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Ye Feng took over his awards from the outer disciple with bright smile, and cracked a joke, "I'm thinking Elder Fu privately takes possession of my awards and planning to find him, but you come here now."


Sweat trickled down the outer disciple's forehead because of fear. He thought it was so lucky that he didn't delay the delivery and came here without a stop. Otherwise, there would be a big trouble. He knew Ye Feng was an aggressive man; even the Kendo Inheritance's Elder had been slapped by Ye Feng. If Ye Feng went to find Elder Fu, he couldn't imagine what would happen!


"No, no…When Junior Ye left, Elder Fu commanded me to send the awards to you at once!" The outer disciple promptly explained.


"Don't be nervous. It's just a joke. I believe Elder Fu, it's impossible for him to occupy my awards." Ye Feng said goodbye to the outer disciple with smile, returned to the cultivation place and continued his cultivation.


"Amazing awards! They can exchange for much experience value!" Ye Feng's face was full of smile. This time he acquired 1,000 middle-grade spiritual stones, 12 second-grade spiritual cores and one middle-grade spiritual tool. Wonderful and abundant harvests!


"All exchange for experience value!" Ye Feng summoned the Strongest System, and used all awards to exchange for experience value without any hesitation.




"Congratulations to host. The exchange is successful. You get a total of experience value of 43,000. Until now, your remaining experience value is 43,600."


The sound of the system reached into Ye Feng's ears, making him be ravished with joy. "Wow. I have so much experience value now! Over 40,000! Ha ha, I can focus on cultivation for a relatively long time."


After thinking about how to use the experience value, Ye Feng decided to employ it in the Yuxu Skill. He wanted to see its power.


"Congratulations to host for successfully upgrading the Yuxu Skill. The cultivation level of the Yuxu Skill begins; current level is the first layer."


"Congratulations to host for successfully upgrading the Yuxu Skill."


"Congratulations to host for successfully upgrading the Yuxu Skill."


"Congratulations to host for successfully upgrading the Yuxu Skill."



Ye Feng continued to add the experience value to the Yuxu Skill at one fling without hesitations. However, the result amazed him. He spent approximately 20,000 experience value on the Yuxu Skill. But its grade was still unknown. In the meantime, the level of the Yuxu Skill reached the sixth layer.


"It costs too much experience value to upgrade the Yuxu Skill to the seventh layer!" Surprise appeared on Ye Feng's face. From the sixth layer to the seventh layer, more than 30,000 experience value was demanded.


"But the Yuxu Skill is incomplete. If I want to repair it, how much experience value it will cost?" Ye Feng let out a deep sigh, and hated his poverty. He really, really lacked experience value!


"Forget it. I should start my cultivation at first, and try to obtain experience value later." The Yuxu Skill had been upgraded to the sixth layer. He needed to understand it and completely combined the knowledge with practicality.


While Ye Feng devoted himself to cultivation, Luoyun Sect was getting into a mess.


"Hum. How dare Ye Feng slap Elder Ning? His courage is too big!"


"Yuxu Inheritance has declined for 300 years, now does it want to rise? Yuxu Inheritance has no qualification to look down upon Kendo Inheritance!"


"An Inheritance is made up of two persons. How can it be called Inheritance?"


A lot of disciples of Kendo Inheritance were aflame with indignation, and announced they would challenge Ye Feng, to pay off old scores for Elder Ning.

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