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Elder Fu's eyes were chilling, coldness rising from his heart.


This was the current phenomenon in Luoyun Sect: In order to defend their own benefits, they would exclude those who hold different views from them and suppress the excellent disciples of other Inheritances.


As the winner of this inheritance competition, Ye Feng not only didn't acquire his due rewards, but also would be punished in Ministry of Justice. Elder Fu was absolutely disappointed for all of these, and indignant for Ye Feng.


"Elder Ning, please remember, here is Luoyun Sect. Kendo Inheritance is only a kind of Inheritance in the Sect. Don't be too proud or arrogant!" Elder Fu's cold voice resounded.


"Elder Fu, you should also remember our Kendo Inheritance has half of Elders on a par with you!"


Although Elder Fu enjoyed a high status, Elder Ning was not afraid. He directly noted Kendo Inheritance was a strong power that could not be offended by an Elder.


The five other Elders also shook their heads.


Elder Ning was true. Now in Luoyun Sect, Kendo Inheritance had most talented people and high-status Elders.


Elder Fu stopped talking. Indeed, Kendo Inheritance was a giant in the Sect. The Inheritance he belonged to was unable to compete with Kendo Inheritance.


"Ye Feng, do you realize your faults?" Observing Elder Fu's silence, Elder Ning was more complacent than before. He shouted to Ye Feng in a higher voice.


"I'm right." Ye Feng straightened up with splendor dazzling in his eyes. He confronted Elder Fu's sight head-on without fear.


He did nothing wrong so he didn't force himself to take actions against his conscience. Despite of a serious result, he would never compromise.


"There are so many Elders seeing you have no regard for superiors. You still say you do nothing wrong! How daring!" Elder Ning berated Ye Feng.


"Ye Feng, please apologize to Elder Ning; then let it go…"Elder Fu released a heavy sigh and opened his mouth.


"As an Elder, I will overlook your mistakes if you apologize to me." Elder Ning sneered. He wanted to suppress Ye Feng's high arrogance to highlight the mightiness of Kendo Inheritance.


"I'm right." Ye Feng still straightened up and repeated his words, showing no sign of apology.


"You…" Elder Ning was raging. In consideration of Elder Fu, he planned to let off Ye Feng at first.


But Elder Ning didn't imagine Ye Feng did not know what was good for him.


"Endures a while uneventfully. Ye Feng, please apologize…" Elder Fu sighed once more. Kendo Inheritance was powerful. If Ye Feng refused to make an apology, he couldn't have stably rooted in Luoyun Sect in the future.


"Cultivation is developing conviction. My conviction is following my heart. I do nothing wrong today, so no one can force me to apologize!" With brilliant light shining in Ye Feng's eyes, he expressed himself word-by-word.


"How daring! Are you saying we become bad persons and destroy your conviction?"


Elder Ning was working himself up to a fury, his eyebrows raising. Glowering at Ye Feng, he reprimanded coldly, "What a rebellious disciple! Kneel down! I will show you disciplines of Luoyun Sect, and punish you!"


"Kneel down? It's impossible!" Ye Feng roared, with his body and skin sparkling, fists tightened, formidable momentum spreading. He was ready for a bloody fight with Elder Ning.


"Do you want to battle with me? You are over-confident. Do you regard yourself as Phoenix Lin Xi?" Elder Ning laughed grimly, his face full of scorn.

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