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Chapter 77 A Legend Fell


With clothes fluttering and eyes shining, Xiao Teng looked at Mu Chen calmly: "Three moves have finished, just leave please."


Being cold-eyed, he stood in the center and mentioned lightly.


"No, I am not defeated!"


Shouted, Mu Chen's face looked extremely distorted. He jumped and rushed toward Ye Feng.




Xiao Teng jumped in the air and kicked out to stop Mu Chen.


"Get out!" 


Mu Chen swore. His body lit up crystal radiance. With a magical power, he plan to swept Xiao Teng away.


No fears but decisively, Xiao Teng met Mu Chen in midair and started a fierce collision!


"You lose your last dignity!"


Xiao Teng said coldly. There was a strong energy fluctuating in the flames of his double fists.


At the stand, all the disciples with eyes wide open, were unbelievable.


"Senior bro Mu Chen refuse to accept the failure?"


A lot of outer disciples muttered and their faces were full of disbelief.


After all, Mu Chen in their eyes was perfect as a legend, without little flaws.


But now, Mu Chen's present performance was in line with a cad who wanted to play rascal.


"Mu Chen is potential with nice talent, but somewhat "


Elder Fu watched Mu Chen with eyebrows slightly wrinkled.


The descendant of the Kendo, Elder Ning, deeply looked at Mu Chen, saying nothing.


Today, his mood sank into the bottom. The outer disciples of the Kendo are all defeated in this competition, without any survivals.


Uhhhhhhhh! "Get out of my way!" Mu Chen roared.


Caring nothing, all he thought was to kill Ye Feng.  


"Ye Feng has already won. Do not struggle any more, or I will kick you out."


Xiao Teng said in a cold tone, with absolute confidence in the word.


"Fuck you! I am the No. 1 in the outer disciples. How dare you compare with me!"


With a sharp shout, Mu Chen went mad. In this occasion, he lost face completely. His self-esteem and pride were destroyed extremely!




Glowing fists and flickering flames, Xiao Teng's figure swaying in midair, punched Mu Chen and kicked him out.


"Leave, so you can save face."


Although Xiao Teng looked very ordinary, he was charm at this moment and hereby attracted everyone's eyes. 


Bloody, Mu Chen looked terrible! His unstable spirit led to declination in strength and difficulty in exerting the strongest power. Hence, in the battle with Xiao Teng, he failed quickly.


"I am the No.1 in the outer disciples. I am the one that you can never catch up with!"


Mu Chen yelled unwillingly and plan to do the final struggle.


With light shining on his body, he was gonging to overdraft all of his original strength to defeat Ye Feng and Xiao Teng.




Thunder was rumbling, was flashing and electric arcs were intertwined. The Thunder Sword in the hands of Mu Chen reached the most , making people feel breathtaking.


He himself as if the God who was in charge of  unmeasurable  power.


Boom! A thunderbolt out of a clear sky


A huge roar came from the void, and then a huge lightning shot from the Thunder Sword, horrible extremely.


"For a long time since I practice and refine myself, I have never lose one fight, and no exception this time, either!"


Mu Chen roared. His eyes chilled everyone!


"You have lost your heart and there will be no achievements in the future!"


Eyes were glowing, and flames on whole body's were burning violently, Xiao Teng rushed to the front against Mu Chen with no fears!


He knew the importance of . Instability mood could not help one go far on the road of cultivation.




A loud sound of explosion resulted in a horrible scene.


Xiao Teng, surrounded by flames, like the Fire God (vulcan), presented a punch, directly blasted the huge lightning!


At the same time, he as quick as a flash of lightning, stepped directly to Mu Chen. Hit the chin of Mu Chen with the g Boxing , and threw him straight into the sky!




Blood sprinkled! After a long time, Mu Chen fell from the sky, stroke the ground a deep pit, making dust to fly over!


"I not believe!"


Mu Chen began coughing blood seriously. The bones of the whole body were almost  broken, the light in eyes disappeared. 


He failed, totally failed, with no more strength to resist.


"Senior bro Mu Chen, the one like a mythical legend...... was defeated!"


A lot of outer disciples were . Mu Chen, who was regarded as the perfect one, even failed two major battles, which was hard to believe.


"No... Impossible... Mu Chen brother will not lose!"


In the stand, Hong Ling mumbled with eyes glazed over. It's hard to accept the fact that Mu Chen had already failed.


"It's a pity that Mu Chen's self-cultivation road has been cut off." Fang Tian, ranked No. 15 in the Qingyun List, regretted to shake his head.


The most important thing in cultivation was the Taoism. He had already seen that Mu Chen's confidence has completely collapsed. In the future, there would be no more achievements, and he would stop there.

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