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Xiao Teng's wound was cured in a fast speed. Only a minute later, the blood hole on his chest disappeared. His body became good as before.

Ye Feng was amazed the Exotic Fire of Xiao Teng featured a healing function. It was astonishing! If the Exotic Fire could cure wounds, Xiao Teng would be invincible.

After the hole vanished, Xiao Teng extended his hand, the lance down to the ground appearing momentarily.

"I must win!" Xiao Teng exclaimed. The firm and persistent light rushed out from his eyes and the red fire danced around him. He bounced abruptly and took the sharp lance to stab at Ye Feng.


Ye Feng swayed the Qingling Sword to meet with Xiao Teng's lance, the ringing clash of metals resounding.

"I will be the winner!" Ye Feng's eyes were sparkling with overwhelming fighting conviction. He strode forward and launched the mighty Tiger Fist, punching Xiao Teng.

With the shining eyes, Xiao Teng jumped and dodged Ye Feng's raid. At the same time, he thrust at Ye Feng by his lance.


They fiercely fought each other again. The bright and colorful lights burst out, terrifying energy spread, ground surface collapsed continuously, and soil and stones tumbled. This was a shocking scene.

The combat entered into a critical stage. The two guys did their best, without any reservation, striving for the first prize of this inheritance competition.

"Tiger Fist!" Ye Feng's eyes were dazzling. The White Tiger roared and scurried to Xiao Teng.

This was an extraordinarily mighty fist with enhanced strength, because Ye Feng put the power of the Divine Roc into it.

"Three Changes of Mysterious Fire, the Third Change!"

Xiao Teng whooped. The red fire on his body exploded completely, even his eyebrow burning up. With the red fire in his eyes flickering, he scooted up to Ye Feng.

Boom! The sonorous explosive sound echoed. The two were covered by bright splendor, and crashed with each other like two large suns, appalling many people.


The crystal-clear Qingling Sword, as the white light, was shot to Xiao Teng in a thrilling speed.

Surrounded by attacks from both sides, Xiao Teng was surprised Ye Feng could do two things at once. He was so powerful! Ye Feng was able to contend against him head-on, simultaneously, to control the magic tool to carry out a raid from his side.

Poof! Xiao Teng divided his attention for just a short while and was hit by the Tiger Fist. Much blood came out from his mouth.

On the competition site, the progress of their battle was unpredictable. At first, Xiao Teng suppressed Ye Feng. Until now, Ye Feng displayed his advantages step by step, while Xiao Teng seemed to be defeated sooner or later.

"Xiao Teng is strong, but he is beaten by Ye Feng all the time. It was amazing!" On the spectators stand, so many people were in an uproar.

They admired Xiao Teng more than Ye Feng, and viewed Xiao Teng as the champion of this inheritance competition. But according to the current situation, Ye Feng was more likely to win!


The crystal-clear Qingling Sword shone, flew in a prompt speed, and attacked Xiao Teng from the side.

Poof! Xiao Teng spitted out blood. The Tiger Fist staged by Ye Feng was so violent that he couldn't pay attention to the assault from the Qingling Sword. His body was hurt by the sword, emerging several wounds that were bleeding without stop.

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