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"Hey! Ye Feng and Phoenix Lin Xi, if they have a battle… who will win?" An outer disciple asked nervously.


However, when his words were out, he was regretful momentarily.


Phoenix…Lin Xi!


Who was she?


A thrilling, respected and amazing talented person. It was almost impossible to find a person who could be on a par with her in cultivation talents in the world. No matter how complicated the cultivation skill was, she could comprehend it at once. Especially her upgrading speed in cultivation, in terms of it, Lin Xi was able to rank first in the Luoyun Sect's history. In merely three years, her cultivation state had exceeded all disciples in the Sect, even surpassed some Elders.


"They are not in the same level!" Plenty of outer disciples scowled at the person who had said those words just now.


Comparing Ye Feng with Lin Xi, it was humiliating her.


"I believe in the near future, the name of Phoenix Lin Xi will spread every corner of the world." An outer disciple was proud he was in the same sect with Lin Xi.


"Of course, she is stepping on Spiritual Road!"


"What? Spiritual Road!" A lot of outer disciples were astounded, their eyes greatly opened.


"She is certainly Phoenix. It is Spiritual Road!"


Spiritual Road!


The two words triggered enormous amazement. Nearly all people who heard that felt their hearts beating faster. They were astonished!


"It has been hundreds of years since our last disciple appeared on the Spiritual Road…"


Spiritual Road had special significance. All people walking into it were the most talented ones. When they passed the test of Spiritual Road, their lives would be changed tremendously. They were able to be recruited by Saint School for cultivation.


Ye Feng noted the discussions by those outer disciples, the name of Lin Xi attracting him.


"Spiritual Road? Saint School?"


His eyes became cold. He scolded inwardly: "I must expel you from the Spiritual Road and never let you enter into Saint School for cultivation."


So-called talented female, Phoenix Lin Xi, was his biggest enemy. He was clear if Lin Xi didn't sneak attack behind him and rob Purple Ginseng Herb, she would have not been such a talented cultivator.


"Ye Feng, congratulations." Elder Fu approached Ye Feng with smile, because he highly appreciated Ye Feng.


"Ye Feng…Yuxu Inheritance was powerful in the past, but it has been incomplete already. Why not join in Kendo Inheritance? I will give you best resources to help you cultivate." Elder Ning of Kendo Inheritance came, directly persuading Ye Feng.


Elder Fu's face was darkened. He clearly told Elder Ning after the Founder made a decision, Ye Feng could leave Yuxu Inheritance and participate in Kendo Inheritance. But Elder Fu didn't expect Elder Ning to neglect his words or to speak out the suggestion without waiting.


Ye Feng was also surprised. It was said that when determining the Inheritance, the choice could not be changed any more. Why did Elder Ning persuade him into giving up Yuxu Inheritance and joining Kendo Inheritance?


"Thank you, Elder Ning. But I want to continue my cultivation in Yuxu Inheritance." Ye Feng opened his mouth and declined Elder Ning.

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