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"Who is he?"


All people were stunned and gazed at the old man unbelievably.


Elder Ning, coming from Kendo Inheritance, had enjoyed a high status all the time. But he was called "Rubbish Ning" and slapped by the old man.


It cost a few minutes for spectators to find their minds; they recognized the old man's identity momentarily.


"He is the Elder of Yuxu Inheritance!" Almost all spectators correctly guessed the old man's identity from his words to Elder Ning just now.


"Elder Weng…Why are you here?" Elder Fu got close to the old man and threw out his question.


"There is someone bullying my disciple, can't I come here?" Elder Weng sneered.


"Weng Wuyou, you've gone too far!" Each of Elder Ning's hair was erecting for fury. As the Elder of Kendo Inheritance, he was honored by many people in Luoyun Sect. However, Weng Wuyou slapped him before so many people here; it was so humiliating and his coercion was destroyed.


"Have I or you gone too far?" Weng Wuyou cast a cool glimpse at Elder Ning, and continued, "In past, I'm busy in cultivation so I'm not concerned about you. But today, you dare to bully and humiliate the disciple of my Inheritance, how brave you are!"


"Disciple of your Inheritance?" Elder Ning ridiculed, "Is there any inheritance in your Yuxu Inheritance?"


"It seems like the previous slap doesn't remind you." Weng Wuyou darkened his face gradually, with a cluster of fury flame burning up in his eyes. 300 years ago, the Elder of Yuxu Inheritance had suffered an accident, causing the Inheritance became incomplete. The status of Yuxu Inheritance had been lowered day by day from then on, and their disciples had been laughed by many people from other Inheritances.


"It makes no sense to act violently! We all know Yuxu Inheritance has been incomplete. Founder should have eliminated your Inheritance from the sect." Elder Ning gnashed his teeth. He still felt the pain from his face until now.


"Even if Yuxu Inheritance is incomplete now, it can't be stooped by you!" Bright lights shimmered in Weng Wuyou's eyes, making him release a kind of powerful strength despite he seemed like having one foot in the grave. This frightened other people.


"If you said those words 300 years ago, everybody would have agreed with you. But now…Damn your Yuxu Inheritance! It's just an incomplete Inheritance, not on a par with our Kendo Inheritance!" Elder Ning satirized. Yuxu Inheritance existed in name only, so he didn't need to fear Weng Wuyou.




Loud slap sound resounded, a red palm trace immerging on Elder Ning's right face. Weng Wuyou slapped him again.


"Yuxu Inheritance is not good enough indeed, but coping with your Inheritance, it's more than enough!" Weng Wuyou maintained his composure, stared at Elder Ning and jeered, "Even though your Kendo Inheritance has more disciples than Yuxu Inheritance, our only disciple defeated all your disciples."


All disciples around them were shocked by Weng Wuyou's mighty power. In addition to them, the remaining Elders were also astounded; Weng Wuyou had slapped Elder Ning before they saw his movement.


The fury flame nearly rushed out from Elder Ning's eyes. How could he stand Weng Wuyou's repeated humiliations?

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