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Elder Ning's face was darkened. He didn't imagine Ye Feng would refuse him. Except Ye Feng, he never invited a disciple to join in Kendo Inheritance by himself. However, the only invitation by him was turned down.


"Ye Feng, don't be arrogant! Do you think you will surpass other disciples and make achievements in Yuxu Inheritance just based on the winner of an inheritance competition among outer disciples?" Elder Ning became cold.


In fact, he disliked Ye Feng previously. This time Ye Feng rejected him before so many people, bringing shame on him. His fury for Ye Feng was blazing violently.


"It's my business. Despite I will make no achievement in the future, I will not complain. Elder doesn't need to worry about me!" Ye Feng replied with a cool expression. It seemed like he had no fear in his heart because Elder Ning was an honorable Kendo Elder.


All outer disciples around him were startled. In their opinions, Ye Feng was so crazy!


That was an Elder!


Especially Elder Ning came from Kendo Inheritance, the most powerful one in Luoyun Sect.


"Pay attention to your attitude!" A nearby Elder, one close friend of Elder Ning, rebuked Ye Feng in a cold voice. He was an Elder of the other Inheritance.


"If there is nothing to do, please give me the awards of this inheritance competition. I want to go back and spend my time in cultivation." Ye Feng still kept a calm expression.


How bold he was!


All outer disciples were stressed. In their memories, only Ye Feng said such words to Elders.


Elder Ning's face was darker than before. What an honorable Elder he was! But Ye Feng didn't respect him at all. Ye Feng's action extremely annoyed him.


"You have shown no respect to elders and superiors. Should you get awards?" Elder Ning scolded loudly, demonstrating his discontent.


"What? Does Elder want to privately take possession of my awards?" Ye Feng was fearless with a cold voice.


"Damn! You are slandering Elders in public. I will take you to Ministry of Justice to receive punishments!" Fury appeared on Elder Ning's face. He had become an Elder for many years, and nobody dared to talk to him in such an impolite way. Especially Ye Feng was just an important outer disciple.


In the meantime, Elder Ning took the action deliberately, because Ye Feng's winning was based on the failures of disciples from Kendo Inheritance. He must crack down Ye Feng's arrogance, and show him Kendo Inheritance was strongest in Luoyun Sect.


"Elder Ning, you have lost your calmness!" Elder Fu darkened his face. Elder Ning behaved foolishly. Ye Feng posted a marvelous cultivation talent. As a hope of Luoyun Sect in the future, Ye Feng couldn't be punished!


"Elder Fu, I know Ye Feng is a talented disciple and a rare genius. Just because of this, we should subject him to discipline! Now, he is so madcap just for he has won an inheritance competition in outer disciples. When he makes more achievements in cultivation in the future, he will be more arrogant!" Elder Ning casted a cold glance at Ye Feng.


"Right! Elder Ning is right. We can't allow our disciples to be inordinately proud of their abilities or to have no regard for superiors!"


"We can't bear such thing to happen. If every disciple in Luoyun Sect is like Ye Feng, how can we teach them in the future? How disordered Luoyun Sect will be!" The three other Elders indicated they agreed with Elder Ning to impose penalties on Ye Feng.

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