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Chapter 72  A Lot of Magic Tools



In the stands, all the outer disciples were shocked by Hong Ling.


Hong Lingmei's dreamlike, standing in the air, white clothes fluttering in the wind, like a nine fairy.


In particular, they are even more shocked by the strength of Hongling.


They thought that although Hongling was very beautiful, it was the first beauty of the outer door, but it was generally the same as the strength.


But until now, they are now wrong!


Hong Ling is very strong, stronger than the second door of the outer door!


"Red Ling Shijie, we support you, this time must get good results in the test!"


A lot of outside disciples cheered and cheered for Hong Ling.


On the battlefield, Hong Ling heard the cheers of everyone, and the expression on his face became more proud.


She stood in the air and looked at Ye Feng with a faint look.


"You can never compare to Muchen brother, let me tell you now, how big is the gap between you and Muchen brother!"


With a bang, Hongling's white jade hand was launched, and the complexes were infused with complex concealed runes, and the aurora was blazed toward the Ye Feng.


From the beginning to the end, she is showing a high profile and never put Ye Feng in her eyes.


"Why should I compare with him?"


Ye Feng's face was calm and slamming, he sacrificed the Qingling sword, and the body's power surged, controlling the Qingling sword to attack Hongling.


Qingling Jiantong is very extraordinary, and the quality of Zhongpin Lingbao is now the top quality Lingbao!


With a bang, Qinglingjian took out an amazing swordsmanship and rotated in midair, which would lead to a stray light.


"A strong instrument!"


Hong Ling was surprised, she was strong, and the first time she sensed the extraordinary spirit of Qingling Sword.


This is definitely not the power that the general instrument can throw out. The quality is very likely to be the top quality Lingbao!


She was shocked, the top quality Lingbao is extremely rare, there are not many pieces in the entire Yunyun Zong, why does this Ye Feng have a top quality Lingbao?


"No matter what quality your sword is, you can't be my opponent!"


Hong Ling sneered, the momentum of his body changed in vain, no longer like a sly fairy, more like a mighty female god of war!




The purple light surging, a long purple gun was formed, and her white palm was explored, and the purple gun was directly held in the hand, and the horrible bombardment to Ye Feng.


It's awkward!


The explosion was heard in the void, and the Hongling pistol was fierce. With a shot, the void of this piece became unstable.


Ye Fengzheng, from this moment, no longer smashed Hong Ling.


This is indeed a very strong opponent, with the qualification to fight him!


His pace is moving, and the big punches are constantly sensational. The physical strength of the first-order sacred body is pervasive, and the whole body shines with crystal luster, fighting with Hongling!




The Ye Feng's fist is like a cast of the god iron, hard hitting with the purple gun, and the metal that is deafening is ringing.


Hong Ling was shocked. Although she knew that Ye Feng's body was strong, she did not expect to be so strong that she could fight with her purple gun!


You know, her purple gun can be extraordinary.


It is the family behind her, a mature old family built for her personally, the materials are extraordinary, not comparable to the general instruments.




Mars is splashed, and Guanghua is intertwined. The battle here is fierce and the horrible energy is stratified.


"Green Spirit Sword!"


Ye Feng gazed his eyes. Qingling sword through the body light, directly to the red diamond sharp stab.


He is fighting on both sides. On the one hand, he uses Tiger Boxing and physical strength to fight the front of Hongling. On the one hand, he urges Qingling Sword to attack from the side.


Hong Ling is very extraordinary, not at all what a woman can do.


Her whole body is full of crystal luster, and the purple gun has no flaws to the Ye Feng. At the same time, another white palm is explored and fights with Qinglingjian!


The outside disciple was shocked.


Although they were psychologically prepared, when they saw that Hongling showed such tyrannical strength, the heart could not help but tremble.


"Mu Chen's brother is Mu Chen's brother, even the woman beside him is so tyrannical!"


Many outer disciples lamented that their hearts were infinitely embarrassing to Mu Chen.


Mu Chen is simply perfect, not only is it highly cultivated, but even the women around it are the characters of the genius!


"The first line!"


The crisp sound of Hongling came out, and the purple gun suddenly burst into the glory of the hand, and an amazing red haze appeared, directly bombarding the body of Ye Feng.


With a bang, Ye Feng's body swelled, his mouth was overflowing with blood, and there were horrible scars on his arm.


"The gap is the gap, even if your potential is unlimited, but the bottom line is, you can't do it after all!"


Hongling sneered, the family power behind her is not inferior to the falling cloud.


The reason why she came to Yunzong practice is that she is for Mu Chen.


The gunmanship of the past was derived from the family behind her.


Ye Feng had no words and directly replaced the language with action.


The high temperature hit, a huge sea of ​​fire appeared, the flame violently beat, and the red diamond was swallowed in a moment!


Fire cloud!


Ye Feng did not hesitate to release the powerful Huoyun.




The red diamond eyes are cold and cold, and her body surface overflows with a layer of luster, blocking the fierce flame and not burning her body.


"Another instrument!"


Ye Feng eyebrows pick one, his eyes are full of light, and now the luster that blocks the flame is the jade symbol hanging between the red diamond neck.


"Know the gap! You can never compare to Muchen's brother!"


Hongling crosses the sea of ​​fire, holding a purple pike, and the imposing manner comes to Ye Feng.


She is very strong and she is not as weak as she looks.


"I finally know why the second door of the outer door will be defeated in your hands, not because your cultivation is stronger than him, but because your instrument is more than him!"


Ye Feng shook his head, the battle had just begun, and Hong Ling had already used two major instruments, and it was speculated that there must be other instruments in her body.


This is a daughter from a big family, and there are so many 'submissions'!


"Do you know that you are afraid? You must not open your mouth and admit defeat, so it is too rude."


The red diamond looks ridiculous, the palm of the hand is filled with purple light, and a shot spurs the wind.


"you think too much."


Ye Feng's face was fearless, and he stepped out of it. The fierce tiger fist was sacrificed, and a punch collided with the red gun's purple gun.


At the same time, the Qingling Sword in midair burst into a savage sword light in an instant, and the swordsmanship swayed and swayed, and it was unbreakable and swept away.


With a bang, the red lotus mouth numbed the blood, the flowing blue silk stained the blood, and the body shape stumbled and almost fell to the ground.


"How can this be!"


Hong Ling shouted, and his face did not believe.


The jade symbol hanging between her white rain neck broke down here, and the jade light fell to the ground.


"The guardian jade that the old family gave me was actually broken?!"

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