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Chapter  74  Fight


The top six were Ye Feng, Xiao Teng, Mu Chen, Qu Linyin, Yu Rou and Du Hesheng.


Compared with the first three, Qu Linyin, Yurou, and Du Hesheng were relatively lucky because the experienced outer strongmen were all defeated by Ye Feng and Xiao Teng.


Du Hesheng was typical who used to be ranked 12th among the outer disciples while he ranked the top six this time which is really a surprise for him!


"There are two more rounds and now the draw starts!"


The middle-aged man was excited to take out the bamboo swab and let Ye Feng and others start drawing lots.


"Ye Feng, I hope I can be your opponent this time!"


Mu Chen sneered and pulled out a bamboo stick from the bamboo swab. Then he glanced at the number on the bamboo stick and appeared to be a little disappointed.


"What a pity! My opponent is not you this time."


His opponent was Lin Quyin.


Ye Feng also raised his hand and glanced at his own bamboo stick. Unexpectedly, he found that his opponent was Du Hesheng!


And Xiao Teng's opponent, no accident, was Yurou.


The results were already doomed thought it had not started.       


The top three were definitely Ye Feng, Xiao Teng and Mu Chen!


With eyes blinked, Qu Linyin looked at Mu Chen with a smile and said, "Senior brother, I want to give up."       


She knew that she was unable to defeat Mu Chen. Instead of wasting his energy, it is better to save his energy and fight for the champion.        


Mu Chen said with a smile, "I know you. You are a good friend of Hong Ling."


Qu Linyin felt a little upset. She also liked Mu Chen very much deep inside.      


While, she was a good friend of Hong Ling and she can never get involved in Hong Ling and Mu Chen's relationship.     


Therefore, she had always kept her feelings about Mu Chen in her heart.


"Senior brother, cheer up!"


Qu Linyin chuckled and left here.


When she passed by Ye Feng, she said: "Bad guy, don't overdo it."


"Don't worry. I will be OK."


Ye Feng was slightly touched. He knew that Qu Linyin was caring about him.


Xiao Teng and Mu Chen were definitely not of no importance. Any of them would be defeated due to any mistake.


With bright eyes and white teeth, Yu Rou said with a smile, "I think you are also my senior brother. So, I give up."  


Dressed in red, she was a beauty which overthrows states and cities with smooth skin. She was so dazzling wherever she went.




Xiao Teng was shocked. He did not expect that Yu Rou would give up.


Yu Rou said, "I really don't want to be in rags by the flames of Xiao Teng." She left with a smile and while passing by Ye Feng, she encouraged him, "I believe that the champion is you!"


"Both of us are strong. But I am confident that I will win."


Firm and persistent, Ye Feng had confidence in himself and he is no longer the former "good-for-nothing".


"Uh... I am going to give up also because I am very satisfied with the current ranking. However, I am moved and cheered by Wang He and Lu Qianyu. They are unyielding and I will take the challenge and never give up!" Du Hesheng said firmly.   


Ye Feng had nothing to say and thought that, "Why my opponent never give up?"


"Cheer up! Never give up and you are gracious in defeat."


In the stands, a wave of exclamations broke out and many audiences were cheering for Du Hesheng.


Du Hesheng was flushed. He had never been noticed by so many people. At that moment, he was hot-blooded and ready to fight Ye Feng!


He yelled firmly, "Come on. Beat me!I won't lose!"  


"Are you insane?" Ye Feng had nothing else to say. Opponent like Du Hesheng was impossible to raise any of his interest as he could beat him with a punch...


Unsurprisingly, Du Hesheng was so excited and rushed toward Ye Feng when the battle just started.




Ye Feng shook his fist and knocked Du Hesheng to tens of meters away. Du just fainted.


Straightforward and resolute!


A group of outer disciples in the stands were dumbfounded.


They still expected to see Du Hesheng's repeated defeats and attacks striving to succeed.


While, Ye Feng did not give Du Hesheng a chance at all and just punch him into conscientiousness.


"Ye Feng wins!"


The middle-aged man announced that the round ended.


At that time, only Ye Feng, Xiao Teng and Mu Chen remained in the battle.


"No draw lots in the last round. You three will start a fight together."


The middle-aged man announced the rules of the final round directly.


Ye Feng felt a little surprised. Why change one-on-one into a tangled fight?


Xiao Teng also felt a little amazed and the rules were out of his expectation.


Only Mu Chen stood calmly. Apparently, he already knew the rules of this round.


Xiao Teng said confidently, "Fine. Anyway, I will win at the end."


"Three of us? Interesting......", Ye Feng said indifferently.


Mu Chen sneered flatulently and said, "Why don't you join hands? Otherwise you will not have a chance to win! ". He had always been the strongest among outer disciples with uncontestable strength!"


Xiao Teng came out and said angrily to Mu Chen, "How dare you! In my opinion, you are not worthy of being my opponent."



 Mu Chen was mad and no one has ever dared to talk to him like this!


"Indeed, only Xiao can be my opponent. "

Ye Feng's eyes were sparking. His feeling to Xiao Teng was special and thought that he was stronger than Mu Chen.


"You are so arrogant. Outer disciples are so strong now?"

Mu Chen sneered. Despised by others? Isn't this what he should do to others?


"He is too annoying. Can you give me a chance to beat him first?", said Ye Feng. He took Mu Chen as nothing.


Xiao Teng looked at Mu Chen and said: "You are right. Just do it."


They decided the fate of Mu Chen through their talk as if Mu Chen was a soft persimmon that could be pinched.


"You two!" Mu Chen was infuriated. The original ethereal temperament suddenly disappeared and his anger was incomparable.


"Ready. Go!"

The middle-aged man screamed and announced the beginning of the final round.


All the audience was highly concentrated. The three people with their own super talent were definitely present a wonderful matchup!


"Xiao Teng will win!"

Ling Ran, who ranked 20th in Qing Yun Ranking, said with a steadfast gaze.

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