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"Ye Feng…Is he mad? He is challenging Elder! Kendo Inheritance's Elder!" A dismissive sound came out from crowds.


"By offending the Elder of Kendo Inheritance, does he still want to stay in Luoyun Sect? Tut…He is going to fall on hard time!" So many people echoed that sentiment.


"He is playing with fire. No one should be responsible for that." Hongling laughed. Originally, she considered there was no chance to deal with Ye Feng. However, he unexpectedly contradicted Elders. He was heading for his doom.


"Elder…Please don't be angry. Ye Feng is young and aggressive. But you are an honorable Elder, please forgive him." Yurou stumbled out from people, ran to Ye Feng and begged for a favor.


"Yurou? You're good…But it's none of your business. Back up." Elder Ning stared at Yurou with smile, displaying his satisfaction with her.


Yurou was also dazzling the inheritance competition; despite she couldn't compete with Ye Feng and Xiao Teng. Specially, she had been promoted to an outer disciple for a short time. It was no doubt that she would have a bright future. The most important thing was that she came from Kendo Inheritance.


"Elder…Please condone Ye Feng this time! Or…Or, I'm on behalf of him to apologize to you." Tears rolled in Yurou's eyes, she crying to appeal to Elder Ning's mercy.


"Elder Ning. I know you will not be so serious for just a disciple. Please forgive him." Qu Linyin came and asked for a favor.


"Don't act as a child! Back up!" Elder Ning's face was darkened, "I will punish him not because of his disrespect to me, but because of our Sect's disciplines. Nothing can be accomplished without norms. If I forgive him today, how should I manage disciples in the future?"


"Really? Are you an Elder of Ministry of Justice? What qualification do you have to implement the Sect's disciplines?" Ye Feng grinned with dissatisfaction. No fear could be found on his face. This was him! If he did nothing wrong, even the opposite side was an immortal emperor, he would never have been forced to acknowledge a mistake.


Elder Ning's anger flared up, he shouted, "Just who the fuck do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like that?"


"Ye Feng, you went too far! How dare you insult Elder! If we let you continue rampantly, you will put on airs and look down on other people!" An outer disciple stood out and hooted at Ye Feng.


"There are so many disciples having a stronger talent in cultivation than you. But nobody behaves furiously as you. Instead, each of them is very modest." Plenty of outer disciples opened their mouths and released their discontents. Nevertheless, most of them were disciples of Kendo Inheritance.


"It's not my fault, it's his!" Ye Feng maintained his composure, seeming like he was not affected by those condemnations.


"Up to now, you still refuse to acknowledge your mistake. Let's go, we take him to apologize." A lot of outer disciples rushed forward, their bodies shining. They got close to Ye Feng and wanted to arrest him.




The lights of swords curling up, the energy generated from swords shocked everywhere. These fighting outer disciples all came from Kendo Inheritance.


Phfft! Phfft! Phfft!


With the sparkling lights, a great many keen and white swords stabbed at Y e Feng.


Ye Feng's eyes were bright. Confronting widespread lights of swords, he was not afraid at all. He waved his hands. A kind of bloodcurdling energy turned up and pushed out all the outer disciples.


Thud! Thud! Thud!


Those fighting outer disciples constantly fell down to the ground with heavy sound. How embarrassed they were!


"How dare you act violently before me? You are wildly arrogant!" Elder Ning flew into a great rage. He extended his hands, conjured mighty power and attacked Ye Feng.

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