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Staring at Xiao Teng on the competition site, Ye Feng's eyes were sparkling and his face was darkened.

Indeed, Xiao Teng was the biggest rival here.

"I admire you and don't wanna fight with you. But I must win today." Conviction emerged in Xiao Teng's eyes.

 "Despite the result, I wanna be your friend and have a drink with you." Ye Feng responded.

"Fine!" Xiao Teng replied loudly. The fire around him flicked fiercely, and his body was fully ready for an arduous combat. He would spare no effort to beat Ye Feng, a strong rival.

All people on the spectators stand felt their blood was bubbling up. Both Ye Feng and Xiao Teng were formidable, so that the battle between them must be the most fantastic one.

"Who will win?" Elder Fu murmured with light shining in his eyes.

Fang Tian and Du Chong, ranking 15th and 17th respectively on the Qingyun List, gazed at the competition site with a dignified expression, because they were shocked by the two guys' power.

"Xiao Teng will win." Ling Ran, the 20th disciple on the Qingyun List, whispered with inflexible will. She was clear about the difficulties Xiao Teng had ever met. His spirit was more unswerving than everyone's, so he would win.

"Baddie, you are such a capable man…It is not humiliating to be your maid." Qu Linyin's beautiful eyes were bright. Her recognition about Ye Feng was changed.

"Ye Feng, I believe it will be the first step of your rise." Yurou was excited.

"Fight with all my strengths and to be No. 1." Xiao Teng shouted. His fighting momentum climbed to a peak. The flame was upward for several Zhang and rushed to Ye Feng.


Ye Feng's body was shining in brightly white gloss. He was fearless, jumping and carrying out a furious fight.


In a flash, hundreds of rounds were completed. The site was shaken and the explosive sound continuously resounded.

"They are so strong!" Nearly all outer disciples on the spectators stand were astounded by the violent battle. The gap between them and Ye Feng as well as Xiao Teng was like the difference of land and sky; despite they were all outer disciples.

Ye Feng was tall and slender, his body was dazzling with glittering and translucent gloss, his graceful long hair was dancing in the wind, he was elegant as an immortal. However, he fought in an amazing way, his vigorous spirit made him like a beast with powerful fists.


Ye Feng walked ahead for a step, leaving a virtual shadow on the spot. He scurried to Xiao Teng as a magic rainbow, and used the quintessential Tiger Fist with widespread splendor.

This fist was extremely terrifying. If it was exploded, the strength could break the top of a mountain.

"Good fist!" Xiao Teng's eyes became brighter than before. He strengthened his nearby flame and hit Ye Feng directly rather than avoided or hid.

At this moment, horrific energy spread, causing a roar echoed in the vacant space.

"He is powerful!" Ye Feng was serious. The collision with Xiao Teng - a strong rival, slightly turned over the vital energy and blood in his body.

Xiao Teng was also stern. Ye Feng had a surprising strength. By crashing with him, his arms were still a little trembling.

"Fire Cloud!" Ye Feng put the Fire Cloud into use. A torrential fire sea turning up, the flame instantly overwhelmed Xiao Teng like surging tides.

"I have taken my body as the base to incorporate the Exotic Fire. Your fire is invalid for me." Xiao Teng shook his head. Walking into the fire sea, he was not touched by the billowy flame for the red fire on his surface obstructed the flame.

"Really?" Ye Feng chuckled. The Qingling Sword flew out from the fire sea and directly pointed to Xiao Teng in a quick and forceful speed.

The expression on Xiao Teng's face was changed. He accelerated and avoided the sword with the danger of almost suffering a critical strike. But he was so slow that his arms were injured by the Qingling Sword and the blood ran out from the wound.

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