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"I will show you our Kendo Inheritance's strength!" Elder Ning whooped with infinite sword lights gleaming on his body. Slough! The sword lights burst out and dived for Weng Wuyou rapidly.


"If my opponent is Bai Fenghua of your Kendo Inheritance, he may contend against me. But for you, it's impossible!" Weng Wuyou still remained his poise; he extended one hand and brilliant splendor appeared around him. He damaged the sword lights and severely pushed Elder Ning to the ground.


Bai Fenghua!


All people here were astonished immediately by hearing this name. He was not a common man; he was the most excellent Elder of Luoyun Sect. As a 30-year-old young cultivator, his cultivation reached a very high stage; he was named the first cultivator of Luoyun Sect.


"You're wildly arrogant! If my Superior Bai comes here, it is easy for him to beat you to be like a stray dog!" Elder Ning put on a cut-throat expression.


"You can ask Bai Fenghua to come here, let me fight with him." Weng Wuyou said these words without batting an eye. It seemed like he didn't care about Bai Fenghua at all.


The surrounding Elders were surprised. Had Weng Wuyou's strength reached the same realm with Bai Fenghua? Otherwise, why was he so confident? Various thoughts appeared and vanished in their hearts; they peered at Weng Wuyou with uncertainty.


"Pshaw! You have already known Superior Bai is not in the sect now, so you dare to say those words!" Elder Ning threw a disdainful sight at Weng Wuyou. In his opinion, Superior Bai was the most powerful person; nobody could be compared to him. Especially Weng Wuyou, who had mastered in an incomplete Inheritance.


"Bullshit!" Weng Wuyou became impatient.


"Ye Feng, come here." Weng Wuyou shook his hands and gave Ye Feng a sign to come to him.


Ye Feng got close to Weng Wuyou in puzzlement; he didn't know why Weng Wuyou called him.


"He wanted you to kneel down before him and make an apology just now, so I will let him kneel down before you and apologize to you." Weng Wuyou was still calm.


All spectators around them were dumbfounded. What? Let an Elder kneel down and apologize to an outer disciple? It was too unreasonable to make such a joke…


Ye Feng also blinked his eyes. He didn't imagine his teacher was such a bold man; his teacher requested an Elder to kneel down and apologize to him!


"Elder Weng. It's inappropriate!" Elder Fu frowned and walked to Weng Wuyou. Under the current circumstances, he had to take actions.


"Don't say that. A man should be responsible for what he has done." Weng Wuyou stated indifferently.


"Let me kneel down and apologize to an outer disciple? You're daydreaming!" Elder Ning howled. He refused to kneel down; especially the person was just an insignificant outer disciple.


"It doesn't depend on you." Weng Wuyou's eyes were sparkling. A kind of powerful might rushed out from his body and was exerted to Elder Ning, forcing Elder Ning to bend his legs.


Boom! Elder Ning heavily knelt down on the ground.


"Weng Wuyou…I will never forgive you!" Elder Ning bared his teeth and struggled drastically; he wanted to get rid of the oppression from Weng Wuyou. Nevertheless, no matter how he struggled, he couldn't break away from Weng Wuyou's oppression.


"Make an apology; otherwise, don't expect to stand up." Weng Wuyou spitted out these words calmly.

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