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Ye Feng walked out from the dilapidated palace. He found a relatively quiet place on Yuxu Inheritance's mountain and began his cultivation.


"Yuxu Inheritance transfers the power of stars to a human's body. In term of it, the human can obtain mighty power."


Ye Feng was serious about understanding the quintessential points of Yuxu Inheritance. During this process, he moved his body slowly and followed the quintessential points to start his cultivation. At the first moment of his beginning, the light curtain of star splendor emerged around Ye Feng. This meant he reached the entry level and preliminarily comprehended the quintessential points of Yuxu Inheritance.


"How fantastic the power is! It is so different from other skills!" Ye Feng's face was full of excitement. The more he knew Yuxu Inheritance, the more uncommon he felt it was. Yuxu Inheritance was remarkably powerful. If he could succeed in its cultivation, owing to it, he didn't need to fear anyone.


"Yuxu Skill!" Bright lights shimmered in Ye Feng's eyes. Yuxu Skill was one of the top skills of Yuxu Inheritance, which could incorporate the power of stars into body and summon thunder to help one in combat. It really enjoyed strong and limitless strength!


"It's a pity that the current Yuxu Inheritance is incomplete. It can't be cultivated to the level of calling for thunder." Ye Feng felt regretful that such a mighty skill was incomplete. But he quickly changed his emotion and put on a smile.


"I'm different from other people. I have Strongest System. It can repair all skills, so the incomplete parts of Yuxu Inheritance are not a problem for me." Ye Feng calmly summoned the data screen of Strongest System.


Host Name: Ye Feng.

Realm: 8th Layer Qi Condensation.

Constitution: The initial Saint Physique (0/10000).

Experience Value: 600.

Cultivation Methods: Immortal Sutra 100/100000 (first layer) (immortal method)

Divine Roc 0/10000 (immortal skill) (not open level cultivation)

Tiger Fist 0/700 (first layer) (middle grade of Earth)

Fire Cloud 0/1500 (first layer) (top grade of Earth)

Yuxu Skill 0/3000 (incomplete; no clear level; a lot of experience needed to repair it; not open level cultivation)

Magic Tools: Shennong Tripod 100/10000 (immortal incomplete) (ten stages for repairing, first stage now)

            Qingling Sword 0/1500 (top-grade Spiritual Tool)


"I desire to upgrade these skills and tools to full level…" Ye Feng bitterly smiled. The only thing he lacked was experience value!


"Damn it! Why have I not received my awards yet? Who privately take possession of them?" Those awards were equal to experience value in Ye Feng's eyes, so they were very important!


"No way. I should go and find them. Without experience value, I can do nothing…" Ye Feng twitched his mouth and lengthened his stride to leave for finding Elder Fu to ask for his awards.


"Junior Ye…" An outer disciple was excited, accelerating his steps and walking to Ye Feng.


"Elder Fu orders me to send these awards to you." The outer disciple gazed at Ye Feng with respect. Ye Feng became famous and one of the most talented disciples in Luoyun Sect, so he dared not to neglect Ye Feng.

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