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Chapter 73  The Top Six


Hong Ling was shocked deeply.


The Jade Spell hanging on her neck was given to her by an Elder who had high cultivation in her family. And its power could was so terrible that could even resist the full attack of the cultivator in Ru Wei realm.


Just now, even if she was forced into a difficult stuation by Ye Feng's powerful Fire Cloud, she also tided over a difficult patch by the Jade Spell.


But now, it was broken by Ye Feng's Qingling Sword, which was really unacceptable for her.


Which meant, the power of Ye Feng's Qingling sword was stronger than that of her Jade Spell? And even exceeded the full attack of the cultivator in Ru Wei realm?


"Ye Feng, I'm gonna kill you!"


Hong Ling yelled angrily.With the blood-stained hair danced in the wind, she rushed to attack Ye Feng.


Ye Feng had no fear.His body was shining and ran his divine power, then directly went to fight.


On the test site, the battles of other people were also very fierce. After all,the characters who could enter the top 12 were not ordinary people!


"Where is Xiao Teng come from? Why does he have such a horrible power!"


In the stands, a lot of outer disciples were shocked by the power of Xiao Teng and made a sort of gasp and .


This time, Xiao Teng's opponent was the powerful second ranked in the outer disciples, Chen Zhong!


But even with such a tough opponent, Xiao Teng was not at a disadvantage but kept fighting  fiercely in the battle.


It was also mainly that the red flames in Xiao Teng's hand was too rampant. Even the people as strong as Chen Zhong did not dare to contact with it directly.


"A nobody liike you dare to fight with me?!"


Chen Zhong said in disdain with cold eyes.


He was very conceited and arrogant and also thought that he had unparalleled combat power to take the first place!


Indeed, he also deserved that.


In the last time, it only took one wrong move for him to be defeat by Mu Chen and got the second place.


"Now you don't know my name, but after today, my name will be spread throughout the whole Luoyun Sect!"


Xiao Teng looked at him and said firmly.For today, he had endured all the hardship that no one could endure!


No matter who stepped in front of him, he would definitely beat him without any hesitate!




With a shining radiance flashed in Chen Zhong's eyes,his body moved as fast as a shooting star. Just in a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Xiao Teng.


His fists glowed, and behind him ,there was a scene of the galloping horses with a terrible power were ready to kill Xiao Teng.


"What a strong power!. Last year,he is just at the beginning of cultivation of Running Fist.Now, look at this power,he must achieve great success on it !"


A outer disciple exclaimed.


He recognized the Immortal Skill released by Chen Zhong was the middle grade skill in the Earth level.


"If Chen Zhong had made it in the last year, he would defeated Mu Chen and won the first!"


Another outer disciple said with a sigh.


Xiao Teng was very calm and had no panic in the face of fierce attacks.


"Three changes of Heaven Fire! the first!"


The burning red flame appeared.Stepping through the red flame, Xiao Teng's imposing  instantly increased, terrifying and horrible.


With a bang, his burning fist directly collided with Chen's fist.





Both of them was backed up. Xiao Teng's face was calm. Surrounding by the red flame, there was something easy and sufficient about him .


Chen was surprised. His body was trembling, and the arm that had just collided with Xiao Teng was almost broke!


Which really scared him!


Xiao Teng's cultivation was similar with his cultivation. In particular, the strange red flame had increased Xiao Teng's combat power a lot. Even the fierce Running Fist couldn't contend against it.




Chen Chong shouted loudly. He had no choice. All he had worked for one year just for today! How could he retreat now?


With a bang, there was a stone hammer appeared in his hand. He wielded it and directly killed to Xiao Teng.


Xiao Teng did not retreat.Then the red flames had burned into three feet high and directly attacked to Chen.


The sky was shaken, the earth was moved. The collision of this time had caused a lot of fluctuations and made a incredible horrible scene!


At the same time, there was a horrible atmosphere between them.They fought together with high speed and no one wanted to gave up!


In an instant,there were only fighting shadows and the collision in the intense battle field .


"Xiao Teng is so strong that Chen Zhong can't defeat him even with the Maigic Tool in his hand!"


All the outer disciples were shocked.




Just then, on the other battlefield, a big change happened!


Ye Feng's body glowed and he punched Hong Ling out directly . At the same time, the shining Qingling swords flew out quickly and directly toward the neck of Hongling.


Hong Ling was defeated.By using so many powerful Magic Tools, still she had lost to Ye Feng, and was subdued by Ye Feng's Qingling Sword!


"Ye Feng win!"


The middle-aged man shouted and ended the battle between Ye Feng and Hong Ling.


"How can this be."


With the blurred eyes , Hong Ling was muttering . It was very difficult for her to accept such a fact.


She actually lost.Even she had used many powerful Magic Tools that the elder gave her,but she was still defeated by Ye Feng.


Not only her but even the outer disciples in the stands were very unacceptable.


Especially for the outer disciples whom Ye Feng had touched before.


It was not a long time before Ye Feng had grown into such a realm,and seemed like there was no one could stop him!


"The first place of this test now is not easy to judge..."


All the outer disciples felt stressed and were impressed by the power of Ye Feng and others, deeply feeling their own incompetence.


But soon they were shocked again by another battle in a flash!


Xiao Teng punched out with his burning red flame and directly hit on Chen Zhong and flew him out, which made him spurt blood and lost the fighting power!




Chen Zhong yelled with the blood in his mouth spurting out and the stone hammer was on the side.He lost in the hands of Xiao Teng.


"Chen Zhong is defeated...!"


All the outer disciples felt more stressed.


The potential of Ye Feng and Xiao Teng made them desperate and felt that they could never catch up with them in this life.


Until now, the battles of other people were finished.


"Ye Feng...!"


Mu Chen came with an uncontrollable anger in his eyes.


Ye Feng calmly looked at Mu Chen without any fear.


"You have completely irritated me. I will never let you go easily!"


With a strong and terrifying imposing,Mu Chen said coldly .


As the first person of the outer disciples,He was kind of legend and no one could shake his position!


"The same words to you."


Ye Feng responded.


His goal was to compete for the first place.So with Mu Chen, there would definitely have a battle between them!

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