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Chapter 76  Aggrieved Mu Chen


The shining "Mountain Seal", as huge as a giant building, covering the sun, tended to overpower Ye Feng .

"That's it. " Ye Feng, with a peaceful pace, had not put this threat in his eyes at all.

"Such an conceited fool! I am afraid that you can't stand it and plan to save some power. But seeing you so arrogant, just ready to bear the full power of 'Mountain Seal'"

 that erupted became even more terrifying.

"Come over here!" Ye Feng shouted with heart throbbing, as if an awakened dragon, d .

 dilated muscles, he arched his back, and ready to fight 'Mountain Seal' back.

"What the hell is Ye Feng doing? Wanna to defeat 'Mountain Seal' with flesh and blood? This is absolutely seeking for death." An outer disciple said with a sarcastic tone.

His human body was indeed strong, but compete with the 'Mountain Seal', he will be pressed into a patty instantly.

Boom!  A deep loud sound.

'Mountain Seal' was shaking,  golden light and poured into Ye Feng's head directly.

"Fuck off" Ye Feng shouted, with his eyes bursting into flames. To push back, his heavy fist collided with 'Mountain Seal' directly.


That's too incredible! "How could this happened?" A lot of outer disciples yelling, shocked by what they saw and an awful fright emanated from their eyes.

'Mountain Seal' should had been defeated by a fist of Ye Feng!

That's too fantastic to convince everybody of what happened under their noses.

"That's impossible." With d sharply, Mu Chen were quite alarmed by that.

 'Mountain Seal' has, he knew clearly.

A senior brother, one of inner disciples, once competed with him, but hit by 'Mountain Seal' seriously, and at last, only relied on his profound cultivation could he be able to avoid being attacked to death.

, Ye Feng successfully defeated his 'Mountain Seal' with just his body. It's hard for him to accept the truth.

"Ye Feng is he whole Luoyun Clan"

'Mountain Seal', even as strong as him, who listed No. 15, still could not to resist it just as Ye Feng did.

"Still two moves" Mu Chen shouted. His eyes shot two cold light since Ye Feng's ability beyond his estimation.

Swishing, in a fiery flash!

"Top quality Lingbao Thunder Sward!"


 of splendor. Waved his arms, a fluctuating energy of the Thunder Sword erupted .


arcs filled in the darkness, and a thick and savage lightning came out from the Thunder Sword, whose infinite power was breathtakingly scary.

The magic power within Ye Feng's body was surging. Fearlessly, Ye Feng directly presented the Qingling Sword to attack back!


The big bang sound was made. The crystal and flashing Qingling Sword in Ye Feng's hand hit to that lightning Thunder Sword.

"How could that possible!"

 Ye Feng did not be affected!

"The last move!!"

"Shine in Cloud Nine!" 

Along with a loudly roar, Mu Chen's long black hair danced in the wind, His whole body was as bright as a great sun that no one could look straightly!

Boom, boom, boom!

 as if was tore a hole, pouring out countless streams of light, seemly entered the end of the world!

"Ye Feng is gonna a dead man. Even if me could not bear this attack unless go all out."

"I should think much of you." Xiao Teng didn't expect that Mu Chen could still play such an amazing supernatural power. He do deserved the first the place in the outer disciples.

"But no threat at all!" Ye Feng sneered.

With a sound of "poof", Mu Chen coughed up blood. His body was unstable, and he almost fell to the ground.


"How could that possible?  How could you resist my 'Shine in Cloud Nine'?"

Up till now he still could not believe when the Ye Feng's 'Fire Cloud' could be such powerful even his 'Shine in Cloud Nine' was .

"There are too many things just seemly impossible in the world. Don't take your shallow insight to measure the world." Ye Feng said peacefully.

Although seemed relaxed, he in fact took a big risk to fight against Mu Chen's 'Shine in Cloud Nine' just now.

"No!! I don't accept it! I can not be defeated"

Mu Chen roared, and suddenly moved toward Ye Feng at a very fast speed! Angrily, he ready to attack Ye Feng again regardless of any respect!

"Keep your word", the nearby Xiao Teng said coldly.  

His whole body lighted horrible flames. Moved quickly, leaving a shadow in the original place, he hit Mu Chen's body with a heavy blow!


"You guys.....!"

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