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On the top of Yuxu Inheritance's mountain, Weng Wuyou drove the rainbow bridge to slowly land on the ground. He walked before Ye Feng and led Ye Feng to enter into the dilapidated palace.


"I ask you, do you regret selecting Yuxu Inheritance?" Weng Wuyou turned round and peered at Ye Feng with composure.


"No." Ye Feng shook his head and continued, "If give me one more chance, I will still choose Yuxu Inheritance!"


"Good! You're a good guy as my expectation." Weng Wuyou nodded with satisfaction and opened his mouth, "Yuxu Inheritance is incomplete, but after repairing by me for many years, it will be stronger than other Inheritances of Luoyun Sect despite it still can't be unrivaled."


"I hope teacher can pass on Yuxu Inheritance to me!" Ye Feng put on a serious expression. He never suspected the powerful strength of Yuxu Inheritance, for Weng Wuyou proved it before him. Although Weng Wuyou boasted an incomplete Inheritance, he was still extraordinarily mighty, defeating Elders including Elder Ning easily.


"Yuxu Inheritance always puts quality before quantity. Today, you meet my requirements and win the inheritance competition among outer disciples, so I have protected you and admitted you are my disciple." Weng Wuyou's eyes were sparkling and he was slightly excited, "300 years passed, Yuxu Inheritance eventually finds a qualified disciple!"


Weng Wuyou was awfully contented. Yuxu Inheritance had been quiet for 300 years. But from today, it would break silence and return to the top.


"You have a good talent in cultivation. The duty of carrying forward Yuxu Inheritance is on your shoulder now. You must remember, our Inheritance's disciples never fall behind other people!"


"I will comply with your edification!" The hot blood of Ye Feng was burning up and two streams of intense lights were jumping in his eyes.


"Now, I teach you how to cultivate Yuxu Inheritance!" Weng Wuyou became stern. He slowly opened his mouth and told Ye Feng the main points of Yuxu Inheritance. When meeting some obscure and complicated quintessential parts, he would set an example in order to make Ye Feng have a profound understanding.


Ye Feng was completely indulged in studying, for Yuxu Inheritance was so extraordinary.


"If Yuxu Inheritance is complete, it will eclipse all other Inheritances!" Ye Feng's eyes were gleaming.


"You should remember these quintessential points and work hard in cultivation, and you will make great achievements in the future!" Weng Wuyou again explained some fallible parts in cultivation in detail and hinted Ye Feng to get out for cultivation for he wanted to have a breath.


At this time, Ye Feng's eyes were sparkling, he turned to Weng Wuyou, "Teacher, I have not received my awards of this inheritance competition! Can I go to take them?"


Ye Feng participated in the competition mainly because of those abundant awards that could exchange for much experience value. Therefore, he couldn't give up them. He must take those awards even if he would trigger troubles.


"You don't need to go. Fu Sheng does well in these things. Wait a moment, he will send someone to deliver awards to you." After saying that, Weng Wuyou disappeared from the palace.

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