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Strange light emanated from Xiao Teng' eyes. He discovered Ye Feng's change - he was more powerful and formidable than before. Xiao Teng cannot ignore that. His fire bouncing again, he jumped and staged a raid against Ye Feng.

"Twank!" Sonorous clash stimulated ears and spark flew everywhere.

The crystal-clear Qingling Sword was shining and continuously hit with the lance, resulting in a fierce fluctuation shook the vacant space.


The remaining energy of their battle destroyed the land with many deep ravines, which were intertwined as a cobweb. This horrible scene shocked many people.

"Both of them can represent the Luoyun Sect in the future." Elder Fu sighed with emotion.

This competition site, supported by a magic formation, was able to bear mighty force. Nevertheless, its surface was easy to be broken by the remaining energy just like a bean curd. It was amazing! This means the power of Ye Feng and Xiao Teng had already overcome the limits of the magic formation.

"But they are just outer disciples now…" Other Elders were also astonished.

It was surprising the two outer disciples released such striking power.

"Someone is born to be outstanding and never walks on a common path." Elder Fu mumbled. Indeed, Ye Feng and Xiao Teng were talented people who were doomed to live in glory.


The awful explosive sound resounding, the competition site was a mess. The two guys delivered their strongest power and fiercely fought with each other, brilliant lights intertwining.

"I can't lose!" Xiao Teng exclaimed. He suffered so many difficulties for today, nothing could stop his win.

"Phfft!" Xiao Teng's eyes became bright and the red fire around his body flicked fiercer than before.

"Surging Exotic Fire!" He shouted. The incomparable red fire suddenly came out from the lance and went for Ye Feng directly under a fast speed.

Ye Feng was serious, he never suspected the powerful strength of the red fire. If he was attacked, he might suffer a serious accident, even lose combat power, and be defeated by Xiao Teng in the end.

At this moment, he operated the Immortal Sutra quickly without any hesitation. Ye Feng was like a vortex, the energy of outer world crazily coming in his body.

In the meantime, he transferred some power from the Shennong Tripod to the Qingling Sword.


Ye Feng concentrated and all his power broke out rapidly. With the sound of "slough", the Qingling Sword passed through the red fire momentarily like a long rainbow, forcefully cutting to Xiao Teng.

Additionally, Ye Feng sped up to the highest level and tried to turn his body for avoiding Xiao Teng's assault.

"Poof!" Xiao Teng spitted out blood. His body was trembling. The Qingling Sword was precisely inserted in his chest, the blood coming out from the wound. His eyes were sparkling because he never imagined under his fast and powerful attack, Ye Feng still responded quickly, even carried out such a doughty assault.

Actually, Ye Feng was also in a terrible condition. His clothes were nearly burnt up by the red fire, and his naked skin became dark with steaming black smoke.

Noticing that, Xiao Teng was more astonished than before. The red fire was a kind of unrivaled Exotic Fire, which could burn everything up in the world. Despite Ye Feng was hurt by it, he didn't suffer a fatal injury, only his skin was scorched. This was unbelievable! The rigidity of Ye Feng's body broke through his imagination.

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