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Chapter 103: The Completion of the Marriage of Heaven

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With the matchmaking successfully fulfilled, Goddess Nvywa went back to her Wahuang Heaven. Seeing her come in, Fuxi went to her and asked, "Sister, how did it go? Does Fellow Taoist Xihe agree?" Goddess Nvywa nodded without saying anything.

Seeing Goddess Nvywa nod, Fuxi left the Wahuang Palace and went back to the Heavenly Court. Goddess Nvywa looked concerned. Although Xihe had agreed, it was difficult to say whether it was a blessing or a curse. Fuxi, himself, had been trapped in the Cultivation Tribulation and unable to guarantee his own safety. Of course, she might as well try her best to protect him and Xihe. After all, she went to make the proposal in person pulling Xihe into the situation.

Fuxi informed Emperor Jun right after he returned to the Heavenly Court. Emperor Jun had been elated to learn that Xihe had accepted his proposal, "Good, good. Ji Meng, you should decorate the Heavenly Court as soon as possible and prepare well for the wedding ceremony. Don't discredit our tribe so we lose face. In addition, you should send the invitation cards to all parties in Untainted Land. As for the Sages, you should ask Fellow Fuxi for help."

Sages were different from other people, and only people with distinguished identities were qualified to send them invitations. Fuxi was the Emperor of the Demon Tribe and elder brother of Goddess Nvywa, and the other Sages respected him. So he was the right person to send the invitation cards.

Since a decision about marriage had been made, the entire Heavenly Court acted immediately. Meanwhile, Emperor Jun exerted supernatural power to inform the entire Untainted Land, "I'm Emperor Jun, Demon Emperor. I find that Yin and Yang have lost balance, because of this the three Cardinal Guides have become abnormal and Ethics have been disordered. Therefore, I am determined to consummate the loyal marriage and set an example for Untainted

Land. The wedding ceremony will be held in the Heavenly Court in 81 years, to build Ethics and Laws."

After informing the Untainted Land, Emperor Jun asked his people to send invitations to all of the lords in Untainted Land. Although Emperor Jun had informed the entire Untainted Land of his marriage, including the lords, he still sent out invitations to show respect and consideration for their distinguished identities.

Emperor Jun also invited Minghe so he would be able to share Minghe's attitude towards the Demon Tribe. If Minghe appeared, it indicated that Minghe wasn't close to the Wu Tribe. Maybe the matter regarding the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was only a deal. If not, the Wu Tribe would prepare for the worst.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, it wasn't long before Minghe received the invitation card sent by Fuxi. As he looked at the invitation card, he appeared to be considering something. Then with a tongue of flame in the air, the invitation card disintegrated into ash. Glancing at the Lunar Star, Minghe went back to his Closed Door Meditation. Had he forgotten their relationship altogether, or had it never happened?

81 years later, the wedding day was drawing near. The Heavenly Court had been decorated with lanterns and festoons. The sounds of gongs and drums echoed through the halls. With the help of billions, the Heavenly Court had been filled with happiness and luck. The Demon Tribe did their best to prepare for the wedding. After all, the Demon Emperor's wedding had to be lavish, or it would become a joke among the creatures in Untainted Land.

All of the immortals from Untainted Land arrived at the Heavenly Court with special prowess to offer in congratulations. They mounted the clouds, rode the mist, or followed their Sacred Beasts. Colourful, auspicious clouds floated in the sky, and all sorts of Sacred Beasts had gathered, including the Kylin, Immortal Crane, fierce tiger, and Dragon of Flood.

In the

the Heavenly Court, as the bridegroom, Emperor Jun personally visited the Guang Han Palace on the Lunar Star, with his troops, to receive his bride. Goddess Nvywa, the matchmaker, and officiator accompanied him as well. Thus all of the affairs of the Heavenly Court were in the charge of Donghuang Taiyi, and Fuxi, including arranging the ceremony and greeting guests.

As the Royal Demon of the Heavenly Court, Taiyi did not need to greet ordinary guests in person. Ordinary guests would be greeted by Bai Ze, one of the top ten Demon Generals, and others at the Southern Heavenly Gate. Only those in Untainted Land with titles ranking higher than Bai Ze would be personally greeted by Taiyi and Fuxi.

As a Sage-to-be and Demon General of the Heavenly Court, Bai Ze had a noble status. So, only a few people needed Taiyi to meet them in person. Moreover, Bai Ze was so smart and cunning that he was the right person for the reception. He was a sociable person, adept at meeting the guests and exchanging pleasantries. He took to it just like a duck to water.

The Immortals and individual cultivators, that arrived to congratulate, handed their gifts to Bai Ze. They then preceded into the banquet in Heavenly Court and waited for the wedding ceremony to begin. Unfortunately, the most distinguished guests had not arrived.

The most distinguished guests, of course, referred to Sages. However, after waiting for quite awhile, none of them cared to show up. This news made Emperor Jun unhappy on his way to greet his bride, but he immediately hid it. After all, today was his day.

In fact, Emperor Jun shrugged it off. They were sages and he was not. Therefore, Emperor Jun was not qualified to even invite them and the only Sage to be present was the officiator Goddess Nvywa.

Before long, the greeting troop arrived at Southern Gate. The wedding time had come. Looking at the greeting troop outside Southern

outside Southern Gate over the overlapped buildings, the immortals, and individual cultivators that had come to celebrate could not help but cheer in their hearts.

The greeting troop consisted of many people and extended thousands of meters. They beat gongs and pounded on drums, all performing their own functions. With a great many people in the Heavenly Court, it was not unusual to see such a large-scale greeting troop.

What was unusual was the bride and groom's moded of transportation. The bride was in a Phoenix Chariot and Emperor Jun was in a vehicle completely made of Solar Pure Gold. It sparkled and gleamed, with a baldachin full of colored glaze and gems coated above it. It was driven by nine dragons with golden skin and horns, which was considered luxury to the extreme.

Sitting under the baldachin, Emperor Jun showed off the majesty of an Emperor as he rested against the luxurious vehicle and baldachin. Similarly, Xihe's Phoenix Chariot was made of the same Solar Pure Gold, and it was engraved with exquisite patterns and had inlaid numerous precious gems that twinkled and glittered.

Driven by ​​nine phoenixes, the Phoenix Chariot was well worthy of the name. Right before the wedding began, Goddess Nvywa mounted the platform and prepared for the impending ceremony. Meanwhile, Emperor Jun helped Xihe as she dismounted the Phoenix Chariot. As everyone got ready, the ceremony was about to start.

Emperor Jun was a Lord of the Heavenly Court with a distinguished identity, so he didn't need to bow many times. He simply bowed once to Heaven and Earth. Then Goddess Nvywa softly announced, "A Marriage of Heaven has been completed." Suddenly, a large group of Golden Cloud of Merit descended from Heaven. It was the Merit of a Marriage of Heaven.

Although the Golden Cloud of Merit couldn't compare with the descended when Emperor Jun and Taiyi established Heavenly Court, it was still a lot. The guests all watched it enviously. The Golden Cloud of Merit Cloud of Merit descended in mid-air and suddenly divided into four golden lights. Two golden lights each accounted for 40% of merit, which fell upon Emperor Jun and Xihe respectively.

Xihe and Emperor Jun were the focus of the Marriage of Heaven. Now as the marriage had been completed and the Three Cardinal Guides had spread throughout the Void, they deserved so much merit. Goddess Nvywa, as the matchmaker and officiator, got 10% of the merit. However, all the merit was collected by the Red Woven Ball. The last 10% merit fell upon Fuxi for his help with the marriage. His cultivation improved, but he was still in the Late Stage of Sage-to-be.

Xihe immediately separated her Evil Separation and entered the Late Stage Sage-to-be after absorbing the merit. Emperor Jun absorbed his merit. Though he did not comprehend his obsession, he still broke through to the Realm of Sage-to-be Peak Level, becoming the second Sage-to-be Peak Level master next to Minghe in Untainted Land.

The wedding banquet was full of guests, together with magic fruits, spiritual roots and the best quality liquor. Even the tableware had been made from refined treasures like gold, silver or ivory. They were bright, shiny, and surrounded by a Spiritual Air, clearly indicating they were valuable treasures.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed several empty seats, while he accepted the congratulations, and his good mood was ruined. The Three Pristine Ones, Jieyin, Zhunti, and Minghe hadn't bothered to come. Obviously they cared less about him and the Demon Tribe. How could Emperor Jun not be angry?

Ultimately, he had not been strong enough. If he were a Sage or a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin and the Demon Tribe was Lord of the world, those six would certainly have come at his invitation. In that moment, Emperor Jun yearned to defeat the Wu Tribe and become a Sage with Luck in Untainted Land. What he desired most was a supreme strength.

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