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"Come on!" Ye Feng whooped. He attacked Xiao Teng with his fist without stop or notice of his burnt skin.

At the same time, his magic power running, he controlled the Qingling Sword to prepare for a deadly strike to Xiao Teng at suitable moment.

"Nice!" Xiao Teng found his attention from astonishment. His spirit was soaring and the red fire was dancing in a violent way. He seemed like Angra, and confronted Ye Feng head-on without any fear.


Ye Feng's fist shining, the essence of Tiger Fist was completely displayed with a roaring White Tiger. The sound of "clang" echoed by knocking at the lance.

"Wow, Ye Feng plays the Tiger Fist to such a high level. How marvelous his talent is!" On the spectators stand, all Elders were astounded.

The Tiger Fist was just a first-degree fist skill in the Luoyun Sect, posting an extremely low influence. However, when it was used by Ye Feng, its power rose violently for over ten times, even could compete with the top-grade skill of the Earth level.

"Poof!" Xiao Teng spitted blood again. Ye Feng's fist hit his chest, causing his vital energy and blood rolled drastically.

Ye Feng boasted excessively fast response. He was a little slow just now, but Ye Feng grasped the chance, gave him a fist.

"You're actually my strong rival." Xiao Teng put on a stern impression. He lifted his hand to wipe the blood appearing on the corners of his mouth.

"You too." Ye Feng responded solemnly. He was not pleased with himself for the past successful raid, because he was clear Xiao Teng couldn't lose to him just for that.

"You're powerful, but I must win!" With the sound of "slough", Xiao Teng threw out his lance to Ye Feng in a thrilling speed.

At the same time, his body tightening, his robust, mighty legs moved, like fast aurora, and his fists was rounded by the red fire. He staged an attack to Ye Feng. This was double assaults. He must spare no pains to win.

No fear emerged in Ye Feng's face. The glittering and translucent gloss flowed on his body. He exclaimed, as the fierce tiger going downhill, rushing to Xiao Teng.

"Pow!" His shiny fist crashed with the lance.

At this moment, Xiao Teng got close to Ye Feng, with two strong fists punching him.

Ye Feng had made preparations in advance. At the moment Xiao Teng raising his fists, Ye Feng suddenly kicked out and struck at Xiao Teng, resulting in Xiao stepped back.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng unveiled the power of his initial Saint Physique. Boom! The lance fell down to land.

"Qingling Sword!" Ye Feng roared, with the magic light dazzling in his eyes.

He had controlled the Qingling Sword all the time for launching a perfect raid. Now, the best timing was coming!

Slough! The sparkling Qingling Sword was transformed into a ray of green light under Ye Feng's control, directly thrusting at Xiao Teng's back.

Xiao Teng was responsive. He recognized the danger behind him when he stood firmly, so he avoided instantly without any hesitation.


Although Xiao Teng responded immediately, the Qingling Sword was so quick that his chest was penetrated.

Xiao Teng's face became pale, and a horrific blood hole appeared on his chest. The wound was bleeding continuously, incarnadining the ground.

"I can't lose!" Xiao Teng shouted, not resigned to the result.

Phfft! The red fire on his body bounced and rushed into the blood hole in a rapid speed. The hole ceased bleeding at once. A kind of soft splendor spread from Xiao Teng and the wound was healed gradually.

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