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"No…" Yurou roared with her eyes full of horrors.


As the Elder of Kendo Inheritance, Elder Ning's strength was fathomless. If Ye Feng was hit by this assault, he must be hurt heavily. Phfft! Without any hesitance, she rushed out before Ye Feng and replaced him to receive the raid.



Yurou flew out. A big mouthful of blood coming out from her mouth incarnadined her smooth long hair.


"Yurou!" Ye Feng shouted. His eyes became red. Uncontrollable fury rose from his heart. He concentrated his attention with glittering and translucent gloss shining on his body. He used the Tiger Fist to punch Elder Ning.


"Playing with fire." Elder Ning's lips curled, scorn emerging on his face. He struck back with a clap gathering tremendous rays. When his hand slapped on Ye Feng's chest, Ye Feng spitted out blood and flew out.


"Are you a rebel? How dare you launch a raid to Elder?" Elder Ning sneered. His eyes were frozen. He strode to Ye Feng step by step.


"Why can someone like you cultivate? God is unfair!" Ye Feng exclaimed with excitement, his eyes full of rage. Yurou replaced him to be attacked. Now she was lying down on the ground, hard to predict her chances of life or death.


"You really make me angry!" Elder Ning laugh grimly. A beam of light appearing in his hand, he rapidly carried out a raid to Ye Feng.




Ye Feng flew out again. His clothes were broken and his blood rushed out from his mouth. He suffered grievous injuries.


"You son of bitch. Even I'm dead, I will not get off you!" With raging shouting, Ye Feng collected his power and recalled the Qingling Sword. In a thrilling speed, the sword cut to Elder Ning. Thanks to its fast speed as lights', the Qingling Sword appeared before Elder Ning before people noticed it.


"Tchee, you use such a small trick before me?" Elder Ning put on a disdainful expression. As the Elder of Kendo Inheritance, he majored in Kendo. Ye Feng put sword art into use before him. It was an actually foolish action.




Elder Ning reached out one finger with dazzling and crystal-clear gloss, directly flipping the Qingling Sword to the other side.


"Pshaw. At first, I planned to introduce you into our Kendo Inheritance and help you in cultivation. But you're cheeky. It's you destroy your future." Elder Ning grinned with dissatisfaction. Although Ye Feng had a limitless potential in cultivation, annoying him, Ye Feng would still bear bad result.


"Pugh. Fuck you! You bully and oppress other people just because you have cultivated for a long time. How cheeky you are! If I have much time in cultivation, I can defeat you by a finger." Ye Feng hurled all kinds of abuse. Elder Ning was bullying him in terms of his high status and strong power. How detestable Elder Ning was!


"Damn!" Elder Ning's face was black with rage. He lifted his hand and slapped Ye Feng.




Loud slap on the face resounded. Elder Ning smiled. But in a blink of an eye, his smile was freezing. It was him received a slap on face!


"Bully Yuxu Inheritance's disciple. Hey, rubbish Ning, you are too imprudent!"

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