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Chapter  75 Three moves


Looking at Ye Feng and others, Elder Fu asked the other five elders.

"What do you think? Who will win this time?"


Elder Ning, who in charge of kendo Inheritance, said, "I think that Ye Feng and Xiao Teng have great potential, but Mu Chen is slightly better than them."


Actually, Mu Chen was a disciple of his kendo.


"I also agree with Elder Ning. Mu Chen's cultivation base has reached the peak of the realm of nonuple condensation, and it is possible to enter Ru Wei realm at any time. He is really talented." An elder said.


Besides those elders, almost everyone here was discussing who would win.


"Mu Chen has never been defeated since his cultivation. He must be the strongest person among outer disciples."


"I don't think so. Xiao Teng's fire is really terrible. Haven't you notice that Chen Zhong, the second strongest person among outer disciples even afraid to contact with him?", an outer disciple argued.


"Ye Feng's body is really comparable to the beast, and there is nothing to do with the magic weapon. It is really abnormal!"


The intense discussion was ceaseless. Everyone had their own opinions. It seemed that three of them were possible to become the champion!


But those who support Mu Chen occupied higher proportion. After all, Mu Chen has been famous for a long time and his record is extraordinary!



"Fang Tian, what do you think?"

Inner disciples Du Chong who ranked 17th in Qing Yun List asked.


Fang Tian did not answer immediately. After thinking for a while, he said: "Personally, I think that Mu Chen will win. I used to compete with Mu Chen. He is a terrible teenager and has a thorough understanding of the Immoral Skill. Thanks to my higher cultivation. Otherwise I may be defeated by him."


"Is that true? Why didn't you mention that before?"


Du Chong was surprised. This was the first time for him to know that Fang Tian had competed with Mu Chen before.


"I feel shameful to mention that I was almost to be defeated by a junior brother." Fang Tian said with a forced smile.


"Come on, Mu Chen. Take revenge for me!" Hong Ling, the first beauty among outer disciple, shouted. She was defeated by Ye Feng, which really caused her anger to burn.


As soon as she shouted, a lot of people all cheered for Mu Chen.


"This is the last battle for Mu Chen as an outer disciple. He must win and create a legend among outer disciples!"


All outer disciples knew that Mu Chen would take inner assessment and be promoted as an inner disciple after this contest.  


"Both Ye Feng and Xiao Teng will kneel down at the feet of Mu Chen"


Mu Chen was a perfect legend in the hearts of these outer disciples!


He not only looked handsome and extraordinary, but also had extraordinary cultivation talents that others could never catch up!


On the battlefield, Ye Feng, Xiao Teng, and Mu Chen stood still. Though the battle had not been started, a wave of super strong energy was fluctuated, which were naturally emerges from them. It was very powerful and thrilling. Once ordinary disciples approached them, they would definitely be shocked by the momentum of their bodies.


"You guys team up!" Mu Chen said easily and looked at Xiao Teng and Ye Feng flatulently.


Ye Feng grinned and said: "I thought we have already reached an agreement. Let me defeat you!"


"Just you? I don't think so." Mu Chen sneered and shook his head, showing great disdain for Ye Feng.


"Leave it to me." Xiao Teng said firmly and stepped forward to Mu Chen.


"Come on." Mu Chen shook his head again and his eyes were shining and stunned. There was a powerful force that oscillated in his body.    

"Don't bullshit!". Ye Feng sneered and his body glowed. The fierce fist went straight to Mu Chen.  


""Then I will wait at the side." Xiao Teng stayed away from the battlefield, quietly standing in the distance and watching the battle between Ye Feng and Mu Chen.    


"I will defeat you within three encounters." Mu Chen said proudly and felt confident to defeat Ye Feng within three encounters.


The voice of a bang was spread from the stands.


"Mu Chen never disappoint us. He is so confident. Ye Feng is doomed!"


"Three encounters? I bet Ye Feng couldn't withstand one encounter."


Both outer disciples and inner disciples were shocked.


"Mu Chen has such an imposing momentum! He will be on Qing Yun List soon!"


Most people did not think that Mu Chen was talking big, but believed that he really had such power!


After all, Mu Chen has been famous among outer disciples for a long time since his cultivation and his record is extraordinary!


Xiao Teng smirked and taunted and said to Mu Chen, "I will directly give up if you can defeat Ye Feng in three encounters."


Mu Chen is indeed very strong. But, in his opinion, Ye Feng is stronger than Mu Chen and it was impossible to be defeated in three encounters!




Mu Chen strode forward with the whole body rushed out of the glory and the eyes full of light.


"First move!"


Mu Chen yelled and the momentum of his body changed suddenly.  He punched out and the sky had changed its color. Then a square ink pad appeared and smashed to Ye Feng!


The ink pad looked like a house which was huge and fierce.



"Holly crap! This is middle grade'Mountain Seal'in Earth Level!"


An outer disciple took a sip of cold air and was shocked!


"OMG! Let alone three moves. Ye Feng will be defeated by Mountain Seal"


Some outer disciples shouted excitedly.


Mu Chen's Mountain Seal was too horrible, and they did not believe that Ye Feng can withdraw the first move!


"Bad guy, stay calm!"

Qu Linyin's eyes were full of tears and she started to worry about Ye Feng.


Mountain Seal was terrible! She was afraid that Ye would be injured seriously if he withdraws constrainedly.


Yu Rou, next to Qu Linyin, was so nervous!


"Ye Feng, be careful!"


Besides the two girls, even elder Fu in the stands was so nervous to tight his eyebrows.


"They are the hope of Luo Yun Sect. Good luck to both of them......"


He shined brightly all over the body, and his body works hard ready to go forward to save Ye Feng.


"Awesome, Mu Chen. Damn Ye Feng. He deserves it!"


Hong Ling sneered。 She hated Ye Feng so much and hoped that Ye Feng would be beated to crippled!


In the battlefield, the power of '撼山印'was terrible and thrilling!


"If you cannot withdraw this move, I may overstate you......" Xiao Teng said angrily.



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