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Chapter 79: The New Translator Is Ready

Translator: Delia Lai   Editor: Lucy

Dear Reader,

Hello! I am Delia Lai, the new translator of The Skyrider. I am so sorry that all you guys must wait for the novel for a long time. Now, I must tell you good news: The new chapters of The Skyrider are going to be released on this Sunday!

I love the novel and can’t wait to share it with you! Come on, let’s see how our hero to create a legendary life!

Always thank you for your support.

By the way, I have made adjustment to some of the previous words as follows:

“Dragon Style” is changed to “Tiger Fist”;

“Heaven Fire” is changed to “Exotic Fire”;

The founder of the Luoyun Sect “Masato Luoun” is changed to “Luoyun Daoist”;

Level of Cultivation Method: Mortal, Earth, Mysterious, King, Emperor, Heaven, Saint, Imperial, and Immortal;

Level of Magic Tools: Spiritual Tool, Treasure Tool, Earth Tool, Heaven Tool, Saint Tool;

Quality of Medicinal Pills: low grade, middle grade, and top grade;

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