouble for them either. But now, the Lunar Star became a problem.

Xihe, the lord of the Lunar Star, could proficiently control the power of the Lunar just as Emperor Jun could control the power of the Solar. The Lunar and the Solar were both located in the Formation Eyes of the Cosmic Stars Formation. It meant there would be a big hidden danger if it was out of control.

Xihe, the lord of the Lunar Star, was the best one to control the position of the Lunar, but since she was not under the control of the Demon Tribe, Taiyi was ordered to be responsible for controlling that position all along. Now this annoying problem had been raised by Ji Meng, and if they left it unsolved, it would always be a hidden problem in the Cosmic Stars Formation.

Emperor Jun had to ask for a solution. "The lord of the Lunar Star, Xihe, is not a member of the Demon Tribe,

Demon Tribe, and I've sent someone to invite her to join us several times, but all failed. So do you have any good ideas to solve the defect of the Cosmic Stars Formation?"

All kept silent because they could not force Xihe to control the position of the Lunar Star. If they did so, Xihe might not coordinate with them during the war, then a catastrophe would fall to the Demon Tribe. Thus, making Xihe willing to control the position of the Lunar Star was the only solution.

Fuxi, being lost in his thoughts, remembered something and said, "Fellow Emperor Jun, I remember something that may solve this problem. If it succeeds, Fellow Xihe could willingly help our Demon Tribe and some merits may fall to the Demon Tribe." All members were attracted by Fuxi's remarks. In their opinions, Fuxi was as clever as Ji Meng.

Emperor Jun immediately asked, "Fellow Fuxi, please quickly tell us about it." Xihe's help could greatly enhance the power of the Cosmic Stars Formation, and if what Fuxi said about the merits was true, Emperor Jun could use those merits to make progress in cultivation. Emperor Jun, whose cultivation was at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, had separated the good and evil ones now, but he had not make any progress lately.Thus if Emperor Jun had Merits, he could use them to either separate the obsession one or reach the Sage-to-be Peak Level at least.

In Untainted Land, only Minghe had reached the Peak Level of the Sage-to-be, and his strong power had been witnessed by all when he snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Emperor Jun did not know if he could have the same power as Minghe when reaching the Sage-to-be Peak Level, but even he did not have such power, a Sage-to-be Peak Level cultivator would also increase the chances to win for the Demon Tribe.

Fuxi replied, "I went to my younger sister's palace the other day, hearing that her Numinous Red Hydrangea gifted by Honorable Ancestor not only had incomparable power but incomparable power but also could be used to establish the marriage of Heaven, Earth, and Humans. Now the Demon Tribe occupies the Heavenly Court, and Fellow Emperor Jun, as the Emperor of the Demon Tribe, will have the Heavenly Marriage."

Seeing that others did not understand what he meant in respect to the Heavenly Marriage, Fuxi continued, "Fellow Emperor Jun is the lord of the Solar Star, enjoying an extreme yang body, while Fellow Taoist Xihe, the lord of the Lunar Star, is a Lunar Body featuring extreme yin. If Fellow Emperor Jun marries Fellow Taoist Xihe, it will become the Heavenly Marriage, and naturally the merits will fall."

Seeing they had understood, Fuxi said again, "Though Fellow Taoist Emperor Jun is the Demon Emperor, he still doesn't have descendants. However, ordinary women couldn't bear his Solar Body, and only the Lunar Body of Fellow Taoist Xihe is able to give birth to descendants of our Demon Tribe."

Descendants meant something important to the Demon Tribe, and everyone became serious. Emperor Jun and Taiyi were the Three-legged Golden Crow, the royals of the Demon Tribe. However, in Untainted Land, only they two were the Three-legged Golden Crow, so no one could inherit the crown if something happened to them two. At that time, internal strives would arise in the Demon Tribe, backing into the era of the Hundred Tribes contending with each other.

Emperor Jun also realized what Fuxi had raised, but in order to show Emperor Jun's sincerity, only a distinguished person could be sent to propose the marriage to Xihe. In the Demon Tribe, only the Sage Goddess Nvywa was suitable to do this.

Seeing that Emperor Jun was looking at him, Fuxi understood what Emperor Jun meant and said, "Fellow Emperor Jun, don't worry. I will go to the Wahuang Heaven to ask my younger sister to propose for Fellow Taoist. She and Fellow Taoist Xihe are good friends. Besides, as it's the Heavenly Marriage needed to be hosted by my younger sister, she is the suitable one to do this."

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