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"I was so careless!" Xiao Teng put on a dignified expression and waved his hands. A cluster of crystal-clear red fire emerged before him.

"Three Changes of Mysterious Fire, the Second Change!" As a decisive person, he knew Ye Feng's strong strength so he adopted the Second Change.

"Bang!" The fire on his surface became remarkably bright as explosion; even his hair seemed like burning up.

"The Second Change! It seems Xiao Teng will be more serious than before. In the previous battles, he used the First Change all the time and never showed the Second Change." Plenty of careful outer disciples recognized that and were surprised.

Not only did they pay attention to Xiao Teng, but also the Elders on the spectators stand attached importance to him.

"You're so good, Xiao Teng, I don't expect you can take your body as base to such a degree." A trace of meditation appeared in Elder Fu's eyes.


The colorful rays spread everywhere. Xiao Teng moved like a cluster of fire, and the heat was coming before him.

"Fight!" Ye Feng roared. The attack launched by Xiao Teng was strikingly powerful, he must go all out otherwise he would be defeated.

"Phfft!" The glittering and translucent gloss rounding him, the Immortal Sutra ran quickly and world's energy surged into his body in a thrilling speed.

"Tiger Fist!" Ye Feng concentrated and released all his power. The White Tiger appeared with its divine image, roared to the sky and flew at Xiao Teng.


The divine image of the White Tiger disappeared. Xiao Teng's body quivered violently and he stepped back.

"I'm right, you are my only rival." Xiao Teng smiled. He didn't take notice of the past setbacks. His right hand fished a lance made up by the Exotic Fire, which was covered by the red fire and delivered shocking energy. It must be a mighty tool.

"Next, please be careful!" Xiao Teng moved like fast lightning, with the jumping red fire on the lance, he attacked Ye Feng.


The lance drew out a deep ravine on the land. Ye Feng avoided the attack by accelerating rather than confronted it head-on.

"Qingling Sword!" He lightly shouted and the shiny Qingling Sword popped up in his hand.

In the meantime, his skin was shining. He jumped on the spot, swayed the Qingling Sword and stabbed at Xiao Teng.


The lance hit with the Qingling Sword, resulting in the trill of metals and widespread spark.

Xiao Teng posted a responsive speed so he opened his mouth to spurt out red fire when Ye Feng was close to him.


Ye Feng backed up. He never imagined Xiao Teng would be powerful like that and he was astonished. But he was undaunted. He must obtain the first prize of this inheritance competition.

"How strong Xiao Teng is! Is he a human being? No wonder Senior Mu Chen lost to him…"

"He is like the incarnation of fire. Nobody can break open his fire attack."

All outer disciples were amazed by Xiao Teng's strong power.

"Although Ye Feng is formidable, compared with Xiao Teng, he still falls behind a little." Many outer disciples thought Ye Feng would be defeated by Xiao Teng.

"Xiao Teng, I'm proud of you!" Ling Ran murmured with a bright impression.

"Why is Xiao Teng so powerful? Baddie meets a real competitor." Qu Linyin scowled and was worried about Ye Feng.

On her side, Yurou also put on a bad expression. Xiao Teng was so strong that the momentum that he would win Ye Feng appeared.


The blood emerged at the corners of Ye Feng's mouth and his body was shaking. He almost fell to the ground.

The red fire on Xiao Teng's body was still dancing. He constantly took the lance to thrust at Ye Feng. He would not give Ye Feng any chance to have a breath.

"The first prize belongs to me!" His words were forceful and his confidence was overwhelming.

"Not necessarily!" The brilliant magic light came out from Ye Feng's eyes. His spirit didn't droop due to the wounds. Additionally, his conviction was more vigorous than before.

His hair was sparkling, his skin was glittering and translucent, his conviction was invincible and his spirit was mighty and terrifying.

"Fight!" Ye Feng shouted. His long hair was curled up by wind. With the sound of "pow", he rushed and launched attacks to Xiao Teng.

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